Slap yo momma

Last Online - Wednesday 15th of July 2015
Display Name Kenny Webster
Member Since Jun 25, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 2405-1385


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Kenny Webster
Slap yo momma
6-19-2014 11:32 am EST
Cleto "Ice Berg" Torres - First EFC champion
Who Knew
6-12-2014 9:07 am EST
Nice camp name. Who are you on the forum?
4-15-2014 3:31 pm EST
welcome back man
Mister Judo
7-19-2011 7:50 am EST
agreed please join webster and try mod. i think ud really enjoy urself
7-19-2011 7:43 am EST
you should register man, its very helpful and the community is great
7-18-2011 8:27 am EST
yo are you on the forums?
Mister Judo
7-17-2011 7:57 am EST
dont listen to the shark lol theres a reason hes banned from forumsd :P as for the alliance il leave it up to u. u have nothing to lose if u dont like it just quit lol. and u have everything to gain!
Mister Judo
7-16-2011 11:51 am EST
my forum name is the judo champ. ur a brave coach so it would be cool to have u on our side
Mister Judo
7-11-2011 1:25 pm EST
well are u in an alliance? if not i welcome u to join mine. il teach u everything i know + ul have the help of several other top coaches. what do u think? :)
Mister Judo
7-11-2011 11:11 am EST
np ive been fighting u often lately. nice camp u got :)
7-4-2011 7:44 pm EST
Im in the forums. If you wish to join. My new allliance. Good luck
7-4-2011 7:44 pm EST
Any one wanting a fresh start. Or new camp wanting to grow quickly, let jid know robin hood raiders. Im hoping to bring a few people together to bond and form a tight and dedicated group who really care about each other and each others camps. ALL EQUAL. No leaders. All learning together. All important so will keep it small ish alliance _________________________
Welsh Warriors
6-18-2011 10:11 am EST
You got a nice camp there, what alliance are you in and what ur forum name?
DeviL LeviTT
6-11-2011 7:10 pm EST
yeah grats on the win
6-5-2011 4:40 pm EST
Nice camp man. That record of 50-12 is sick.
7-9-2010 6:45 am EST
I think it is somewhere around 2-2 Good Fights Fernando Flores
7-4-2010 2:15 pm EST
Red Devil FC
6-26-2010 8:30 pm EST
No problem man, it was a good fight.
pjoter stromquest
Red Cobras
6-17-2010 2:22 am EST
No problemas dude :) /red cobras
6-16-2010 12:22 pm EST
JOIN ROYAL BLOOD NOW. PM HERE TO GET IN : http://www.mmarmy.com/camp_display.php?id=19107 and here as well http://www.mmarmy.com/camp_display.php?id=19467
6-14-2010 4:48 am EST
Thanks for the challenge mate,yes your not wrong I seem to be doing ok at the moment cheers bud
Kenny Webster
Slap yo momma
5-27-2010 5:41 pm EST
1500 wins!
5-17-2010 3:56 pm EST
yoo check out you fighter chalenge!! don't miss it!
Kenny Webster
Slap yo momma
4-24-2010 8:17 pm EST
Thinking about making yet another return...
Big Ace
8-24-2009 10:36 am EST
You got a title shot against Jacob Howard for my rematch and another shot at gold if you get ur ass on here :)
Big Ace
8-17-2009 5:40 pm EST
NP - Jacob Howard was middleweight at the start of his career and same thing happened to him. He started missing weight all the time and had to move up to LHW.
Peter Parker
Spider Sense Team
8-9-2009 12:51 am EST
Chachi was looking for TTT recruits
Peter Parker
Spider Sense Team
8-9-2009 12:01 am EST
yeah, who're u?
Peter Parker
Spider Sense Team
8-8-2009 4:49 pm EST
are you on the forums at all?
8-5-2009 8:27 pm EST
look man just want fights
7-30-2009 6:20 pm EST
thanks man... i dont know why he cant cut anymore...- Jery Russel
7-24-2009 11:28 am EST
You're pretty cool, bro. Take it easy. -Checo Martinez
daimond crusher 09
skilled rage
7-20-2009 3:23 pm EST
no, I didn't
7-18-2009 10:50 am EST
forgot to renew my contract :( come to UFL :D
7-18-2009 5:29 am EST
Hey thanks for vacating the WVA lightweight after you beat me. I won it.
7-16-2009 6:51 pm EST
no worries it happens
7-15-2009 7:17 pm EST
:D hopefully my other guy brock mitchell comes down to this organization
7-15-2009 7:13 pm EST
it will be da same time thank you and dont be upset when ur belt gets taken haha j/k....:D
7-14-2009 7:22 pm EST
good luck then i will be waiting my other fighter brock mitchell might coming to this organization too be on the lookout this guy is a monster
7-14-2009 7:16 pm EST
who has it now :D i will wait for invite i just joined my contract just ended with glory
7-14-2009 7:12 pm EST
i dont know why my record???
7-14-2009 7:04 pm EST
invite for what bradley popham
Kenny Webster
Slap yo momma
6-27-2009 5:39 pm EST
1000th win! W00t!
6-11-2009 5:47 am EST
Thanks got any advice i can't seem to figure out some things
408 Monster INC
3-18-2009 3:36 pm EST
It's all good. So is Dino "chubby" Ryan. I had to put him on the south beach diet.