Last Online - Saturday 1st of April 2023
Display Name Platinum Paddy
Member Since Oct 1, 2022
Active Record 359-397
Overall Record 1867-2339


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1-27-2023 10:42 pm EST
haha yeah ive had a few win titles based off hidden stats also. gotta love when that happens
1-23-2023 12:11 am EST
Hey man hit the comment button, i left you a comment on a old fighters page to help you with styles...if you even want help, it seems your doing better than me haha
1-19-2023 10:27 am EST
Whats your username, i have a few notes ive compiled over the years that can def help you out as far as styles go, atleast with the styles ive used.
1-18-2023 3:24 pm EST
i dont mind helping at all, are you on the fourms?
1-17-2023 7:31 pm EST
hey man hows it going? your camps pretty damn good if your new...but just a suggestion..you should focus on training one style for yor camp.