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Last Online - Wednesday 2nd of June 2021
Display Name Grapple420
Member Since Jan 22, 2008
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Overall Record 13002-10883


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Geno Hayes
Hayes Camp
4-1-2017 10:50 pm EST
fight my guy sam herring with one of yours
Dirtbag MMA
8-11-2016 5:01 pm EST
i was gonna talk shit but i can't stop staring at ur avatar...
Mr Flashingkick
Centro Ceremonial Otomi
8-7-2016 10:23 am EST
Thanx for your kind help Grapple420
The Captain
The Fighting 15th
6-12-2016 8:27 am EST
Staring at this avatar is really cutting into my playing time.
Fat Camp
6-1-2016 9:18 pm EST
if you want the shot from me you send the challenge, if not, fuck yourself. i don't get on early so better send that challenge in the pm
5-12-2016 12:56 pm EST
You took the fight dude, I am not one to sit on streak and always seek guys within top ten with similar streak to define the real #1 contender. Our guys were the best at the time , though the next reset some random guy creeped into top 10 with better than ours lol.
GNP 247
4-25-2016 12:40 pm EST
hahahahahahahahahahahahahah suck
Sick Puppy MMA
12-7-2015 11:43 am EST
sep2473 Tweedle Dum Quigley ducked by Peter Garner of WV Gladiators. Tweedle Dee had 2 wins, the guy who got shot also had 2 wins but had sat on his streak for 2 consecutive resets without fighting. Also, guy who got shot was from Team Smacku who is a known ducker and gives out terrible title shots when he decides to actually defend it.
Dr Mcdoogle
We Will Fight ISIS
11-15-2015 8:50 pm EST
Excuse me Fatapple, Ronda Rousey isn't the champ anymore, please cross out that title since she got knocked the fuck out! Thanks, Mcdoogle.
10-10-2015 11:45 am EST
Thanks grap i appteciate that coming from you, youve had some beasts in your time
9-1-2015 2:10 pm EST
Trying to get me a true contender. Damn hard to do with all of the styles out there.
6-22-2015 8:34 am EST
Wow bro, that was a hell of a fight! I ain't even mad that you won but we gotta run that back!!?!
Vince McMahon Jr Jr Jr
We Will Fight Mexico
6-17-2015 4:56 pm EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Mexico are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
5-12-2015 7:46 am EST
Sorry about that. Currently traveling and only able to access from my phone. Took the highest rank fight offer. My mistake.
Sick Puppy MMA
5-11-2015 11:17 am EST
Aug 2438 Stan Bennett of Rotting Out skipped Christie 'Identity Crisis' Stewart. Christie had 4 wins, challenger who got shot had 3.
Efrain Dario
Head Bangers
4-8-2015 8:32 pm EST
Please join my tournament, it's called Bushido Pride Grand Prix.
3-21-2015 10:06 am EST
Yoo 'Prease Rick My' Rim Retired :'(
Who Knew
3-15-2015 1:16 pm EST
Lol, just saw Premium Thugs comment. Almost named him "Grapple's fighter"
Premium Thugs
3-3-2015 1:55 pm EST
shut up you fat loser. don't you run like 8 camps you pathetic loser? I sat on the title to give all you whiny bitches something else to complain about.
Sick Puppy MMA
3-2-2015 7:14 pm EST
jan26 john lapointe premium thugs ducks skip jack for efc lw belt once again. Chose to sit on the title instead of defending.
Sick Puppy MMA
3-1-2015 10:39 pm EST
dec2426 john lapointe premium thugs ducked ross skip jack for efc lw belt. skip jack had 5 wins, fighter who got shot had 2.
2-22-2015 12:11 pm EST
What's up Sorry it took me a second to reply to yourmessage but if you still want me to join your team I will. I really need all the help I can get thanks, Delo
2-12-2015 2:29 pm EST
i figured u would get a kick out of it...i think he may have a decent chance of winning the competition.
Sick Puppy MMA
1-19-2015 7:10 pm EST
feb2420 Barris Tan Selmy Hughes ducked by Badass Inc camp. Barris had 7 fight win streak, fighter who got the title shot had 4 wins.
11-14-2014 11:02 pm EST
yeah indeed bro, i don't speak primarly English...
P Unit
P Unit
11-12-2014 6:00 am EST
Thanks man, it's fun being back!
Mister Judo
11-5-2014 11:16 am EST
Seen my post and callouts so he stopped being a little weasel
Sick Puppy MMA
11-5-2014 7:57 am EST
jul2407 huntly hardy ducked by disgracedies camp. Huntly had 3 win streak including 2 top 25 wins, fighter who got the shot was on a 2 fight streak.
