Andrews Elite

Last Online - Wednesday 26th of July 2023
Display Name ChiefBD
Member Since Nov 21, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 7910-6522


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Vince Lynch
12-8-2023 10:40 pm EST
Can I get a refund? Shutting it down in January.
5-26-2022 3:59 am EST
Why cant I send legend challenges?
5-2-2022 7:06 pm EST
You alive old friend?
Heart FC
3-23-2021 8:01 am EST
Why did I get banned from the forums?
Ed Banger
The Dukes
12-6-2017 6:48 am EST
Sorry about it, I'll make sure it won't happen again.
Ed Banger
The Dukes
12-6-2017 6:36 am EST
Your going to banned me for playing against me? If a fighter is in the top ten, they could fight for the belts right? So what's the issue? If I got the belt I could challenge any of the top ten. He just like when both of ours camps fight. Didn't want to piss anyone off!
Jeremy Carlson
Pacifica Sportfighting
9-30-2017 12:51 pm EST
Hey there, I'm an old coach from 2008 or so and as you can see from my record.....the game is alot different from what I remember and I clearly dont u dwrstand why or how. Iused to be on the forums but can't remember my info. My screen was Future_Amature and if I could get back on I'd like to change my screen if possible?
5-17-2017 4:33 am EST
Short story long... Forgot my forum password. My email is connected to the forum acc that mkick banned. So when I tryed to login after I got the lost password email I got banned from the forums again. Russia Thai was linked to a random email that I don't think even worked or is expired. Is there anyways you can unban my IP from the forums and possibly email me my password for russianthai? Youngca24@gmail.com or am I fucked out? Thanks boss hope your doing good broseppi
We Will Fight
4-27-2017 1:09 pm EST
Can u change my name please? It was Vince Mcmahon Jr. Jr as a play on words cause my camp is We Will Fight (wwf) but u can switch it to Dexter or back to its original i dont care. My names not mcdoogld and if you're are able to see IP adresses in here youll notice im not this mcdoogal guy.
3-13-2017 1:35 pm EST
HI Chief. It's Senor. Sorry about trolling you, I have been receiving help through therapy and I was told to apologize to those who I wronged. I don't expect you to unban me, but I am sorry for fucking with you. -Senor
2-10-2017 5:40 am EST
Deal. Can you unban my forum name?
2-8-2017 7:24 pm EST
Any chance I can be unbanned from the forum, or have my GKMMA camp back?
Wild Bill West
Hardcore Gym
1-30-2017 11:25 am EST
1-21-2017 5:14 pm EST
Firing Back Up Jan 2017
Wild Bill West
Hardcore Gym
1-12-2017 9:43 am EST
I checked out the forums and didn't really find much going on
Marcelo Luiz Riz
Renshu Fights
12-27-2016 5:06 pm EST
Okay, it was my mistake, it will not happen again.
12-17-2016 2:40 pm EST
Is thre any whay to delete the acc or start ower ?
Sean Wooldridge
Wooldridge Training
7-20-2016 11:18 am EST
I was active on the forums when I played the game a while back. It wasn't pretty. I'm going to keep to myself this time around.
Dublins Finest
7-11-2016 11:38 am EST
Yeah I just never use it really
Dublins Finest
7-6-2016 8:21 pm EST
No kidding? Well glad to meet ya lol
Juan Martino
Pain and Slain
7-6-2016 4:03 pm EST
Thanks will do!!!
Boxing 101
7-6-2016 3:52 pm EST
Thanks Chief
7-6-2016 11:31 am EST
Okay, bud. Ill take a look. Tks ;)
Fat Camp
6-8-2016 10:40 pm EST
thank you sir
Punch Club
6-3-2016 7:43 pm EST
i used to be when i had a different camp.
5-16-2016 12:52 pm EST
I'm not really on the forum much anymore, I don't really play well with others so I avoid the team stuff and I'm laying low deliberately, at least until I get a competitive camp running again.
5-15-2016 3:29 pm EST
no why?
5-15-2016 2:28 pm EST
Not actively, but should I be?
5-15-2016 1:54 pm EST
Yes, but I don't visit often. Is something wrong?
5-13-2016 2:05 pm EST
thanks chief.
3-4-2016 4:14 pm EST
He still loses a lot of fights but he's ok. If he gets #1 I'll be happy.
2-25-2016 10:33 am EST
Thanks Chief! :)
Welsh Warriors
11-5-2015 2:57 pm EST
Cheers Chief still unsure of what build to stick with in camp....spoilt for choice with all these new ones and not enough time to learn them!
Itagaki Gym
10-16-2015 10:05 am EST
thanks, chief. it's true, his abilities have been overlooked since I was holding four to five champs at the time. he'll shine soon. I've got great plans for him!
9-23-2015 6:45 pm EST
Now why did you ban me this time?
Rock Hard MMA
8-18-2015 5:56 pm EST
thanks for the tip i wondered why his frame looked screwy
8-18-2015 3:19 pm EST
I guess you took it seriously, it's my fault for not putting the jk at the end.
8-18-2015 3:18 pm EST
Goddammit chief now you ban me for making another joke lol, this is like the 4th time right?
8-3-2015 9:17 am EST
Hey man, pretty busy with trying to get a new webstore going but give me details and I can play around with em
6-3-2015 10:05 pm EST
Thank you my names NorCal I used to help run tourneys when game was first starting up. Appreciate it. Thanx.
5-2-2015 6:38 pm EST
Thanks for the comment cheif. Been messing around tryin to layer tats to make them look cool.
4-28-2015 3:47 pm EST
lol at rip at 7 years. what the fuck else is new asshole.
4-13-2015 9:15 pm EST
It would do no harm whatsoever having me on the forum. I think you are a cool enough guy and can see through a lot. You really think I am unfit for the forum? Just asking if you could think about letting me back I just want to compete in tournaments and whatever else. Thanks
4-7-2015 11:44 pm EST
Really.. just think about it.
4-7-2015 11:44 pm EST
Not even trying to put you down or anything. Just saying I'm trying to play this game too. I'm in schooling right now and this is about all I got other than that and my gf man.. Lol... It takes my mind off things.. Why can't you allow me to play in a camp where I can actually be good? I mean, have some sympathy.. not because I'm telling you too.. Because honestly, it will make my life alot better passing time.. and having some fun while I'm studying. Obviously you don't have to allow me..
4-7-2015 11:21 pm EST
With a good camp. Now go laugh and have a jolly good time with your online ''friends'' the ones who have no lives themselves yet will take time to say how bad I was. When I'm not. I'm just a person trying to play the game. Now judge my behavior since I've been back.. that's me... not the me that was just fuckign around because I was bored. Ask yourself, is this fair? What would you like to happen in this situation in the reverse... are you that self diluted?
4-7-2015 11:19 pm EST
Seriously, yall are such d---cks. I was trying to play the game like everyone else. But due to sadomasochistic group mind sets I won't be able to do so. How is that fair? Ask yourself if that's fair or just completely selfish bull sh-t. I didn't do anything wrong beside protect myself from views which are wrong. Goodkid is the best example. Dude trolled more than I did. I was just fucking with people back then. You still think I need to be punished for that? I just want to play the game..
4-7-2015 9:46 pm EST
Hey man. Could we talk on the forums? Just unban me and I'll pm you or if you have an email that would work. I'll delete the email if you post it on my wall. Just so I have it. I want to talk about something with you
4-7-2015 9:20 pm EST
You can ask anyone that knew me before to ask me whatever and I can answer them. Can you unban me?
4-7-2015 9:19 pm EST
Tracers/beb here not sure why I was banned from the forums. what the f--- dude. lol