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Super Foxy
1-1-2009 7:16 pm EST
Yeah, "The Whooper" was my coolest champ. No worries though, we'll get more rivalries going in the future. Cheers and Happy New Year.
12-30-2008 4:13 pm EST
Completely understand...go get em! If they don't retire me soon I'll keep a knocking! :) :)
11-16-2008 10:36 am EST
ah bummer man, I'm still convinced stefan got lucky against nate robinson, he was a great fighter
10-19-2008 7:07 am EST
Damn, your team just ripped me a new one. I was doing good against your team until today.
10-16-2008 7:10 pm EST
woops sorry i i posted from my other account. Your boy Nate is doing very well could be fighting for the belt soon