Crazy KO Camp

Last Online - Tuesday 28th of November 2023
Display Name Ampman54
Member Since Nov 8, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 42439-40484


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1-1-2023 9:12 am EST
Happy New year broski
12-12-2022 11:51 am EST
Cheers Ampman defo would not have noticed sorry bro
8-25-2022 5:53 pm EST
Dude you have 95 top prospects and it scares the shit out of me.
Vatican Death Squad
7-29-2022 5:23 pm EST
Fantasy Football for a SR? Check the Forums!
Who Knew
6-8-2022 12:58 pm EST
Chillin bro
Who Knew
6-2-2022 12:30 pm EST
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
5-27-2022 4:42 pm EST
Glad to see this camp here again. An all time great.
5-23-2022 2:55 pm EST
Welcome back. Pretty good mix of vets around at the top levels right now, be good to fight your guys in there.
Who Knew
11-1-2021 7:22 pm EST
AMP, sign up for my event on the forums bro!
7-31-2021 9:02 pm EST
Your Finish of my guy Kunle Awolowo with a Meia Lua Reversao. thats insane i did not even know they exsisted in MMARMY Congrats
7-17-2020 5:12 am EST
Stop by the forums man.
7-15-2020 4:21 am EST
You back?
3-1-2020 1:43 am EST
I went karate, taekwondo, speed footwork, reflex coordination when i used my best FF build. I may go back for it in a couple of week.
2-28-2020 4:30 pm EST
Like I am going to make you more vicious lol. I'll place it in the forum
1-21-2020 1:44 am EST
Free SRs for this tournament amp, go put your name down :) http://www.mmarmy.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=501915#Post501915
12-25-2019 4:26 pm EST
damn thought I had it had the same as Gabriel lmao finally a belt at EFC but nope.
10-17-2019 12:52 am EST
< 3
Kings of Destruction
Beat Downs Unlimited
6-10-2019 10:56 am EST
Thanks for the fight we'll do it again soon Abe "The asshole" Adams
5-25-2019 2:33 pm EST
Let's go am born ready. I am here to dominate let's go.
5-25-2019 2:33 pm EST
stop ducking me champ let's go.
4-16-2019 3:57 am EST
Not sure what happened buddy. I went to click accept on the challenge from morales and the challenge disappeared. Still 11 minutes before reset :(
4-8-2019 2:13 pm EST
let's go champ! let's go!
Ping Boxing
2-11-2019 9:23 am EST
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Get recked
2-8-2019 6:52 pm EST
Could i join your alliance? Im rather new and trying to learn the tricks and trades of the game.
2-7-2019 3:15 am EST
Still one of my favorite camps around!
1-14-2019 3:12 am EST
Hey Amp, sorry about that. I didnt see an alliance thing by your name. Thanks for getting back to me buddy and if you ever change your mind let me know. Good luck!
1-9-2019 12:29 pm EST
Hey buddy any chance you would want to join DBA? We would love to have you.
11-13-2018 7:33 pm EST
Wow... O.G. status
11-7-2018 8:17 am EST
Great to have you back AMP !
12-1-2017 9:25 pm EST
Yeah, still trying to build some fast feet monster !
12-1-2017 1:44 pm EST
you can recruit and buy from the AH in the same reset, chiefs made them seperate entities :D
12-1-2017 11:01 am EST
awesome to hear :D yeh alot of changes, if you have some camp cash, keep an eye out in the auction house for some fighters, canadian fighters will get 30% off for your camp
12-1-2017 8:20 am EST
good to see you back! you making another run of it or just dropping by?
Lol Fat Nerd
RIP GoodKid
8-27-2017 7:40 pm EST
Don't bother trying to get back into it. Everybody is banned and MMArmy is dead. Plus Chief is a fat rager with a tiny clown cock :)
The Captain
Bay Bombers
6-19-2017 6:03 pm EST
Yo Amp. Why aren't you fighting more?? Your tiny record disgusts me.
