Team Human Tetris

Last Online - Tuesday 6th of July 2010
Display Name O Soto Gary
Member Since Jun 30, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 2456-1935


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Sensei High Kick
Team LHK Security
1-8-2022 10:17 am EST
Hey Plop, miss you still bud.
2-16-2017 3:34 am EST
Miss you every day buddy.
Richard Franklin
Team Franklin
7-24-2009 1:29 am EST
enjoyed fighting your camp .. R.I.P
lufia of the fortress of
7-22-2009 6:39 am EST
o i get it now i c that u would never quit. R.I.P man
lufia of the fortress of
5-29-2009 7:37 pm EST
what the hell you quit?
Tyler Kehoe
Sharks Tank
4-6-2009 5:47 am EST
R.I.P brotha
3-26-2009 10:03 pm EST
It was an honor to have fought against you...RIP
Spencer Fighting Systems
3-26-2009 5:07 pm EST
R.I.P Bro, was great playing.
Club Casual
3-26-2009 2:16 pm EST
RiP Had some good rivalries Bro
Forast Griffen
toi tankz
2-14-2009 7:10 pm EST
O Soto Gary
Team Human Tetris
1-12-2009 9:08 am EST
RIP Ploppyseed
Sensei High Kick
Team LHK Security
1-9-2009 8:24 pm EST
Hey Plop, just wanted to check in and tell you that we miss you and that we all hope you're doing fine, wherever you are. I know you're in a better place, and I hope you're still going to be around in some way, shape of form.
Anderson Silvia
Dark Orbit
12-17-2008 12:46 pm EST
yo u got a very good camp running here i was just wondering if you had any fighters that wanna fight my boi Kalib Propham (heavy weight in cages) i think ur camp has some fighters that could stop him for sure so basicly i wanna challange and i think ur the man to ask
Jimmy Cricket
Camp No Worries
12-17-2008 6:13 am EST
Very nice, good luck with defending it. Yea Connor Sanders retired with 10 years of service. Red is a old guy now and starting to lose fights he should win so I working on my next batch of fighters.
Jimmy Cricket
Camp No Worries
12-12-2008 10:45 am EST
I hear you but look how long I have been around. Thats why I keep trying for that EFC gold. I finally I have 2 guys let alone 1 stay in the EFC for longer than 6 months. The last like 10 guys I had good enough to win a EFC belt all retired between 5-8 years. Hopefully one of these days I will catch a break and win one. You run a very solid camp and I look forward to more battles.
The Godfather
859 Academy
12-2-2008 3:09 pm EST
join the forums if you haven't already... a lot of good people, and it helps ya w/ the game too.
12-2-2008 1:41 pm EST
Thanks hopefully i can make RJ Hayden into a decent fighter he can cut weight and seems pretty powerful.
The Godfather
859 Academy
12-2-2008 1:29 pm EST
hopefully Noboyuki moves up the chain quickly so he can fight me EFC WW Champ... http://www.mmarmy.com/fighter_stats.php?id=233212
The Godfather
859 Academy
12-1-2008 9:13 pm EST
hell yeah... keep up the good work. i usually test out guys w/ 20+ lb weight cuts when I first recruit them to test that hidden stat right outta the gates.
lufia of the fortress of
11-20-2008 3:09 pm EST
dam good fight! u have scary stats ! and 3rd round was mine!split?!?rematch?!? -madoka kimio
11-16-2008 6:58 pm EST
i love that show
11-3-2008 5:04 pm EST
Get your effing ass over to Beauty Eh and remove the Ploppy jinx you put on him now!!!! You hate my camp?????!
10-31-2008 5:01 am EST
Gil truly hates you!
10-30-2008 3:03 pm EST
i dont think dylans got IT dude
10-30-2008 1:02 pm EST
Sliver is coming after you!!! >:-(
10-23-2008 4:37 am EST
LOL @ jj w/cael! Just noticed it...lol
10-7-2008 6:01 pm EST
your a class camp man and good fight
Donkey Johnson
Team Pork Hammer
9-27-2008 1:03 pm EST
Muchacho del Infierno?? See that's good, but he wouldn't be a true member of Team Pork Hammer with a name like that. Thanks for the inspiration though, because I've decided to name him "El Chorro de Fuego". I'll tell you what that means if you really want to know. /;-)
Terror Inc
9-26-2008 1:53 pm EST
Yes it's me from the forums :)... I didn't actualy get that good I just have 2 impressive fighters the rest of my camp is basicly cans LOL
9-22-2008 4:52 am EST
Gooooooooooooo Team!!! P.S. That does sound better than Team FistPlop...lol
Corey Sands
Team Sands
9-6-2008 7:16 am EST
I'll be back soon. Just taking some time off. I'm at xtreme couture now, so I'll have some good tales.
