Team Tittytwist

Last Online - Friday 14th of August 2015
Display Name Mudbutt
Member Since Aug 19, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 9632-8100


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1-8-2015 7:15 am EST
12-27-2014 8:37 pm EST
Hey come back to the forum. You haven't checked in or anything in the alliance bro.
Who Knew
11-15-2014 10:37 pm EST
You on the forums bro?
11-10-2014 2:43 pm EST
Ha yep Radiohead are pretty cool
11-2-2014 9:12 am EST
OK message me on there, I'm Role on the forum.
10-30-2014 7:16 am EST
You get to bullshit, learn other guys styles and why plus you can join our alliance which is fun cause we get to fight against other alliances.
10-29-2014 4:25 pm EST
Would you be willing to join the forum?
10-29-2014 1:02 pm EST
Hey bro are you on the Forums?
Who Knew
9-11-2014 4:35 am EST
Mr. Tittytwist, are you on the forums sir?
Wheeling MMA
Wheeling MMA
8-14-2014 5:59 pm EST
Yeah wheeling,wv
Oil Check MMA
4-4-2014 12:18 pm EST
Nope, I am not. Just an old wrestler. But you should tell him and all your other mania buddies to come play MMArmy. Also come check out the forums. We run different contests and tournies and stuff. Good Luck!
1-26-2014 3:57 pm EST
Bobby Lyons
Ground Game
1-21-2014 4:32 pm EST
Damn good fight man you ended my streak = /
Team Dynasty
Team Dynasty
1-16-2014 3:23 pm EST
oh damn dude ashton found his brother
1-3-2014 7:51 pm EST
Come to the forum and sign up for the new event. Starts in 1 week. Breakfast League season 4.
8-2-2013 7:40 pm EST
sept the the challenge all ready
Mister Judo
9-17-2012 4:06 pm EST
indeed u do! im recruiting for my alliance atm. with a little guidance from myself and my team u could be an even better coach! r u interested?
Mister Judo
9-16-2012 11:44 am EST
hey man. welcome back. r u on the forums?
Pete Predge
Quebec MMA
8-8-2012 8:49 am EST
Fat and rusted my friend...
9-10-2009 7:04 am EST
To join an alliance, all you have to do is send the head of the alliance a personal message on the alliance forum, he'll talk it over with the other members and then will either accept you or reject you. Once you are in the alliance you can access all of the topics, which include style matchups, and how to train certain styles. If your interest in joining The Simyard Fight League, the alliance that I'm in, send JBear a personal message on the forums.
9-9-2009 12:04 pm EST
Thanks for the fight bro. Are you in an Alliance? If not, would you be interested in joining one?
7-7-2009 7:57 am EST
no bother man, good luck at lhw
2-11-2009 4:56 pm EST
curly longs name is win =D
lennith Ray
1-19-2009 5:51 pm EST
ill give tht fight to you... i feel as if i should change my fighters style... then i would want a rematch