Camp Spartan Lion

Last Online - Thursday 12th of October 2023
Display Name David Nuamah
Member Since Apr 21, 2014
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 1072-747


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4-13-2016 3:53 am EST
Ya nice lookin' squad, man! Good fight!
4-13-2016 12:29 am EST
King Kittan
Black Siblings
2-23-2016 2:55 pm EST
thanks man, i had a lot of people give me shit for my team name, that i just do not understand
Clean Sweeps
Clean Sweeps
2-10-2016 6:34 am EST
It's a game but here you are denying challenges cause you don't want an L on your record The stupidity of your statement astounds me
Clean Sweeps
Clean Sweeps
2-9-2016 6:37 am EST
What a pathetic statement.
1-30-2016 5:43 pm EST
I'll almost always accept a fight if I'm free to do so.
Jonathan Johnson
Red Strokes
1-30-2016 2:19 pm EST
Sure, I'll fight one of your guys. Who do you want to face Jennings?
Brad J Wild MMA
Wild Fight Team
1-14-2016 10:59 am EST
I'm sure he would beat any of your guys though, make it to the EFC and we could see
Brad J Wild MMA
Wild Fight Team
1-14-2016 5:55 am EST
Thanks man, Ive been trying really hard for it
1-13-2016 6:45 pm EST
cool cool man. the people there are good they will help if you have any questions
1-10-2016 7:30 pm EST
thanks man! you join the forums yet? you just training up your fighters?
Brad J Wild MMA
Wild Fight Team
11-20-2015 9:42 am EST
You have had 25 fights and you are still in LotC. Just retire and stop trying to get a padded record
11-16-2015 4:58 pm EST
btw i run brickwall academy too
11-16-2015 4:58 pm EST
what are you cmoning about?
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
11-14-2015 5:38 pm EST
Sorry I missed your challenge. I have 2 camps and 60 fighters total so it takes some time to get to each guy.
11-7-2015 3:46 pm EST
no problem. if you do join my forum name is ThenPandaMan
11-7-2015 1:41 pm EST
you seem to have a decent camp going on here. you should check them out. a lot helpful info there to get your camp to the next level. Also the coaches on there are quite helpful also.
11-6-2015 11:46 am EST
you on the forums?