Last Online - Wednesday 9th of February 2022
Display Name JeyJey
Member Since Jan 1, 2009
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 3801-3454


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10-30-2018 11:00 pm EST
Thanks jey, good to see you around too bud :)
Chits Crew
10-15-2018 11:54 pm EST
Pellones... rises! I miss that camp
3-13-2017 6:47 pm EST
Oh no problem Jey. Challenge me anytime. I usually accept if Years Active are close.
3-13-2017 3:52 pm EST
I use the challenge all option in this camp so only deny if it s an unfair challenge
Prime Speed
Prime Krew
12-31-2016 4:38 pm EST
Thanks bro, got any tips for a noob?
John Doe Guy
5-28-2015 4:10 pm EST
Thank you sir, I'm already on the forums under the name Ferebee. And yes, you cannot go wrong with ASOIAF!
4-20-2015 2:09 pm EST
hey Jey i dont think tere active anymore they were for people who competed in the nba tourny
4-13-2015 7:01 pm EST
Still JokerAllSmiles
4-6-2015 5:14 pm EST
anytime man i run ncaa and hitmen also send fights anytime
MMA Phreak
Phreak MMA
2-21-2015 4:50 pm EST
Django Reindhardt
Dirty PTP Bastards
1-27-2015 3:45 pm EST
Can't beat abit of django.
Andrea il Lupo
Osimo Marche
12-17-2014 8:23 am EST
Yes im italian! cause of this i see the forum but dont write in, i have a really bad english :P you are swedish?
12-10-2014 1:34 pm EST
Good luck :)
12-10-2014 1:11 pm EST
got this camp back up and running jey?
12-8-2014 5:29 pm EST
Long time no see
11-24-2014 11:22 am EST
Pellones is back in the arena. Overall Record 2622-1967
10-8-2009 6:42 pm EST
Pellones is under new ownership... Peace.. and thanks for all the fights.. -Pelon