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Last Online - Saturday 24th of February 2024
Display Name Slymanz
Member Since Jan 1, 2016
Active Record 265-251
Overall Record 28474-22690


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7-4-2023 11:37 pm EST
Sory bro lots going on my bad
6-23-2023 2:18 am EST
Thanks for the fights today
Sacrifice City
4-26-2023 1:09 am EST
Transitioning to Luta?
3-28-2023 7:25 pm EST
Much love bro! Lets keep the wars going, always a pleasure win or lose
3-25-2023 11:36 am EST
No issues bro, lets just keep enjoying the game. I misunderstood a few things and its my fault
3-24-2023 11:36 am EST
challenge sent bud. Also realize you commented on my page at 3:30 am, please respect time zone differences.
12-21-2022 9:50 am EST
That was my fault bro... challenge sent
12-14-2022 9:49 am EST
quick slap... do you know i am a Hof :)
12-13-2022 11:06 pm EST
Great comment Sly
12-13-2022 4:47 am EST
hey sly whats your username on the fourms?
7-25-2022 6:18 am EST
your whole camp is full of killers LOL! great camp, always a pleasure to fight you cheers, picograms
Kermit D Frog
Happy Feet
7-6-2022 6:38 am EST
Hey man. Sorry about missing the belt challenges. I had VMs set up which show me always online when I am actually away. Working on something to automate the PM shift so this doesn't happen.
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
12-13-2021 1:15 am EST
Let's have more fights in the future. Awesome camp and fighters.
11-26-2021 4:06 pm EST
I didn't log on in the Feb reset. My mistake, sorry.
10-27-2021 3:53 pm EST
Why did you deny the title shot I sent you?
9-2-2021 5:48 pm EST
I have ? Please help how do u send legend invites to fight
4-29-2021 8:50 am EST
Congrats on being #1 and #2 in the camp rankings!
3-19-2021 2:44 am EST
Ah you didn't last time I checked. I just felt you were not representing bald guys well enough. It was all top knots and shaved sides.
3-18-2021 11:29 am EST
Why are your fighters never bald?
3-6-2021 11:34 pm EST
Thanks man
1-5-2021 12:25 am EST
Your fighters are so pretty x
11-15-2020 9:19 pm EST
11-15-2020 9:18 pm EST
Nice Camp
1-5-2018 11:15 am EST
Man PG is so fucking OP'd lol, your killing me!
Dont Ask MMA
12-12-2017 5:50 am EST
Hey, I'm not sure who you're gonna choose for the FW shot but if it isn't me, I'll leave my guy free for the end of the reset incase the other guy doesn't show
Jeremy Carlson
Pacifica Sportfighting
10-20-2017 10:55 pm EST
I've tried using it before but he rarely wins with it, against styles that it should do well against like pull guard. Not sure if I just went against the wrong styles with it though. --Gregory Chandler
New Ross Bosco
5-18-2017 11:26 pm EST
Gg against Maneekul, chaing tactics worked
5-9-2017 5:16 pm EST
Thanks man! Just a few more days before I get like 15 guys retiring at once lol.
2-12-2017 10:18 am EST
Your killing me with this camp chino!
1-3-2017 3:09 am EST
Nice win!
12-16-2016 4:55 pm EST
dont fight your guy yet, might give him the shot
11-4-2016 11:07 am EST
Np man gl climbing back up, your guys tough.
11-3-2016 3:37 am EST
Try going against Captains guy who's nickname is Sweet Like Steph. Just ask him to go CnS so he doesn't switch on you. I'd like to see him vs. your guy!
11-1-2016 7:16 pm EST
Thanks for the legend fights! That guy has my number! I sent one last fight from a guy who retired very early for me but despite lower stats as done decent in legend fights.
9-22-2016 11:10 am EST
Thank you for the advice and I will get on that.