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6-29-2015 2:13 pm EST
where are u,bro ? come back!
4-20-2015 11:33 am EST
I saw no harm in them fighting as neither were near top 10, but the idea was for it to be fair styles. Mind lapsed and this was the result. I don't want everyone thinking any less of me due to this but that shit would be lame if I did it just for a purposeful one sided win. Hope you understamd
4-20-2015 11:31 am EST
Hey tommo, I'd like to explain the situation. I fought the two because I wanted to see how they'd fare against each other. After sending the challenge I accepted but picked the styles I shouldve for the first fighter, absent mindedly. I understand that doesn't sound believable but that is honestly what happened. I made a stupid mistake and wouldn't expect my guy to get the shot even if he did crack top 10. I don't want you thinking if pull shit like that just to further a streak.
3-5-2015 4:40 pm EST
Haha thanks man. The guy definitely gets his bell rung, thats for sure!
2-5-2015 4:08 am EST
Ok, will do! Talk with you in a few days. Think about the details of the event.
2-4-2015 4:26 pm EST
The fact of the matter is... I was totally surprised to win that fight. The Style was yours, the stats were, overall, slight in your favor. We were both rated #1 with your boy having more wins and less losses over all. But... I am not going to take the win lightly. What a fighter! As always, thanks for the fun and it was a pleasure competing with you. Think of another match up and I will pay for the next one. What about a best of? I put up a fighter and you try to beat him. Then you do the same.
2-2-2015 11:04 am EST
I know dude, I've never seen any fighter that bad at cutting in this game.
2-2-2015 8:35 am EST
Unfortunately, 1lb is all Dareau Lombard can cut lol. I've tried to put him in MW, he couldn't make it. Thanks though!
2-1-2015 12:38 pm EST
Thank you for the kind words, you are a gentleman.
2-1-2015 11:08 am EST
Thought Blood Dragon would have won more. Sorry, I hopped on and then off and I fell asleep and then I went out to watch UFC.
9-7-2014 7:47 am EST
when does it start bro?
9-6-2014 2:43 pm EST
mine are in 4 from redskins federation and 1 from my harsh camp
9-4-2014 3:06 pm EST
Put bunce house in...accidentl submitted some random scrub
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
8-26-2014 5:17 pm EST
Accidently added a wrong fighter to yur cw tourney. Im sure youll notice Tra Turcotte doesnt belong, lol stupid phone
Pete Predge
Quebec MMA
8-26-2014 6:02 am EST
LOL, did not notice it! But that's right man! You got one great fighter there, because Preston Cooper's no joke! Great camp champ!
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
8-21-2014 4:03 pm EST
Impressive how quickly you made this camp successful. I can't say I've seen it happen before. Nicely done!
Never Tap
8-20-2014 5:17 pm EST
by the way, this camp is awesome for the short time its been around, great job
Never Tap
8-20-2014 5:16 pm EST
ok i dressed him up a little, but i am not premium so thats the best i can do for now ;)
Never Tap
8-20-2014 4:57 pm EST
nickname as requested for gilbert bailey ;) but i don't have credits for clothes :(
Who Knew
8-9-2014 4:07 pm EST
Camp is shaping up