Paul Orndorffs Death Camp

Last Online - Friday 13th of February 2015
Display Name MrWunderfull
Member Since Jan 7, 2009
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 6751-5462


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Who Knew
3-31-2014 6:15 am EST
I noticed your guy in EFC.
3-30-2014 3:35 am EST
Back up and running Wun?
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
3-20-2014 1:43 am EST
3-13-2014 2:22 pm EST
No Surrender
2-11-2014 6:05 am EST
2-6-2014 1:59 am EST
Devon Torres needs to be entered into the Super 16 Finals in the tournament tab please, thank you
1-16-2014 4:40 pm EST
The post below means 5 of your best RETIRED fighters
1-16-2014 4:28 pm EST
I invite you to participate in my upcoming tournament ***Universal Emperor of MMArmy*** enter 5 of your best fighters and when everyone is ready, i'll select the fighters who remain. Have fun!
1-2-2014 6:57 pm EST
Very good event starting soon in the main forum of the game. Head on over and sign up. Jbear running the 4th ever Breakfast League.
donnie brasco
Hardknocks MMA
12-20-2013 8:35 pm EST
Ha I'm only kicking ur ass because I have a giant ww who can't be finished right now. Good to see u back. It's nice to see some good comp in EFC again.
donnie brasco
Hardknocks MMA
12-18-2013 8:22 pm EST
The original owner is running it. Seavillebri
11-20-2013 9:00 am EST
I assumed you were in on it with the Affliction guy.
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
11-19-2013 1:20 pm EST
Whats up bro? Giving this another go.
Welsh Warriors
11-8-2013 8:22 pm EST
Long time no see, good to see you back
10-17-2013 12:11 pm EST
My man! Sup?
Who Knew
10-2-2013 4:10 pm EST
I was just about to start looking for you
12-16-2012 11:44 am EST
Are you still in this game?
No Surrender
5-11-2012 5:13 pm EST
congrats on another #1!
Wild Weapon
Wild Weapon MMA
4-30-2012 6:31 am EST
Awesome camp man
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
4-27-2012 4:34 am EST
What a piece of shit Hadies FC is.
Hadies FC
4-26-2012 6:37 pm EST
I'm just challenging whoever is online. Now, shut the fuck up you piece of retarded nigger shit.
No Surrender
4-24-2012 7:57 pm EST
Striking camp!
No Surrender
4-14-2012 9:32 am EST
thanks for the legend fights homie!
Boxing 101
4-13-2012 6:00 pm EST
Lol fedor is saying your banned, lol.
4-2-2012 6:54 pm EST
I was not expecting those results from those legend fights one bit.
4-2-2012 4:47 am EST
good legends fights!
4-1-2012 5:21 pm EST
fedor is blacklisted for me wont ever give him a efc title shot
Bobby Lyons
Ground Game
3-21-2012 5:14 pm EST
good fight man
3-18-2012 8:14 am EST
Good Fights, Send Me Some Fight Ideas On My Wall, And Ill Send Them, Pick Some Fights
jimmy chin wynn
3-7-2012 5:13 pm EST
lol i don't pay attention to all that balarky!!!! but ya guess it makes sense!!!!
3-1-2012 1:37 pm EST
I might get 12k before you get 5k, but I wont touch 15, LOL.
No Surrender
2-28-2012 8:41 am EST
same to you! getting close to 5k wins!
2-18-2012 4:47 pm EST
LOL, thanks for all the warm wishes bro. I'm slowly training up the little guys.
2-9-2012 8:14 am EST
Thanks to you I didnt vacate the belt this time! Auto renew to the rescue - cheers bro.
1-23-2012 10:51 am EST
Lol - well either im gonna ruin your morning and im gonna have a good kick start to my day or vice versa - good luck bro
No Surrender
12-17-2011 9:59 am EST
thanks bro! but im thinking yours is killing it more!
12-7-2011 1:20 pm EST
Carefull don't break a sweat before u kill me. Haha thanks for the fight champ.
11-1-2011 8:10 pm EST
Thanks dude, it's the only one I look after now lol. This camps put together some really nice fighters lately too.
10-16-2011 5:38 pm EST
hey wasup man?! any alliances looking for a new member?
Hells Lair
10-16-2011 8:04 am EST
congrats on #1 bro
10-16-2011 7:46 am EST
Good Fights!
No Surrender
10-14-2011 11:03 am EST
sup dude!
8-24-2011 5:31 am EST
8-15-2011 6:25 pm EST
lol sorry bro. I recruited this guy for a tourney and thought for sure he was a ww. I forgot to test him all this time and I guess he really isn't a ww after all lol.
Who Knew
7-21-2011 5:13 pm EST
5-4-2011 5:58 pm EST
Alright Orndorff. I'm on to you!! Koko B. Ware!!
No Surrender
4-17-2011 8:01 am EST
nice work on getting the gold back so quick!
Who Knew
4-15-2011 4:38 pm EST
What up bro
No Surrender
3-12-2011 8:09 am EST
camp is starting to look good, have efc gold in no time
3-1-2011 6:29 am EST
good to see you back Wun.
1-28-2011 12:37 pm EST
well well well
10th Planet
9-23-2010 8:39 am EST
thanks! finally got a #1 in vegas...8th overall but its the one that matters most. you ready to take 1 off my hands???
MMA Phreak
Red Heat
7-17-2010 1:12 am EST
sorry bro. didnt see your message until now. no sweat, i just appreciate u hosting these and letting me in at all.
408 Monster INC
7-1-2010 2:17 pm EST
lol thanks. I miss Gina too. I may have to bring her back soon.
408 Monster INC
11-17-2009 4:58 am EST
anytime. My guy is falling apart. Thanks for the beatdown
10-30-2009 5:26 pm EST
Camp is looking really good bro. Nice work!
Big Losers
10-28-2009 7:56 am EST
thanks, that is a pretty sick collection of EFC titles you have since we have been at this the same amount of time.
10-25-2009 6:46 pm EST
Thanks, hope to have a few more good fights with you coming up!
9-21-2009 10:10 pm EST
you to wun good win
The Robj23
8-26-2009 11:06 am EST
thx man and we can battle anytime i also run hitmen camp
hefty hank
camp hefty
7-29-2009 3:36 pm EST
same man thx for the shot, close fight
steven zib zab
steven zib zab
6-13-2009 2:40 pm EST
no prob
Charles Bronson
Team MMAndom
5-13-2009 4:54 pm EST
Your welcome!
5-6-2009 7:17 pm EST
no problem my bad man