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Last Online - Friday 11th of August 2017
Display Name Mr Couture
Member Since Oct 16, 2008
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Overall Record 14228-13093


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10-29-2016 8:29 am EST
Nah no problems, just thought I'd let you know the common thinking of most guys. Youll get that belt before to long. Your getting guys are there so it's just a matter of time!
Purple Ice
10-26-2016 4:29 pm EST
You got me again... lol, I promise before your guy retires ill beat him once
5-18-2016 4:02 pm EST
Yea it's probably the highest JJ I've seen from a none SR. There was a Sambo guy once that came with 4.5 but yours is the 2nd highest I've seen.
5-15-2016 3:44 pm EST
It's just good to talk to regular players on the forum. Especially camps like your in the top 100. I've done a couple tourneys to award special recruits on the forum so hop on if you get a chance and shoot me a pm if you ever do.
5-15-2016 1:27 pm EST
This is the owner of the game. Are you on the forum?
3-5-2014 10:22 pm EST
Alliance slots are now limited to 15 coaches, we need all coaches to be regular posters and participate in the Alliance forum. Could you let us know if you are still interested in the alliance
2-23-2014 1:22 pm EST
Hi mate are you on the forums?
12-28-2013 4:17 am EST
Thanks try adding speed, are u on forums would like ti collaborate on pib build.
12-19-2013 3:34 am EST
You having any luck with PIB? I have a camp I was going to convert....not sure of the success rate
10-9-2013 6:20 am EST
7-20-2013 4:47 am EST
Hey let's fight for the title
7-17-2013 10:45 am EST
sure man i will get back to you my next day off for sure
4-23-2013 8:48 am EST
ahhh still got the old magic. :)
Welsh Warriors
4-2-2013 8:44 am EST
Iv not received a Pm bro
Welsh Warriors
4-1-2013 1:33 pm EST
Get a HW in the Caranogirl Challenge asap in our WDoA forum and let us know how ur going bro
Sir Freud
3-6-2013 7:41 pm EST
hey lets make a brother duel Estrada vs Estrada :)
2-25-2013 6:02 am EST
Safe bro, looking forward to those fights:)
1-23-2013 8:08 pm EST
Just saw that comment you posted on Dick Wood's fighter page, I haven't been paying much attention to my camp lately... feel free to send the challenge anytime - hopefully his name isn't the only reason why he's awesome
10-25-2012 10:23 pm EST
Looks like your camp is coming along nicely bro and your guys are climbing up the rankings
Welsh Warriors
10-14-2012 9:20 am EST
You have qualified for the Rising star league on our forum, take a look just so you know whats going on, its minimal effort, i do all the work lol
9-3-2012 4:16 am EST
you kicked my ass today! :D
Welsh Warriors
9-2-2012 12:19 am EST
Last chance to get someone into our WDoA TuF 2 event today bro - take a look we need a few more coaches in it
Randy Gracie
Sapo B rasil
7-17-2012 2:38 pm EST
thank you very much kind sir.. -FFF
UK Dragons
5-23-2012 9:53 am EST
Well done bro, hope it went well.
Welsh Warriors
5-11-2012 9:14 pm EST
Cool - Congratulations bro, hope everything goes well !!
Welsh Warriors
5-11-2012 9:23 am EST
Just got your message bro, yeah is pain in the ass when that happens. Post in the WDOA Enemies and Boycott thread and we will take it from there. Try and get on the forum more bro, your missing out.
3-26-2012 1:23 pm EST
Cheers bro, think it could have been the weight advantage there
3-26-2012 12:32 pm EST
Welsh Warriors
3-18-2012 11:20 pm EST
No worries bro, there are always a few running so keep an eye out - good luck !!
Welsh Warriors
3-16-2012 10:55 pm EST
Wassup brent, we got a FW and a MW event starting so pop in the forum and see if you can get a guy in. Nice one!
2-10-2012 8:29 am EST
ok, but you fought him this reset, as of right now there is 7 1/2 hours left in the reset. just because its the only challenge doesnt mean you should take it, if there is so much reset left.
Welsh Warriors
2-4-2012 2:00 am EST
Hi mate post in the WDoA roll call thread asap as we are filtering inactive people out and dont want you to be one of them!
gate master
push off me
1-24-2012 1:59 pm EST
no problem i just wont people to know my name as you know im a nobody.
