Bone Machine

Last Online - Monday 15th of April 2024
Display Name BlimBlapZing
Member Since Oct 9, 2014
Active Record 217-185
Overall Record 27106-21222


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5-31-2023 6:21 am EST
Smashing it bro
9-6-2022 5:58 pm EST
Greatest of all time!
9-3-2022 6:43 pm EST
No problem bud
Locked Away
8-14-2022 10:57 am EST
bro this is my new camp
7-25-2022 11:50 am EST
Thanks, just autochallenged down the line I haven't even looked at an opponent yet. Seems I have some bums so far, we will see how it works out. Good to see you.
Bone Machine
3-31-2022 6:42 pm EST
Feb 2858 - camp rank #1
Bob Lee Swagger
Banshee and a 12 pack
8-24-2021 6:43 pm EST
Thank you sir.. Cant go wrong with a banshee and 12 pack
7-16-2021 10:54 pm EST
Thanks for welcoming me back. Taking me a lot longer to get used to these new fighting styles.
4-8-2021 5:17 pm EST
Blim mate making me laugh... baby steps
3-12-2021 9:40 am EST
Thks blim. It will be my last best PfP for a long time since i m returning with MMa/PyP
Mister Judo
11-8-2020 5:49 am EST
appreciate all the fights!
Eyes red as Fedor
Atlanta submission fighti
5-19-2020 11:43 am EST
Nevermind! I'm Brewtality on the forum. Haven't posted in years.
Eyes red as Fedor
Atlanta submission fighti
5-19-2020 11:08 am EST
Thanks! I'm not on the forum currently. I think I used to have an account on there but I was away from the game for a long time. Any idea who I might be able to message to find the user name of an old account?
5-10-2020 6:52 am EST
Thks blim, yeah #1 pfp with only 6 EFC belts always trying to fight the best, that means a lot !
MMA Phreak
Phreak MMA
3-7-2020 7:39 pm EST
Smooth Jesus
Smooth Jesus
3-3-2020 8:16 am EST
Thanks for rectifying that title shot. Shows class
Luna Cali
12-20-2019 6:53 pm EST
Hey master!
11-14-2019 9:38 am EST
Hey bro i want that logo on my camp
11-14-2019 9:38 am EST
Hey bro i want that logo on my camp
9-8-2019 10:24 pm EST
Thx. I feel like he's performing better than his stats should allow but who am I to complain when he gets me belts. haha
7-31-2019 10:33 pm EST
been there for close to a month man haha thanks though
6-11-2019 4:03 pm EST
let's go champ let's go I've been waiting for my whole life am ready!
4-16-2019 9:28 am EST
Thank you for the shot. I've been admiring the Undertaker's career the last few resets and he's really been doing awesome. Congrats on a great fighter.
9-6-2018 4:39 pm EST
hey man, just noticed your comment on my camp page, hard to notice those. it was a comment from about 2 weeks ago. i am on the forums as UltraBear, pretty sure you've helped me out in the shoutbox thing. i have 3 camps Get Crushed/The Bear Cove/The Fearless. it's fun getting back into the game lots of cool changes.
11-23-2017 10:34 am EST
Looks like it is your boy that is up for EFC FW. I will be looking forward to a great battle going deep before one of us is finished.
11-15-2017 10:07 am EST
ah shit went sio as my second style choice, noticed it bjust as I was clicking accept lol :(
WCK Squad
10-11-2017 8:20 am EST
sup Blim, its JhG brotha! i just forgot to use the same display name
Jeremy Carlson
Pacifica Sportfighting
8-30-2017 6:06 am EST
Thanks for destroying me! lol Seriously the game has so many new features and changes now, it feels like it's a whole new game! A VERY slim majority of my old tricks don't seem to work anymore or are different now.
4-16-2017 10:50 pm EST
Thanks!!! I see improving in game!
2-10-2017 4:17 pm EST
Yes, Pink Punk is a good fighter. But I think that he have not enough power to be the one. Lets see. I will work on him. Tks for the fight, Blim.
Pressure MMMA
1-23-2017 6:36 pm EST
Dude so sorry you beat my ass tonight, I have chosen to vacate the title, don't know what the judges saw. I look forward to our next scrap- Gan"Dolph"Ross
1-6-2017 12:23 pm EST
sucked because everbody in top 10 had fought so when you didn't take fight I vacated and moved to efc
12-15-2016 1:13 pm EST
thanks for the comment man. yea one of these days I should hope back on the forums, the new stats and styles are pretty interesting.
10-28-2016 9:06 am EST
you've ruined him for me!!!! hmm now to make him the red and yellow version of hulk...
9-28-2016 5:12 am EST
Thanks man. I came back a while ago but the place was a ghost town. Seems to have picked up steam again. I've lurking the forums trying to learn about the new styles.
The Domain
4-22-2016 4:56 pm EST
That makes two in a row you've beat the shit out of.
Sambo Bear
Oskol Shooters
12-31-2015 5:35 pm EST
Damn't, now I realize which of your fighters I challenged, because I just challenged him again by mistake. My bad. I'm sure you won't complain about two finishes though :p
The Domain
11-11-2015 5:29 am EST
Good fight Thanks! GL - Jerry Hansen
10-26-2015 5:18 pm EST
You outsmarted me on that one. Great tactics.
10-20-2015 6:31 am EST
I was legitimately scared of your guy. One of those *close my eyes, hit refresh* deals. We'll call it payback for all the times your Exploding Heart technique guys punched my boys into the sun. ;)
10-17-2015 2:48 pm EST
Thanks buddy, I needed a barometer and you got some of the best ever.
8-5-2015 8:21 pm EST
What stats should i immidiately start building for a flying submissions gym? How would you go about starting a gym?
7-31-2015 12:08 am EST
Three heads on Rushmore from this camp. Right on, Blim!
george wahington
dont stop working
6-5-2015 10:53 pm EST
6-2-2015 4:28 am EST
Join Tokyo Rowdy Temple
2-13-2015 1:40 pm EST
is that all the stats for wns. i am trying if brawling helps as well cause i have seen many wns go to decision and i want a combo that increases the chance of finishing fights. different cobinations of a style have different effects right?
2-12-2015 6:11 pm EST
hi, yeah thx for the welcome. what are the stats for wall and stall? i get lots of recruits with good greco and i wanted to make my camp kind of sft/wall and/or wall and dirty boxing. cant find info on wall and stall though
11-29-2014 11:37 pm EST
Join Chaos crew alliance . We are on the forum
11-3-2014 10:28 am EST
Go to the forums,you'll find tons of info that will help you with your camp.