6-6-2017 9:34 am EST
Tell chief to quit being a cuck and unban me
2-20-2017 8:30 pm EST
It's all good, I forgive you just cuz his name is awesome
2-20-2017 11:18 am EST
Lol your prowrestler dude must pay the judges that's the fourth time I lost a split to him where I dominated him bell to bell
8-31-2016 5:09 pm EST
Thanks for the fights!
Goodkid MMA
8-16-2016 9:06 pm EST
Been busy as hell with work this summer and barely have time for my camp. Finally starting to slow down now. How you been?
Jose Lucas
Sanda Army
7-21-2016 9:24 am EST
Yea man I knew it , as soon you round him up he will be the next dominant champ ! Congrats !!
7-17-2016 4:15 pm EST
Nice win amp
7-14-2016 4:46 pm EST
Haha thanka bro, his name was duc dam so i just had to use the ducker rash guard
6-5-2016 2:12 pm EST
You up for efc mw shot in pm reset, send challenge. Milton guy fucked up two resets.
4-15-2016 6:08 pm EST
I did the same thing, I was gone for like 6 months or so.
2-22-2016 2:58 am EST
Always willing to send/accept your fights as always enjoyable battles against a standout coach
2-22-2016 2:02 am EST
Great fights amp!
David Nuamah
Camp Spartan Lion
1-31-2016 4:57 am EST
Chris Hansen
15 and Under
1-29-2016 4:51 pm EST
I thought missing the previous reset disqualifies you from getting a title shot. The idea is that it doesn't let anyone sit on a streak. For me personally, I don't care if someone misses resets in between, as long as they fought in the previous one. I guess everyone has their own criteria.
Team Flash Bang
1-29-2016 2:42 pm EST
Fosho man
11-14-2015 9:36 am EST
Always good fights with your camp. Look forward to each and every one of them. Well, maybe more the ones that I win. ;)
David Nuamah
Camp Spartan Lion
11-6-2015 4:16 pm EST
Haha be ready I'm coming for you!
11-4-2015 11:30 pm EST
Thanks man. Whats your name on the forums?
11-4-2015 10:13 pm EST
Your super good. You think you can help me learn more about hkk. I wanna knock dudes out like you
10-24-2015 12:37 am EST
Thanks dude, I'm really stoked my first chsmp got me my first #1. Now to see how far his crazy ride takes me.
10-23-2015 10:48 pm EST
Thanks amp!
10-15-2015 3:16 pm EST
So you don't think manipulating the rankings by moving a guy up a class where he is never gonna fight, only to move him back down is cheesy? Anyone doing that is a cheeseball, especially alliance mates. We don't do that shit, it's nonsense. I'm over it now, but I was damn near considering blackballing you for it.
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
10-12-2015 8:58 pm EST
that guy is in the collateral damage event bud
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
10-2-2015 8:36 am EST
Good fights this morning bro
9-12-2015 8:54 pm EST
when do playoffs for the event start? chief crybaby banned me
9-1-2015 5:01 pm EST
Thank you Amp. Had to make him photo shoot ready lol.
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
7-29-2015 8:54 pm EST
Nice job holding down the top camp buddy.
7-22-2015 4:50 am EST
Great job, congrats.
7-4-2015 1:25 pm EST
yo whyd you give fedor mw shot?
Vince McMahon Jr Jr Jr
We Will Fight Mexico
6-17-2015 4:54 pm EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Mexico are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
6-5-2015 6:53 pm EST
Damn you, Amp. You kicked my ass this reset.
Itagaki Gym
5-30-2015 10:42 am EST
i was thinking about what you said the other day and i think you're right. it's been so hard to find challengers, especially when the weekend hits.
Itagaki Gym
5-29-2015 3:43 pm EST
thank god he hit #1 before you beat him, lmao!
5-21-2015 4:17 am EST
Owning me amp!
5-14-2015 11:55 am EST
Yeah man went back to my roots went aa vs wohaf this morning for the lhw strap and won
Efrain Dario
Head Bangers
4-16-2015 12:53 pm EST
Please join my tournament, it's called Bushido Pride Grand Prix.
4-12-2015 4:17 am EST
think Ed McGee is up next bro.
