Tanner Nomad 2

Last Online - Saturday 24th of February 2024
Display Name Ho Brah
Member Since Jan 21, 2008
Active Record 289-185
Overall Record 15554-10870


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1-18-2024 7:27 am EST
Thanks, had a very clear image of what I wanted Bert to look like. I'm just glad he managed to be a good fighter so it didn't go to waste, lol.
9-27-2023 8:58 pm EST
sounds good, miss your camp kicking the doo doo out of mine
9-19-2023 2:38 pm EST
you back Brah? Awesome
Tanner Langham
Destiny at its Best
7-25-2021 8:21 pm EST
Sweet Camp name brother 🤙
4-13-2021 10:21 pm EST
thanks for the shot bro!
4-6-2021 2:36 am EST
Great to see this camp back Brah :D
Eric MacCormick
Eric Macs Hell House
2-15-2019 12:04 am EST
Awesome avatar on roe jogan. Too funny.
Savage City
Croatian Assassins
1-13-2019 7:09 am EST
Thanks for the tip about Filip. What advantage would that give him? And how do I move him to WW?
2-8-2016 5:18 am EST
nice to see this camp active again :)
Chris Hansen
15 and Under
8-10-2015 4:44 pm EST
thx 4 the advice -gabriel santoro
The Godfather
859 Academy
7-23-2015 6:26 am EST
Appreciate it brother, he's easy to work with. I think i'm gonna stick with this build for a bit, get me some #1's before transitioning again lol.
7-6-2015 6:29 am EST
Thanks bro,its nice taking over #1 from klok.
6-13-2015 5:59 pm EST
shoots brah. its grapple, got an SR in this camp so its active for awhile.
1-7-2015 8:14 pm EST
Hey man, I just started playing again a few days ago. How's it going?
10-1-2014 10:50 pm EST
whats sup mofo lols.
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
9-1-2014 6:35 am EST
You back?
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
4-23-2014 6:58 pm EST
Four of the top eight? Bad ass.
4-14-2014 9:13 am EST
Yeah no shit man great series and awesome tourney. Kinda fun to fight some of these fighters which were around before my time or was good enough to get to EFC.
4-10-2014 12:49 pm EST
Thanks man, fun build but annoying as shit sometimes lol
4-1-2014 5:18 pm EST
Thanks. He is looking good. Wait and see how he does against some of the heavy statted guys.
Heart FC
3-29-2014 1:01 pm EST
Thanks for the Legend Fight. It was a close one. i'd be willing to go at WW. - Hector Rios
7-19-2013 8:53 pm EST
this was one of my favorite camps of all time. RIP
2-24-2012 6:28 pm EST
cecil peoples whole family was the judges! lol
jimmy chin wynn
2-15-2012 5:52 pm EST
good fight bro thanks for the shot
Flying Armbars
11-7-2011 12:52 pm EST
Lol I did go ippon/fs there's only 1 style matchup that I don't us fs at all. No style beats everything but my build does ;)
2-28-2011 4:25 pm EST
What Can I Say, Do You Expect A Warren Tribute To Be Good, Lol!
Big Losers
1-18-2011 7:24 am EST
thanks for the EFC title shot, I see you guy retired after the match, that sucks. coming up on your 8k wins, good luck
1-13-2011 9:48 pm EST
1-13-2011 9:37 pm EST
Maybe I am wrong, maybe not, it's not a big deal, im not gonna not fight him. Obviously u have over 7800 wins...i didnt realize that till now.
4-28-2010 5:26 am EST
just checking out your camp again and i wanted to point out that literally i think you have the best overall record and roster in mmarmy history. def at least the most #1 p4ps.
10-4-2009 12:31 pm EST
Damn Uri retired. What a shame he could have been great.
9-25-2009 8:24 pm EST
congrats on 5000!
donnie brasco
Hardknocks MMA
9-3-2009 10:50 pm EST
Could someone please buy this camp some clothes other than camo shorts? You need to hire a fashion consultant or something.
4-26-2009 6:14 pm EST
Grats on 4K!!!
Spencer Fighting Systems
11-23-2008 11:17 pm EST
DAMN YOU! You cursed Dalton Long, he is now retired!