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Dig Ol Bicks
10-2-2020 9:30 pm EST
Slight Work
8-29-2020 8:16 pm EST
Yes, but it was a EFC Champ. Lol
8-17-2020 9:15 am EST
Ultimate Warrior retired the day after your comment, stop jinxing my fighters smooth XD
6-2-2020 10:52 am EST
Hulkster turned it around, now 4-1 and picked up a belt haha, thanks for the support ;)
4-24-2020 4:10 pm EST
Haha thanks man, first hand at trying a custom But truthfully all I had to do was change his eye color and nose shape Plus give him the pimp tuxedo.
2-4-2020 8:00 am EST
Sorry about that, travelling atm so it has been difficult to get shots out
Jonny Rossi
Viseu AllStar
1-5-2020 3:51 am EST
Thanks. I will defend the belt every reset and hope i can fight you soon again m8
Jonny Rossi
Viseu AllStar
1-3-2020 6:03 pm EST
Thanks for the title shot. I Will keep my promisse and give u an instant rematch ir u wish.šŸ‘
Jonny Rossi
Viseu AllStar
1-3-2020 1:25 am EST
I didenĀ“t bailed it... If you look at my other fighters, I was offline for some days, and for that reason i couldenĀ“t defend the belt. You know that the fight that makes more sense for Jaqueline is against Ivy. The top 2 of the division! CĀ“mon make that fight happen... For the amount of victories that you have, if i win the belt i garantee an instant rematch!
9-28-2018 9:33 am EST
Thought i would check in and ask you the same thing as below a year later ;)
6-28-2017 3:45 am EST
Hey man would you have any interest in joining DBA alliance on the forums. Alliance's get to participate in cool events against other teams etc
The Akuma
3-3-2017 9:15 am EST
Welcome to the game! Good to see a new camp around. Should make a forum login sometime, lot of info and discussion there and extra stuff to get involved in.