Sick Puppy MMA
11-3-2014 7:57 am EST
Stanley 'crystal glaze' lowe ducked by Kobra Kai camp march2407 for efc shot. Message on wall states the win streaks were identical so the tie breaker went to the most impressive loss prior to streak. Guy who was given shot had not fought since dec 06.
7-29-2014 3:38 pm EST
thank you for that
7-12-2014 10:29 pm EST
thanks man. 2nd #1 for me.
Joao Rua
Evolve MMA
7-10-2014 2:29 pm EST
I've tried getting on the forums to ask, but no email notifications go out. Makes it hard to ask. What's his main camp again? I'll ask him there.
7-8-2014 6:50 am EST
Joao Rua
Evolve MMA
7-4-2014 4:33 am EST
Thanks, man - I can't remember my other camp password or my forum info. I was hoping to join you guys over there again. Either way, thanks for the welcoming.
7-2-2014 4:40 am EST
thanks a lot man! I didn't believe anybody remembers my camp, haha
6-29-2014 6:50 am EST
Oh fair enough, my mistake, just a lot of people have started using it recently as a PG counter
6-28-2014 6:45 am EST
i knew that grap lol i saw it on one of Sov's pages ages ago, i meant that nobody was using it and i mean nobody, and then as soon as i started beating PG with it everyone seems to be using it, it's not a coincidence lol i'm not claiming i found the formula as that would be stupid.
Diamond Danny
Flesh Rocket MMA
6-20-2014 6:33 pm EST
He has wheelchair gout? Wow, that's gotta be rough. I bet I could take a few pieces from various train sets, and rig up a sweet battery operated set of mechanical leg braces. I have access to all the latest wheelchair technology and engineering.
Heart FC
6-15-2014 8:37 pm EST
I know your mom kissed you on the lips every night until you were 35 but we don't do that in my family.
Heart FC
6-14-2014 11:00 am EST
You come on here to degrade people because you never once satisfied your wife and she goes out and fucks black teens when your at work.
Heart FC
6-13-2014 12:53 pm EST
I'm not sitting out on purpose, bitches like you don't even want to fight me for the belt.
Heart FC
6-8-2014 9:25 am EST
what the fuck are you talking about i lost 2 belts last reset. stop reaching, it makes you look sad.
Heart FC
6-7-2014 6:22 pm EST
you wish i ducked you
6-7-2014 10:07 am EST
He called you looser. Haha epic
6-5-2014 6:54 pm EST
6430-5178 nice. teach me how to attain a bitch record like you have looser.
6-5-2014 6:53 pm EST
Twista bitch
Sick Puppy MMA
5-18-2014 12:11 pm EST
Kid Pussy AKA Heart FC blatantly ducked my rightful #1 contender, Andrei, on Sept and Oct 78 resets. Completely refusing to defend his belt on Sept78 while fighting the rest of his camp. Then the title shot was given to someone else with an equal amount of wins since Andrei was ducked the previous reset and was not able to secure another fight. Tax season is upon us.
4-27-2014 9:14 am EST
Who is the other fighter?
4-26-2014 6:04 pm EST
Trying to enlarge the gif. Is that Cyborg? Wtf lol
No Surrender
4-12-2014 9:40 am EST
Yes sir, good fights. Very back and forth.
4-8-2014 5:57 pm EST
You certainly did lol ...nice switch
3-29-2014 5:34 pm EST
FAGS United
3-25-2014 4:11 pm EST
thank you hagu-san!
Flying Armbars
3-7-2014 5:15 pm EST
Lol not ur tribute
Heart FC
2-19-2014 11:15 am EST
Sick Puppy MMA
2-19-2014 8:03 am EST
ptp gnp
10-23-2012 11:29 am EST
Never right on my wall or my fighters page ever again you aids infested anal bead rat featured inbred ass bitch. Cheers.
10-10-2012 6:22 am EST
lol. I'd kill you in wrestling too. Rampage Slam you through the floor.
10-10-2012 6:20 am EST
I'd whip your fat ass and i'm making all the way up the ladder of success. It's quite sad that you even contest me as you will always lose. Bitch
10-5-2012 6:37 pm EST
got me...war wdoa
rainy city
9-26-2012 9:50 pm EST
Muchas Garcias
We Will Fight
9-13-2012 2:13 pm EST
thats not even my camp stupid, STFU
7-19-2012 6:05 pm EST
Thanks for the invite...what do I need to do?
