Dublins Finest

Last Online - Sunday 1st of January 2023
Display Name Outlaw2187
Member Since Dec 10, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 8453-6936


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3-27-2018 8:01 am EST
Hey, how's it going? same old here, some decent game updates lately. SFL still doing well, won for 2017 and a good start on 2018. If you want added back in just say the word and will update get you added back in.
9-5-2017 7:44 pm EST
Hey outlaw, can use your help on alliance event on the sub forum.
Dublins Finest
8-4-2017 9:05 am EST
Highest camp rank: 9th
Dublins Finest
6-28-2017 3:35 pm EST
Sid Adams 8th EFC champ in camp history
6-28-2017 8:26 am EST
Sorry about that buddy, I didnt realize
6-28-2017 3:51 am EST
Hey man would you have any interest in joining DBA alliance on the forums? Alliance's get to participate in cool events against other teams etc
Dublins Finest
6-7-2017 11:05 am EST
Eoghan Carmody 7th EFC Champ in camp history
Dublins Finest
6-7-2017 5:21 am EST
Max Murphy 6th EFC champ in camp history
6-6-2017 10:54 am EST
thks for those fight !
Dublins Finest
4-27-2017 11:00 am EST
Ray Jonson 5th EFC champ in camp history
Dublins Finest
3-30-2017 6:06 am EST
Doc cherry 4th EFC champ in camp history
3-26-2017 1:16 am EST
Sent 3 :)
Dublins Finest
2-28-2017 7:14 pm EST
Zack Watson 3rd efc champ in camp history
2-9-2017 12:08 pm EST
Tks, mate. I will wait for it. Good luck.
1-25-2017 10:18 am EST
I sent Cael Albright a title an EFC title shot
The Captain
Bay Bombers
1-6-2017 5:13 pm EST
1000 more victories, and 5000 more losses. lol. What a dong.
1-5-2017 3:23 pm EST
My earliest I remember was Guelph Gladiators, had it around a bit the last two years, but I decided to scrap my old accounts and forum account indefinitely and start anew.
1-5-2017 11:48 am EST
Thanks for the assist lol little does he know my first ever camp was started in '11
7-10-2016 7:50 pm EST
You too. Do you have a forum account?
7-8-2016 6:55 pm EST
Good fight
7-6-2016 10:43 am EST
Hop on the forum sometime and introduce yourself. This is the owner of the game. I've seen your camp around for awhile.
5-11-2016 10:48 pm EST
5-11-2016 9:53 am EST
It's legendary fw
5-11-2016 9:51 am EST
Sup mate, clapp put in for title shot
3-2-2016 8:40 pm EST
no doubt man send me fights anytime good scrap
12-13-2015 9:53 am EST
I'm waiting for the champ to take my challenge
Itagaki Gym
7-4-2015 4:23 pm EST
yes. you can see i skipped the july reset. which is the reset you asked for a shot.
Itagaki Gym
7-4-2015 9:25 am EST
if you do further research, you'll realize i sat out a reset because the guy with two wins didn't fight me. the next best was a guy with one win, since you went ahead and lost a fight. i don't own two well-known camps by being a ducker. do your research.
7-2-2015 1:05 am EST
yeah it was a nice run.... :( yeah just wish he was just a bit younger though.
Welsh Warriors
6-26-2015 12:09 am EST
Yeah had a year out but back now
Welsh Warriors
6-10-2015 2:35 am EST
Long time no see....how you doing mate? Just got back on the game myself.
6-2-2015 4:59 pm EST
Join Tokyo Rowdy Temple Alliance
5-27-2015 10:05 am EST
Use the belt only for evil.
12-15-2014 4:21 pm EST
A bunch of people signed up
12-13-2014 3:32 pm EST
Thanks for the accept ill try and look around
Crimson Fighting
12-9-2014 3:10 am EST
You banter with people you know, what you did was disrespect. Call me Johnny cocksucker or whatever, you're a prick. Done, don't mess my board up anymore with your bullshit
Crimson Fighting
12-8-2014 8:45 am EST
I'm not a yank either. Why don't you talk trash in 6 years when my camps equipment is at your level?
