Last Online - Saturday 24th of February 2024
Display Name Chitlnz
Member Since Jan 2, 2009
Active Record 72-71
Overall Record 7045-5164


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Pier Luc Pinard
Pinard Team
1-5-2024 5:46 am EST
Never do that. How its work ?
Real Gs Only
11-28-2023 6:52 pm EST
its all good bro. i appreciate you anyways
Real Gs Only
11-27-2023 10:27 pm EST
if you purchase the fighter customization on here for $5, do you get any say so in the construction or the build of your fighters attributes when you first recruit them?
9-27-2023 3:03 am EST
Just playing around right now. Starting up again is tedious, recruiting took forever, getting stats up was a chore. I'm just now at the point where i can actually start to build some fighters and run a functioning camp. I'll definitely give it a go for at least a handful of gens and see if i catch the bug again.
Platinum Paddy
9-16-2023 3:58 am EST
What are the pros and cons of an alliance? Do you ever fight against your alliance members? I'm usually not particularly selective on who I fight lol
Platinum Paddy
9-15-2023 6:59 pm EST
I don't have a username, I have not signed up lol
Platinum Paddy
9-14-2023 4:57 pm EST
I've tried to comb the forums a couple times lol still a lot to learn. I haven't posted or anything though
9-13-2023 5:34 pm EST
No why
Vince Lynch
7-15-2023 10:15 am EST
yeah i can post on the DBA forum
3-7-2019 5:14 am EST
There is a problem in my PM´s on forum. My replies are being posted empty, but i wrote before submit the pm... Trying to fix that with the support.
3-6-2019 8:18 am EST
yep...my nickname is fabriciomachida on the forums... i´ll let Garcia know! Thanx
3-5-2019 3:35 am EST
yep ok
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
2-24-2019 4:52 pm EST
I'm interested
2-22-2019 12:21 pm EST
Thnx Chit. Hope all is well with you. - HB
Kings of Destruction
Beat Downs Unlimited
1-11-2019 4:20 pm EST
Thanks what's up with the coaching thing you mentioned?
7-23-2018 8:03 pm EST
Close fight man, argument could be made that your gal pulled it off... Thanks and good luck in the event bud