Clown Camp

Last Online - Tuesday 14th of March 2023
Display Name Clowncamp
Member Since Feb 29, 2008
Active Record 0-1
Overall Record 7451-7149


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Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
10-26-2018 2:06 pm EST
I didn't see the open challenge for the title this morning.
Chits Crew
10-15-2018 2:47 am EST
How about joining up with DBA alliance, we need experienced coaches like you.
10-12-2018 4:12 am EST
Hey any interest in joining an alliance?
10-5-2017 6:20 am EST
Are you interested in joining an alliance for some additional game fun and information that will help your fighters? I am suggesting DBA. Hit me up if you are interested.
King Deri
TMT Lakeland
4-24-2017 10:25 pm EST
Thanks for advice
2-24-2016 7:00 am EST
Game is way better. If you need some advice hit me up on the forum or my camp wall. Good luck
Mister Judo
6-11-2012 5:40 pm EST
Welsh Warriors
5-30-2012 9:20 pm EST
Just posted a 8pts WDoA only event. Take a look bro you should do well with your camp on that one
Welsh Warriors
5-25-2012 5:37 am EST
You are fighting the guy from TC (Frye Cloutier) this reset bro. Then the fighter from TLCS. Good luck!
Welsh Warriors
5-25-2012 4:27 am EST
Yo Mr Clown, your MW beast is in going for glory, he needs to fight his opponent this reset then every other reset until we are out. PLease do not fight outside the tourney as we will get dq. Also when you send the challenge and fight post results in main alliance forum and also our forum. Good luck !!
Welsh Warriors
5-15-2012 9:21 pm EST
Hi mate, big alliance event coming up, go to our WDoA forum and read the IMPORTANT EVENT thread and get your fighters ready for the start date. Post to let me know your down for war!
Welsh Warriors
4-22-2012 4:54 am EST
Yo Mr Clown - we need you to enter your EFC monsters into the Thunderstruck Alliance event - we need to submit a team today - post them on our forum in the relevant thread - you are one of our weapons of mass destruction!
We Will Fight
We Love Gay Guys
4-19-2012 11:17 am EST
We Will Fight & We Love Gay Guys are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
Club Casual
4-16-2012 6:23 pm EST
wtf u on about ? i get challenged by alot of people and just choose one . And i Send out alot of challenges that dont get accepted. I can evan remember being challenged by u i get that many so dont take it personal
4-6-2012 8:36 am EST
hes just generally a bad coach/camp, ask Jid or Beer, they'll fill u in bud
4-3-2012 11:55 pm EST
LOL always they way the extra thought never pays off bro :)
jimmy chin wynn
4-3-2012 5:45 pm EST
no problem man was just throwing a challenge your way
Welsh Warriors
2-3-2012 11:51 am EST
Post in the roll call thread in our forum asap mate as we need to kick out some deadwood. Your doing well in the Tourney - nice one!
1-10-2012 11:02 pm EST
Don't worry you have x5 days to get a hw bro
Welsh Warriors
1-9-2012 5:16 am EST
Congrats on 1# and 2# bro, you and Oneyedjack are ripping up EFC at the moment - WELL DONE!
1-9-2012 5:10 am EST
1-8-2012 5:23 pm EST
Good camp bro ;)
Welsh Warriors
12-5-2011 2:52 pm EST
Post in the December Roll call thread matey
11-17-2011 6:00 am EST
11-17-2011 5:58 am EST
Hi Bro, im JID, founder of WDOA I run RHR and sherwood foresters You can now enter our sub forum Great to have you joining us
Welsh Warriors
11-15-2011 8:49 am EST
Hi mate I have been told you can basically just create a new forum id, we would really like to get you onboard and like I said all you gotta do is do your thing. You can read the posts on our forum mate, the guys love it, it has saved a fair few of them from quiting the game! Get back to me - PM - B33RM0N5T3R
Welsh Warriors
11-7-2011 8:15 am EST
Ok mate will try and find out a way around it and get back to you.
Welsh Warriors
11-4-2011 12:46 am EST
You dont need to play any more that you do currently, why dont you give it a try and see how it goes. You only have to post once or twice a week to remain active. You can always leave if its not for you.
11-3-2011 8:04 pm EST
I used to play this game a long time ago. I'm a Legend to say the least.
11-3-2011 5:49 pm EST
I'll Join.
Welsh Warriors
11-3-2011 2:27 pm EST
Hi mate, we are currently recruiting active coaches for our alliance - Wanted Dead or Alive. We have a good group of coaches have a good laugh and I run all the in house tournaments that are free to enter. Let me know if your interested, your an experienced coach and would be a welcome addition but it will definately bring you more fun to the game. Cheers, let me know one way or the other.
donnie brasco
Hardknocks MMA
9-9-2011 8:01 pm EST
Lol sorry dude, but that doubles your efc title count
8-7-2011 9:11 am EST
great camp,bro!
420 Fight Club
7-19-2011 6:00 am EST
Well you have a very good camp. You should consider signing up on the forums and possibly joining my alliance. I am a member of MoD. You dont have to spend alot of time there, but the little time you do spend may end up helping your gameplay tremendously. Also, forum based tournies and competitions always make the game more enjoyable.
420 Fight Club
7-18-2011 9:41 pm EST
Nice camp man. Are you on the forums at all?
6-22-2011 9:08 pm EST
Yea when I recruited that fighter his stats were stacked, hopefully he turns out well,I've had excellent fighters lose winnable fights often lately.
4-19-2011 4:37 am EST
Are you interested in joining an alliance?
Connor Pierce
Bloody Knux
5-3-2009 5:12 pm EST
Thanks for the advise. I thought I had changed all of them, but I guess I was overly excited to begin that I didn't click 'change style' haha but I got it fixed now...maybe we can have a rematch soon. See ya.
Tyler Kehoe
Sharks Tank
4-29-2009 12:51 pm EST
it is addicting but the fourms makes it worse hehe fun we have tournments and all sort of things
Tyler Kehoe
Sharks Tank
4-23-2009 4:10 pm EST
hey man u in da fourms
4-22-2009 5:10 pm EST
Thanks for responding, not you I guess. Have a great time in the cage!
4-21-2009 3:30 pm EST
Where you once in DBA?