Welsh Warriors
1-24-2012 8:28 am EST
Lol - ur right bro - get involved in the forum, we got a close knit bunch and be nice for u to get in aswell
gate master
push off me
1-24-2012 1:37 am EST
a man i am sorry bro my stupid ass brother got hold of my code and started talking shit to people ill give you the title shot.
gate master
push off me
1-24-2012 1:13 am EST
ill even make a deal with you win one more fight and i will give you the title shot you think you deserve.
gate master
push off me
1-24-2012 1:12 am EST
have you ever hear of a term that "nobody's" well im a nobody who work his way to get to a title even when i was not ranking one rank means shit to me so stop crying to big momma
Welsh Warriors
1-23-2012 10:01 pm EST
Yeah he is just a dick mate - total waste of space
gate master
push off me
1-23-2012 5:03 pm EST
sorry man you deserve better go to a higher ranking class cuz this asshole aint giving you a title shot.
1-19-2012 8:23 am EST
well now i am waiting for title shot so no
1-18-2012 9:10 pm EST
dude my fighter has 9 wins in a row in LDNET and u are fighting guys who are not top and now i have challenged u and still u didnt accept
1-17-2012 11:40 am EST
Thanks for another shot and another good fight, ill let you hold the belt a little bit longer so i can get some w's
team revolutionary
1-14-2012 4:03 pm EST
UK Dragons
1-12-2012 7:38 am EST
Lol didnt realise i posted a few days ago, sorry bro, i think you get the message though haha
UK Dragons
1-12-2012 7:38 am EST
Yo bro, not seen you on the Wdoa forum for a while, we got 2 events running, remember to get involved - b33rm0n5t3r
1-10-2012 12:47 pm EST
Cheers bro, always up for a good scrap
Maxim Serebriakov
Russian Pankration Center
1-10-2012 6:31 am EST
again good fights man)
The Devil Dog
Evil Till I Die
1-8-2012 11:59 pm EST
Good fight mate, try and pop in the WDoA forum, we got 2 events running at the moment so try and get involved bro - B33RM0N5T3R
Maxim Serebriakov
Russian Pankration Center
1-6-2012 12:38 am EST
good fights.
Moscow Kick Boxing
Moscow Kick Boxing
1-2-2012 8:12 pm EST
Hey! Your guy Hade Biek beat my guy Demyan Tchaikovsky back in 2232. I want a rematch to settle the score! Tchaikovsky is current champion in LDNet. Please join that league to fight me, it gives you a titleshot :) - Demyan Tchaikovsky, 14-9 LDNet
12-8-2011 2:09 pm EST
Yes Mate its been a good few scraps look forward to more :)
12-8-2011 11:27 am EST
play me in a mack
Welsh Warriors
12-8-2011 8:26 am EST
You need to join the forum (if you havent already) and send me a private message to - b33rm0n5t3r. I will get your access sorted and send you a message back. Once you have access to our forum, post in the introduce yourself thread and have a read through some of the others so you can see what we get upto. PM me if you then have any questions.
Vinny Mack
BigTime JJ
12-8-2011 7:05 am EST
no. whats airforce
Welsh Warriors
12-8-2011 6:21 am EST
OK well here goes. I am the Moderator for the "Wanted Dead or Alive" alliance (WDoA), we are a group of about 18 coaches at present who have our own forum on the game. The aim is to help each other improve, have a laugh and to basically make the game more enjoyable. I run in house tournaments all the time - "Tag team Terror" just starting which you can also join in on. Your really active and a vet so I think you would fit in really well. How about give it a go bro?
Welsh Warriors
12-8-2011 5:58 am EST
Hi mate, noticed you spoke to my mate Turbo a few times, was just wondering if you are in an alliance? Cheers
Vinny Mack
BigTime JJ
12-5-2011 5:39 am EST
nice i was livin in dartmouth last year now im in winnipeg
Vinny Mack
BigTime JJ
11-10-2011 6:36 am EST
thanks man
11-8-2011 10:41 am EST
its ok dude :)no hard feelings just a game :)good luck :)
11-7-2011 1:41 am EST
Haha glad we could entertain you with our awesome display of huge disapointments.