Corey Sands
Team Sands
9-5-2008 1:04 pm EST
How the hell are ya? I miss you guys. (no homo)
Corey Sands
Team Sands
9-5-2008 8:58 am EST
Plop?!?!?! Fistie made me promise to keep this a secret. P.S. the male camel toe is called the camel tail lol
Shannon Stock
Beast FC
9-4-2008 10:19 am EST
Thanks bro.
Sensei High Kick
Team LHK Security
8-28-2008 6:52 am EST
We're gunning for you Stan Adams!! - The entire team of LHK Security
8-27-2008 5:18 pm EST
I literally spit my water out when I read Stan's message...hilarious Plop, you are hilarious!
Warden Sherk
Orange Dungeon
8-25-2008 5:03 pm EST
Elijah Albright was finally stripped of the title for not making 205. Good luck to Kyle Butler in CAGES! Sorry my fighter was fat. >
8-24-2008 9:19 am EST
Thanks alot bro!! Gustav ranked up pretty much all my belts and was the one who made my team. Your guy was amazing!!..Idunno how to get the huge stats, I think I need to buy the 500,000 equipment xD. I also hope Gustav goes out in a win ^^ Good luck to you and all your fighters :D
Sensei High Kick
Team LHK Security
8-21-2008 8:32 pm EST
Well, we'll always be around, not hard to find....have fun in your mud bath LMAO!
Sensei High Kick
Team LHK Security
8-21-2008 6:20 pm EST
WELL SORRY, I guess my guy didn't hear the rules!!! Rematch if you want it crybaby!!!
Team Pankration
8-21-2008 6:11 pm EST
Yes it is me Plop
Sensei High Kick
Team LHK Security
8-21-2008 5:18 pm EST
About time I beat one of your fighters....must be due to your busted ass hand. :P
Lake Fighting Systems
8-13-2008 9:19 am EST
thanks man, it looks like you,ve got a really good camp
Flavor Flav
Flavor Of Fighters
8-13-2008 1:08 am EST
THANKS FOR THE FIGHT...and i think my dude got Rnd 2 and Rnd 3..im new to this..i just need to figure out how to get more money...
Bill Beeleecheck
Armada Training Academy
8-12-2008 11:21 pm EST
Im wondering that myself! He drops key matchups which sucks gotta pull it together man hes gettin old. I think I dropped a match to ur boy Smirnov a while backl, thats a hellofa fighter u got.
8-3-2008 11:18 am EST
Dammit text me next time and let me know a title is on the line! lol
8-2-2008 11:11 am EST
Go away stalker!!!!!!!
Sensei High Kick
Team LHK Security
7-22-2008 8:44 am EST
No Plop I do know....never will I beat that man, but if he's facing retirement, give me last crack. :P
Sensei High Kick
Team LHK Security
7-21-2008 9:15 pm EST
Please don't ever challenge me with that mammoth you have, I WILL NOT ACCEPT!!
7-16-2008 7:12 pm EST
Cade's only got 2 fights left on his contract and then he's coming for you're guys.
7-15-2008 4:06 am EST
LOL Sorry dude I barely ever check in on this camp.
7-14-2008 8:28 pm EST
ROFL, Japanes Tom Selleck!! Looks like Fatty is out to padture.
7-13-2008 7:43 pm EST
YO Tuna, I'm 4-0 now biatch...I want yo' bread son...STEP UP TOMMORROW, either here or the boatyard.. - Arthur
7-12-2008 9:29 pm EST
7-12-2008 2:50 pm EST
lol...well it's nice to see Fatty Tuna's record improving to the still horrid 2-6. Like I said, Fatty Tuna has Arthur Coopers' bread, and Arthur wants it back!
7-12-2008 2:21 pm EST
Kazuhiko "Fatty Tuna" Shiba?? 1-6...wow, what a stellar f'in fighter. I look forward to making him 1-7. /;)