7-14-2012 10:53 am EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Spooks are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
The Devil Dog
Evil Till I Die
6-23-2012 3:11 am EST
The way the game is you end up sitting out shedloads of resets otherwise - if your in the title picture send me a challenge bro
The Devil Dog
Evil Till I Die
6-23-2012 3:10 am EST
Yeah sorry bro, woke up and was only challenger so just fought him. I hardly ever send challenges unless in EFC lol.
Heart FC
5-7-2012 4:55 pm EST
ahh we play the exact same way you're in denial bro.
Heart FC
5-5-2012 5:16 pm EST
you're soft and full of shit, and now openly duck me, its aite.
Sick Puppy MMA
5-5-2012 12:12 pm EST
The 2 posts below are the exact reason I didnt join WDOA. Shady ass shitty coaches.
Heart FC
5-5-2012 9:16 am EST
you bitch, i have IPPON to fight any GNP who challange me. I get hardly any challenges. Regardless of who I fight you still duck HEART FC ALL DAY!!!
5-2-2012 9:03 am EST
seriously are you crying for a bad title shot given, in a low lvl org and very low populated too? Im sorry then lol
Corn Wall
Cornwall Combat
4-4-2012 10:44 am EST
you live fors this game why dont you try taking life as serious as you do video games you completley wasted and ruined your life dont threating my life just cause your lonely and all u have to look forward to inlife in this game u wake up and go o hope he fought wonder if im still champ your the pathetic one ! just cause no girl will ever love you for who you are dosent mean you have to threatin my life you nerdy fuck :)
Corn Wall
Cornwall Combat
4-3-2012 8:46 pm EST
you just proved your very immature and you hate life dont hate me cause you hate yourself ilove life unlike you that was pretty immature your mom know you talk like that ? i know your a mommys boy she would be very dissapointed her lil bitch talks so naughty and still does nothing with his life lmao GO OUTSIDE
3-7-2012 9:57 am EST
It Took A Long Time Lol, Was Building A HW Army To Get The EFC Belt, So Only Kept Good Weights, Cut Most Of The Shit, So 280lbs Sometimes Came Along And Were Perfect :) Shame The Hiddens Suck!
3-3-2012 10:11 pm EST
Your Owning My Guys This Reset!
1-30-2012 12:17 am EST
Oh your words hurt me so. TWAT
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
1-24-2012 9:04 pm EST
join my brit only tourney?
1-4-2012 10:17 pm EST
Thanks for the fight,youve got a nice camp as well.
12-22-2011 2:08 pm EST
Im playing on my phone. I've been out of town all year for work so no cpu in a while. It sucks..i can't retire fighters..auto renew contracts or post on the fourms. I can log in just not post or s.b,p.m it takes a really long time to send challenges, so for the most part i just accept every challenge. It's a pain in the ass. But im thankful to play it,sure does help pass time.
12-22-2011 12:34 pm EST
yes mate, always fun and competitive with your camp.
12-21-2011 3:11 pm EST
Thanks for the fight, you have an awsome camp.
Welsh Warriors
12-20-2011 12:07 am EST
Yeah im like you with the stats, I train too many so trying to slim down to 7 maximum
Who Knew
11-4-2011 8:27 pm EST
Fuck people
Who Knew
11-4-2011 8:27 pm EST
Fuck people
Vance Weeks
VZW Fight Club
10-25-2011 9:36 am EST
Sorry, went on vacation and forgot about this. I'd like to see if this adds something to the game for me so I'm in. My forum ID is VZW
Big Losers
10-24-2011 10:26 am EST
hey sorry, i forgot i had belt and missed 2 resets, i sent out challenges to 3 or 4 so i woundn't hold up the belt. remind me next time your up with this camp of cyborg crush and your in
chris paul
The Booze Crewe
10-3-2011 5:32 pm EST
yup back after a little bit of a hiatus. akbrew on the forums.
Vance Weeks
VZW Fight Club
9-29-2011 7:41 pm EST
I have read of alliances but I'm honestly not real sure what the point of them is or how they'd benefit me. I'm all for whatever is going to enhance the game for me so give me more info
Vance Weeks
VZW Fight Club
9-28-2011 2:57 pm EST
Just saw your comment on my camp page. I Check the forums out some, I was out of the game for a long time and just got back in so mostly been looking for infos on the new styles and what not. Why do you ask?
9-23-2011 1:33 pm EST
Seriously man i was joking so relax just trying to get fights simple
9-23-2011 6:14 am EST
lol stop being a chump and fight that is what it was bitch
Mukahn Singh
The Karache Vice
7-26-2011 6:11 pm EST
Sounds cool, thanks bro Axe
Android 16
7-19-2011 7:45 pm EST
Thanks for the advice dude. Will definitely check out the forums.