10-10-2011 5:54 am EST
Cheers mate
Tupelo MMA
Tupelo MMA
10-8-2011 6:30 am EST
Pretty much every fighter I have
Tupelo MMA
Tupelo MMA
10-7-2011 5:26 pm EST
I hate you so much right now.
Randy Gracie
Sapo B rasil
9-28-2011 4:30 pm EST
Canadiennes Blow?
9-28-2011 2:06 am EST
My Future Wife, Either By Choice Or By Abduction, Katy Perry
xtreme holmes
9-27-2011 4:01 pm EST
Fight Me Ciero Gracie
9-12-2011 1:21 pm EST
No problem man, just having a little fun. Good luck with your fighter. ;)
6-23-2010 1:35 am EST
Did you get the PM? I'm not sure if you know how to respond to it. lol PM me back so I know it worked.
6-21-2010 5:16 pm EST
PM sent. It says that brookerth was registared on March 28 2009, so I hope I got the right one.
6-21-2010 4:43 pm EST
I'll send you a PM to brookerth in the forums. It is easier to communicate there.
6-20-2010 9:21 am EST
We also share style info, as well as game strategies. We also have a UFC fantasy league. Ours is a tight knit group that has been together for over a year.
6-20-2010 8:56 am EST
I am a member of an "alliance" of other like-minded players who band together to compete against other alliances in tournaments. We are called The Lebowski Crime Syndicate. We are considered the best of the crowd, the elite. The best player in the game is part of TLCS. I believe the boys would be interested in recruiting you, but you would have to sign up to the forums first.
6-20-2010 8:50 am EST
Highly. You're actually pretty good, you just don't know it yet. You do an excellent job training you fighters. You just need some info on styles. The forums provide an incredible source of info on the game. I have never been, or participated on any other forums on the web besides this, so I'm nit like some high tech Internet nerd. Once I got on the forums it changed the way I played. All of the top players in the game can be found there.
6-19-2010 1:34 am EST
Hey, dude are you a member of the Forums? If so, what name do you go by?
5-29-2010 8:45 am EST
Thanks, I Put Alot Of Thought Into That Nickname lol!
5-16-2010 11:07 pm EST
Next: Brawling is a major stat in SftF. I think it is more important then boxing. Also, CS' second most important stat is reflex. My advise is to pick a main style, and a back up style to switch to vs your main's weakness. Like MT fighters with a GnP switch, or a PG fighter with a SiO switch. That way you can focus on training just 4 or 5 stats. Your camp is using something like 5 or 6 different styles, with 7 or 8 different stats combined. IMO it spreads your trainers too thin.
5-16-2010 10:56 pm EST
If you get a fighter that is like, 185 lbs, always try to see if he can cut to LW. I have a 199 lb WW, but when I recruited him he was set to MW. Any HW under 270, or any LW under 170 lbs are worthless. Try and stick to the 15 lb guideline and you'll see an improvement.
5-16-2010 10:51 pm EST
First off, the biggest issue I see is weight. Weight can be a huge advantage in this game. The weight on your fighter's screen is the weight they are fighting at. Some can cut 5-33 lbs to make their weight, then rehydrate back to their original weight. So, a fighter that is 260 lbs is at a huge weight disadvantage vs a 280 lb fighter, just like a 160 lb LW will get worked by a 180 lb LW. Most fighters I get that can't cut at least 15 lbs, will get canned.
5-4-2010 2:58 am EST
Sorry, I've been busy with work. I'll be happy to give ya some tips. I'll get back to ya soon...
5-1-2010 4:21 am EST
Haha Thats Quality, Very Colourful LOL!
4-27-2010 8:24 pm EST
At least thats what I've heard.
4-27-2010 8:15 pm EST
Haha. Not really. You ever notice how sometimes your guy loses fights that he should've won? Hiddens attribute to that. ITs kinda like a variable in the game that determines the outcomes of the fights on more than just who has the better stats.
4-25-2010 8:46 am EST
Ive Made A Few Different Guys Since I Began Like Goldberg, Lashley etc Lol!
3-6-2010 5:57 pm EST
Ok I will se if I can figure it out.
Mike Rock Harpell
Canadian Top Team Camp
3-5-2010 10:19 am EST
mark munoz vs. ryan jensen
3-5-2010 4:36 am EST
How many of our guys have fought now? seems like a few to me. whos winning?
2-19-2010 11:44 am EST
I have no idea if conditioning would affect your chin.
