New Zealand Top Team

Last Online - Thursday 13th of May 2021
Display Name HUNTO
Member Since Mar 14, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 6170-5404


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5-16-2016 1:08 pm EST
Well it'd be good to get on the forum anyway as i do quick free tournaments that give away special recruits. Hate to see people not getting a chance.
5-15-2016 1:27 pm EST
Are you on the forum? This is the owner of the game.
King Kittan
Black Siblings
3-1-2016 10:31 am EST
Rematch Castro for Pancrash
3-12-2015 3:47 pm EST
Good fight!
gate master
push off me
10-28-2012 6:14 am EST
Nice fight
10-15-2012 11:10 am EST
why do you use mmartist?
7-6-2011 2:46 pm EST
hi,dude!are U always banned from the forum? what do you think about your return ? what is your forum name,so?
3-9-2011 5:32 pm EST
yeaya NZ rep. you in an alliance brah ?
7-1-2010 3:27 pm EST
whats up im new hear can anybody give me tips
manila guerillas
6-9-2010 4:41 am EST
nz ftw
5-29-2010 5:50 pm EST
Yeah i just checked dude and it looks like your name was on the banned list. I think it was for the thread where you said something about 2am here in the states. I told whoever it was they needed to at least let you know whats going on...Sorry buddy.
5-13-2010 6:41 am EST
Hey buddy...Long time no talk. Hope all is well.
Shinobi Uchiha
4-4-2010 12:16 am EST
3-24-2010 3:46 am EST
You experimenting with MMA Artist? It's a crap style you know lol.
12-23-2009 10:21 pm EST
Ha, that must be it.
Club Casual
12-23-2008 5:57 am EST
Hey bro i from NZ to, where you from?
Master Blaydu
11-12-2008 9:39 pm EST
I'm from NZ too, man. Chur for the fight.