Steve Mazagatti
Way of the Dirty Stache
7-13-2011 10:46 am EST
Honestly, I don't even know what/how the alliances work. I've seen them mentioned but never followed up in seeing what the deal was.
Steve Mazagatti
Way of the Dirty Stache
7-13-2011 6:51 am EST
Have a couple camps actually. I browse the forums from time to time, not too often but to see what's going on. Was more active back in 2008 but I just recently picked this back up for kicks. Kinda looking forward to MMArmy2.0.
7-1-2011 9:26 pm EST
Same here, lol... I appreciate your nick names.
7-1-2011 1:05 pm EST
Fuckin' instant classic name here, lol. http://mmarmy.com/fighter_display.php?id=847188 I dig your camp's nickname styles.
Wolf Blitz
Sea Wolves
6-27-2011 11:16 am EST
Thanks for the fight. Nicolas
Mukahn Singh
The Karache Vice
6-17-2011 6:36 am EST
lol. That show makes me pee. Will get to the forums asap, thanks bro. -Axe
Mukahn Singh
The Karache Vice
6-16-2011 3:50 pm EST
Hey grapple, thanks for the heads up. I'm still thinking on the road to the belt but have one dude entered in Glory. _Axeman
6-15-2011 10:33 pm EST
you on the forums? im with THC alliance and were opening up recruiting due to the upcoming major tourneys going on. we are the winner of the last few major events and were looking to round out our roster with some recruits. pm me @ soviet on the forums if you are interested.
6-14-2011 3:39 pm EST
I'm on the forums, name is "Delete_ME" because I can't access my old account because the password reset feature is screwed p. Your account is almost as old as mine, heheh.
5-19-2011 11:48 am EST
Alright I'll definitly see what I can do :) thanks for the messages.
5-19-2011 10:23 am EST
haha slowly but surely...gonna take a while to get back in it. what's up?
Mukahn Singh
The Karache Vice
5-19-2011 8:13 am EST
Hey Dude, thanks. Will see what I've got, and hit the forum! - Axeman.
Yamamoto Silva
Underground Pancrase
4-26-2011 5:36 am EST
Sure. I'm down to be in you alliance.
4-19-2011 9:42 am EST
Tried to send you a PM yesterday but it said your in box was full. Hit me up on the forums. Smgordo13
4-18-2011 10:07 am EST
I am on the Forums. Smgordo13 is me.
4-18-2011 2:23 am EST
At the moment Im just plodding along doing my own thing, trying different things, so for the time being Id have to say Im not interested in joining an alliance maybe sometime in the future. but thanks for the offer mate.
4-16-2011 1:57 am EST
no Mate not on forums, why do you ask
4-15-2011 12:55 pm EST
didnt get it try wild buffalo team
4-15-2011 12:04 pm EST
4-15-2011 7:29 am EST
I am interested in the Alliance for sure. Don't really know how it all works though. let me know.
Yamamoto Silva
Underground Pancrase
4-15-2011 4:42 am EST
How does an alliance work? never done that.
4-15-2011 2:09 am EST
Yes I am on forums one in a while. And yes I would love to for A alliance. How does it work. Thx
3-18-2011 5:53 am EST
Most of the regular original Junkies are there now. The OT at Junkie got way too stupid and the Gen MMA area is unbearable with the trolls. Showdown and Meatmallet started Armchairfighters. Phoenix, BuffaloBlue, Kubz and OsuBuckeye help out with a lot of the different little things there. It's just a forum so nothing spectacular. I don't even go to Junkies Gen MMA anymore and rarely to the OT. Basically I do the JFF there now and that is it.
3-18-2011 5:45 am EST
Most of the regular original Junkies are there now. The OT at Junkie got way too stupid and the Gen MMA area is unbearable with the trolls. Showdown and Meatmallet started Armchairfighters. Phoenix, BuffaloBlue, Kubz and OsuBuckeye help out with a lot of the different little things there. It's just a forum so nothing spectacular. I don't even go to Junkies Gen MMA anymore and rarely to the OT. Basically I do the JFF there now and that is it.
3-17-2011 12:03 pm EST
Hey man. I have been out of town on vacatuon so I just saw your note to me about being a fellow Junkie. You ever get to Armchairfighters.com?
OT Locos
5-12-2008 10:12 am EST
Yes the OT lives but its not the same. No ban, yet.
4-22-2008 1:50 pm EST
Sounds good, MW/WW title fight tonight! - Kirk Clark