Big T Plays
1-27-2010 7:40 pm EST
I hear ya man I was pissy I shouldn't have bitched. Still your fighter had 50+ fights and mine had like 6. And you just happened to be using the style my guy is weakest to. I don't deny many fights but I denied that one. Should have left it there you are no crusher or style rapist.
1-3-2010 10:18 am EST
http://www.mmarmy.com/fighter_display.php?id=55330 Here's a successful SFtF fighter. Hope that helps.
1-2-2010 10:24 pm EST
Boxing helps, but you need Brawling to have a successful SFtF.
1-1-2010 9:29 am EST
Great Camp Pic!
12-31-2009 5:03 am EST
We're Having Some Good Battles Today, My Guys Seem To Be Putting Up A Good Fight Despite The Huge Experience Difference LOL! Good Luck!
12-17-2009 7:14 am EST
i was talking bout fights
KP Keough
Beast Mode
12-16-2009 1:15 pm EST
Well, all right. You're definitely not the only one who does it, and I'll accept some imbalanced challenges, but not that one.
12-16-2009 6:14 am EST
lets get some more guys in
scott cooley
11-26-2009 7:10 am EST
scott cooley
11-17-2009 5:03 pm EST
scott cooley
11-17-2009 4:19 pm EST
scott cooley
11-17-2009 4:15 pm EST
I have a strange feeling that you enjoy whooping my fighters.....THIS MUST COME TO AN END....TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCOTT COOLEY
11-15-2009 9:29 am EST
and your an asshole?
11-15-2009 6:53 am EST
now what were you saying about look at your belts and look at mine fool? lols.. sorry PHAIL! dont be a dumbass and accpt title vacancies if your dumb fucking fighter cant make weight.
crippler4hm elite
Cripplers Corner Elite
11-15-2009 6:42 am EST
bahahahahaha.. dude you dont even know these are my new camps fool.. lol.. check out iCe MMA academy and Crippler's corner.. you aint got shit fool.
crippler4hm elite
Cripplers Corner Elite
11-15-2009 6:39 am EST
shitty ass camp with a dumb mother fucker of a coach.
11-3-2009 1:35 pm EST
How can I get my guy to make weight at HW? He weighs 279 and cant make weight for a fight.
Crazy KO Camp
10-29-2009 12:46 pm EST
Thanks man, It's not like you're getting beat by a new player though. I just took a long layoff so I have all new fighters.
Bender FC
10-7-2009 3:58 am EST
'preciate the compliment, but I didn't choose the name. :-)
3-27-2009 8:53 pm EST
thought police alliance is looking for a 5th.....suhmajstor recommended you......tried to pm you but you are over the limit......team is headed up by vyper.......has ajjd123 with big blue boxing.........i have migrantworkers aand farmboy fighting systems pm me or check out the alliance board and then the "thought police" topic/thread thanks
Kadetska bojna
3-27-2009 4:56 pm EST
I don't even know what flaging means so...if you need help pm8it means a private msg don't know if you know) me on forums.
Kadetska bojna
3-27-2009 8:08 am EST
Go to forums,register,be there couple of days,join some arguments and someone might notice you.You can make a post topic that you are looking an alliance to join but you should do your homework about alliances,my screen name on forums is suhmajstor,you can pm me.
Kadetska bojna
3-26-2009 6:54 pm EST
It depends in which one are you...TLCS is currently strongest alliance on forums,you get a lot of help from vets,I have gone a long way in impproving my camp since I joined alliance,just for fun,I ain't an internet freak but its ok,you are part of alliance wars and tournaments.
Kadetska bojna
3-26-2009 5:35 pm EST
Just an observation man,you run a nice camp,you should think about joining an alliance.
3-19-2009 1:58 pm EST
I'll be watching for you! Thanks for the info. :)
3-19-2009 12:35 pm EST
Was going to give the rematch...but...lost the damn belt. Good luck in your quest.
3-18-2009 12:14 pm EST
Thanks for the encouragement!
Rhasta MMA
2-15-2009 5:29 am EST
What guy?
12-22-2008 5:56 am EST
youre the one person i didn't want to face! but hey i'll take a loss
10-31-2008 5:50 pm EST
thanks buddy...lol its going good actually new york was awesome but my team is horrible...lol got any pointers for me dude