3-28-2015 4:48 am EST
Amp your camp is kicking the shit outa me :)
3-26-2015 4:31 am EST
haha yeah man best of luck to you, i a;ways seem to fight your guys
3-22-2015 4:48 am EST
Great fights! :)
1-3-2015 1:04 am EST
I see, I also came back like 2 months ago and joined a new clan it is a month old give or take a few weeks and we would like to get more members that can help or needs help, either way if you are interested just hit me up, cheers.
12-29-2014 1:52 am EST
Always great fighting your camp, great to see you back :)
4-9-2013 12:35 am EST
Thanks bro I was curious to starting out I have guys right now that are fight ready that have some different skills should I just focus on buying equipment for a certain style and switch or should I just buy some low tier gear for everyone?
4-7-2013 11:02 pm EST
Great team you have! Got a lot of studs on your team.
Montoyas bjj
3-25-2013 9:44 am EST
you just ducked me you fag
3-19-2013 8:25 pm EST
SOCAT's Heavyweight division is alive, anyone with Heavyweight fighters heading into 4th tier ORGS please put them in SOCAT to keep it alive! It just adds more to the game, thank you.
Lee Wright
Team 5Star
3-19-2013 7:28 pm EST
Hey, I'm new to this game. I have a lot of fighter in the same places you do so i figured I'd ask you my question. So one of my fighters is having trouble making weight. Should i bump him up or is it common for fighters not to make weight? answer me at your convenience. Thanks, Wright, Team 5Star
2-6-2013 8:58 am EST
Thanks for the fights, you keep it interesting around here!
12-3-2012 10:23 am EST
good to see you about bud, always good fights!
3-9-2012 10:08 pm EST
you on the forums bud?
3-5-2012 6:39 am EST
nice doing battle with u...send my camp a fight request anytime...i duck nobody.
I Chokeya
Camp Choke
2-27-2012 9:35 am EST
ah the long road back, still on first generation? welcome back.
Tony Rockett
The Killer Bees
3-21-2011 4:02 pm EST
Thanks for the tip about Vargas, just saw your msg now. I didn't know that MMAartist was a poor style...although my guy has progressed as an MMAArtist and is the Wiltsetti Combat Champ at the moment.
Xxtri starxX
3-13-2011 9:22 am EST
i told u mc gruber would win 3 champions nice
the ko master
MMA Royality
3-10-2011 2:54 pm EST
thanks bro
Sacrifice City
2-25-2011 4:52 pm EST
i know axl blew but he got up his wrestling and went on a 10 fight win streak
scott cooley
7-17-2010 6:10 pm EST
tired of waiting...BELLY and thanks for the fight...
scott cooley
7-17-2010 5:49 pm EST
i want 2 fight for the title but just in case i'll definitely fight you...
KP Keough
Beast Mode
12-8-2009 12:32 pm EST
Good fight man! That was a close one.
12-8-2009 12:20 pm EST
Thanks for the Legend challenge!
Forast Griffen
toi tankz
11-28-2009 3:51 pm EST
i seem to fight you a bit :)
10-30-2009 3:46 am EST
lol yeah me too, i was in the persian gulf for 6 months and had lots of time to play, i had like an 8mo lay off and now i am on a boring course and have lots of time to play again
10-29-2009 4:17 am EST
damn, my guys have way more expirence and you are kicking the shit out of me... good job!
Gabriel Dolce
Kazumi Hajime
8-1-2009 9:15 am EST
brazilian? Sure...SFL internal title fight hahaha
7-28-2009 3:58 pm EST
thanx man always down for a good battle...
Versus 2
6-30-2009 11:11 am EST
lets fight already :(
4-18-2009 7:02 pm EST
good fight man but you gotta work his ground game and he would be a beast!
Shawn Smith
Team Superdudes
1-30-2009 6:35 pm EST
Sorry about the second request - my bad.
1-28-2009 9:34 pm EST
omg wtf i knew you were going to win by split decision but meh i wasted but mean fight
KO or Tap
1-18-2009 4:55 am EST
hey thanks for the advice on my fighter AJ Rowly I appreciate it.