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6-6-2016 4:52 am EST
Don't forget Kumite recruiting starts today! Please recruit a HWT either this reset of next and post in the forums.
4-18-2016 1:24 pm EST
I'm good mate ty. Just building the camp up. Nearly full strength , just need the stats
3-21-2014 4:52 am EST
No problem bro, ty for the shot !
3-14-2014 8:40 am EST
I don't have fighters that are bad enough to enter
Heart FC
3-13-2014 5:41 pm EST
haha yea i been noticing my recent wins over you. okay i will i didnt realize you had two going on.
Murder Muay Thai
3-10-2014 6:13 pm EST
I'll check it out. I need to register soon, I just scout the forums for info. I figure every question I have has already been asked. What other camps are in your alliance?
Murder Muay Thai
3-10-2014 1:27 pm EST
Hey man thanks. I take it you seen the question I asked tommo about EFC contract pay? If your doing well in the EFC and re sign with EFC can you make 10k per fight?
Team Alpha Female
3-7-2014 10:28 am EST
Hey thanks for the encouragement! I'm sure you will be seeing me :) thanks for the fight
3-2-2014 8:29 pm EST
I'm flattered that you are copying my build but you are missing Speed.
12-25-2013 4:24 pm EST
i notice with PIB you need good footwork and boxing, hard to say if i would be more successful with something else but i kinda like it so far
Who Knew
8-25-2013 3:46 pm EST
You've got to train the stats for the switch
8-24-2013 6:36 pm EST
Thanks bro....hopefully he last. hes 32years old lol
8-1-2013 12:59 pm EST
No problem man good luck getting that title
Mauricio Rodriguez
GFTeam Sergipe
7-16-2013 5:51 pm EST
no man, not in forum, and not in a alliance...
7-8-2013 4:17 pm EST
Cheers brother you've got an awesome camp as well that rube Rodgers maybe ill beat him one day :) ill fight you anytime
Heart FC
6-28-2013 5:26 pm EST
but easily another 20 spars or more of another 3.5 to get to 3.75 with 4 bars
Heart FC
6-28-2013 5:26 pm EST
oh yea it does. but my other two camps got to 18 fighters before the first 5 mil so its ok. but as far as training up big stats, its almost impossible to get 4 bars of 4bar equipment. but you can get to 3.5 pretty quick, maybe 20 spars to start
Heart FC
6-27-2013 5:23 pm EST
you kind of screwed up off the bat spending money on another fighter when you were so close to the first 5mil equipment but... whatever
Heart FC
6-27-2013 1:27 pm EST
yea I noticed that. you gotta train one skill hard tho on two guys too get it up to 3.5 at first
5-1-2013 5:12 am EST
thx dude, i appreciate it!
Capt Eggshell
4-29-2013 7:09 pm EST
Yeah, I used to be on the forums. My original camp (MMArvels) was with DBA back in the day.
4-29-2013 4:21 am EST
yes bro, love test my skills against good jj camps
4-21-2013 8:03 pm EST
The rhr are back bitches.
4-21-2013 8:03 pm EST
Yes it is me lol. The founder himself lol.
4-17-2013 4:34 am EST
i should have turned that fight down... congrats!
Welsh Warriors
4-16-2013 12:59 pm EST
Only just got your message bro - where has your guy gone?
3-24-2013 5:03 pm EST
thx for the fights, looking forward for more ;-)
Welsh Warriors
3-23-2013 4:28 am EST
Nice to see your camp progressing bro, cheers for the fights. Just started an event in our Forum...get in there!
Welsh Warriors
2-27-2013 9:11 pm EST
Pop in the WDoA forum dude, we need the active players to keep us ticking over. Will be running a tourney soon so keep a look out.
Welsh Warriors
2-27-2013 9:10 pm EST
Lol no worries, was only saying, the game is sooo quiet at the moment, try and pop in the WDoA forum, still a few of us going in there to keep things ticking over.
Welsh Warriors
2-27-2013 9:03 am EST
Game is sooo quiet at the moment remember to pop in the WDoA forum
Crazy KO Camp
2-6-2013 8:13 pm EST
Yeah man, you too
The Lobster
1-25-2013 7:21 am EST
I don't think it does. Those guys are just trainers for my CS/PG build.
Welsh Warriors
12-11-2012 10:27 am EST
Wassup bro, thanks for the fights lately.
12-3-2012 6:20 pm EST
yeah, nice fight
5-14-2010 9:52 am EST
Thanks for the advice