Crimson Fighting
12-8-2014 7:25 am EST
"LMFAO" because you won a fight? Are you 12? I offered you the fight because you were online. Stupid fucking prick
6-24-2013 10:49 pm EST
Yeah im ok thanks mate keep in touch
6-15-2013 12:54 pm EST
Yo wassup bro good to see you back, pop in the forum when you get time - cheers
11-4-2012 10:00 pm EST
Hi bro welcome back, check out the Rising Stars league on our forum and let me know if you want the last slot - cheers
The Devil Dog
Evil Till I Die
8-8-2012 1:23 am EST
That's ok bro, when are you fighting? Why don't you post a thread about the build up and fight etc in our forum like a log. Never had anything Luke that would be interesting.
The Devil Dog
Evil Till I Die
7-7-2012 12:20 am EST
Hi bro hows things going with your camp? Try and pop in on our forum a few times a week. B33R
6-1-2012 11:43 am EST
Take a look and try and get a hw in the muay Thai event on our wdoa forum, check it out bro.
5-23-2012 9:48 am EST
You need to go on the forum and send a private message to me. Send to b33rm0n5t3r and we can take it from there bro.
5-22-2012 11:39 am EST
Hi mate, you here to stay around? Give me a shout if your return is gonna last and you could join me and a few other brits in my alliance - WDoA (Wanted Dead or Alive)
2-8-2011 7:37 pm EST
title shot next reset ? im in line for it :P thanks - william popham
12-30-2010 6:43 pm EST
sorry man tryin to geta title fight
9-18-2010 4:07 pm EST
Good fight
9-6-2010 4:28 pm EST
Thanks man. No he wasn't. He's got 15 now and he won 1 more after my fighter, wich makes it 13 before fighting Paul Hall :)
9-3-2010 10:45 am EST
if you have enjoyed talking with Warren from the southern yankees then could you either: leave your forum name on my camp page or pm me at migrantworkers on the forums
Locke Artist
Uptown Academy
9-3-2010 9:11 am EST
Hello I would like to invite you to join a tournament I have recently created. I have not played this game for long, but I have relised that I would like to help to make tournaments a larger part of the game. To do this I am organizing a Lightweight Gran Prix tournament to compete the best current Lightweights in the game against eachother. You house some of the best all around fighters in the game so I was wondering if you are interested werhttp://mmarmy.com/tournamentview.php?tournament_id=419
9-3-2010 4:10 am EST
Mis typed..."Will" and have presented you to the alliance for membership consideration.
9-3-2010 3:59 am EST
Been real busy. Will not present you to the alliance for consideration. Hope you are still interested. W.
8-28-2010 6:44 am EST
Would you be interested in joining an alliance?
8-27-2010 11:44 am EST
Nice looking camp. Are you in an Alliance or in the forums?
8-21-2010 11:04 am EST
8-21-2010 11:03 am EST
me fight you nice yes or no me fight you fight yes or no? OR NO WHY
6-28-2010 11:39 am EST
I invite your camp to tournement and enter the Open Weight World Grand Prix
mr rvd
5-15-2010 2:57 pm EST
lets fight
5-3-2010 2:43 pm EST
hey thanks for the shot kit butler.
5-2-2010 9:46 am EST
Cool was making sure ha ha. there's not many Irish on this I'm in cork are you on the forums?
5-1-2010 3:41 pm EST
Damn. I didnt notice it.
Camp Connect
4-30-2010 7:03 pm EST
i guess im next for te belt?
4-30-2010 5:14 pm EST
Hey assume you live in Dublin Ireland yea?
4-28-2010 4:59 pm EST
hey nice fight man id love to get a rematch sometime in the future
scott cooley
4-28-2010 6:23 am EST
scott cooley
4-24-2010 4:18 pm EST
good fight would you like to join "royalty."?????
Arthur James
House of Lords Gym
3-17-2009 8:41 pm EST
sorry to beat you on st. patricks day.
1-28-2009 9:45 pm EST
hows it going? aha?