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11-14-2018 10:37 am EST
Just checking back to gauge your thoughts. We just signed Ferebee as well so looking up!
10-23-2018 10:55 am EST
Thanks buddy i appreciate it.
10-13-2018 9:09 am EST
Hey would you have any interest in joining DBA? We would love to have you!
Chris Hansen
Free Candy
9-22-2017 8:22 pm EST
Do you guys want to re join sfl? We can give you access to our forum again
Chris Hansen
Free Candy
9-21-2017 7:57 pm EST
sup hina? welcome back
3-21-2016 10:06 am EST
Yeah I noticed that. He's turned out to be better then you ever could have hoped. Good shit man
3-19-2016 8:57 am EST
Lol. Currently having some phone issues so only have my laptop.
2-4-2016 10:07 am EST
Unintentional. They made more noise
Chris Hansen
15 and Under
2-1-2016 2:37 pm EST
hina please check out our triad trials thread, we've selected one of your guys to fight today.
1-12-2016 9:11 am EST
Hi Sir
10-5-2015 5:56 am EST
Only 9, mmarmy gods willing he should have plenty more time.
The Rated R Star
New World Order
7-29-2015 6:37 am EST
Thanks for the shot
7-23-2015 6:04 am EST
We have one place left in T.R.T Alliance. Let me know
7-21-2015 5:57 pm EST
any reason why not?
7-21-2015 5:11 pm EST
you on the forums?
5-26-2015 11:24 pm EST
Wow bro haha I was smashing you but great comeback. Let's do it again
8-26-2010 5:57 am EST
Doc Thompson our camps first 5 Star pop and 1st rank
Lake Fighting Systems
8-17-2010 2:45 am EST
I think its just because I had such a long win streak going, I was kind of surprised by it too.
8-6-2010 2:44 pm EST
Lol he outweighs all of his opponents.
6-15-2010 8:58 am EST
Dude all your incubated fighters are going to retire before they even have a chance to fight.
5-18-2010 3:28 pm EST
LOL oops
4-13-2010 10:16 am EST
yeah that is what bums me out. I shake my fist at the mmarmy gods.
4-12-2010 7:32 am EST
The first and only belt for Vernon is the best. Lol you called it too.
4-11-2010 5:03 pm EST
I usually dont fight if the stats hit 3 boxes, thats how you get a lot of losses, unless I'm a champion, then i fight whoever
3-13-2008 10:47 am EST
No prob. Aarom T is a tough guy. Bring him up well and he be a force.