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6-15-2024 7:54 pm EST
Thanks! The HOF has been a long time coming, happy Dinosaur managed to avenge his losses against the two hardest matchups he had in the division before they retired too. Next stop is getting a guy in the front page of the HOF.
6-9-2024 7:02 pm EST
GL with the wrestling rebuild.
Crazy KO Camp
5-21-2024 7:02 am EST
Thanks SH! Nice to be playing again.
Jimmy Dukes
Next Level MMA
3-23-2024 8:18 am EST
Jags MMA
3-22-2024 12:43 pm EST
Thanks! This is actually a second camp. I took about a 5 year break and when I came back I couldn't remember my password as stuff for my main camp so I built a new one. My main camp, which I was able to get into is Sleeperhold. It feels good to be playing this again!
3-12-2024 6:46 pm EST
Thanks man same to you!
2-20-2024 1:50 pm EST
Thanks man! GL in your fights :)
2-2-2024 3:51 am EST
Just getting my feet wet with HTML for now, hoping to make the switch to Python afterwards. Being stuck with a fossil of a desktop for so long set me back, so I'm making up for lost time with some courses in between uni stuff.
1-29-2024 1:22 am EST
Also finally managed to fine tune my LnP/PtP build to great success, mostly thanks to the matchups being more forgiving now that a bunch of coaches are MIA. Coming for a HOFer now.
1-29-2024 1:21 am EST
I've been doing good, can't complain. Still studying and I did finally managed to upgrade my equipment last year. Got a pretty decent laptop now so hopefully this year I'll get some freelance stuff going either programming or editing.
1-24-2024 3:59 pm EST
Hstlr! How have you been bro?
Heart FC
8-17-2023 11:01 am EST
I miss the city, there are perks of living there which I got used to all my life. But living out here in what is a small town to me has given me a better perspective on life. And in this town is where Allah saved me so I will always have a connection to it. I may move someplace else, as nothing is really working out for me here, but it was all part of Allah's will and plan for me.
Heart FC
8-3-2023 12:43 pm EST
Lets not get ahead of ourselves. I live in the town of Goderich now. How blessed I was to live in North York for as long as I did. Truly a wonderful place to live.
Heart FC
8-1-2023 4:36 pm EST
I knew you would be back brother. Peace be upon you.
7-29-2023 6:17 pm EST
Welcome back. Did you buy the game?
7-4-2021 7:51 pm EST
Feel as though I get the gist of the game but I'm really bothered and overwhelmed by the styles as I don't know which ones go into which exactly. I have an idea for some, they're obvious. But in general it's just a bit overwhelming and I've tried to look on the forums for help but a lot of it seems outdated. Is there any tips regarding that or is it just trial and error?
6-29-2021 1:16 pm EST
thks bro, but i am not as efffective as i would be. I would have a Mmmartist 1#pfp at the some point
6-24-2021 9:46 pm EST
Oh right that’s annoying that sounded like a good feature, is 5mill equipment a lot better then 500k noticing I can’t seem to get past 7 stars with 500k atm
6-24-2021 10:32 am EST
Cheers bro! I read about the auction house to get fighters etc but I can’t seem to find it anywhere is it still on here it has it been removed? Thanks man
6-17-2021 9:07 am EST
a fighter of mine has finally made EFC! thank you again for all your help and tips!
6-4-2021 10:25 am EST
Thank you bro, I used to play back in 08/09 but forgot all my log ins etc so started back up 2 camps trying to rebuild and remember everything 😂 forums are helping a lot
5-14-2021 10:44 am EST
thank you again for your time and great advices and i am definitely looking through what my fighters can achieve with taekwondo! i hope i can make the right decisions and get Ifiok "NZogbia" Nzeogwu to his full potential, my friend who play with us has BOTH a top prospect and a "special" fighter and i was so jealous before LOL! but now i have a prospect too and hope he can one day be at EFC!
5-7-2021 7:30 pm EST
thank you very much for your detaild help, i did not even know you can click on WRV unless you told me LOL! i have two questions if you don't mind, firstly when you said "all of their fighters share the same styles", does that mean i should encourage my fighters to be same style regardless of their talents, or should i wait for the right time to recruit? Secondly, do you reocmmend a new camp spend money on recruits or equiptments? thank you again!
5-3-2021 8:55 pm EST
thank you very much for the tip, do you have opinion on how to best develop prospects so they can one day make EFC?
Medicine Hat MMA
5-1-2021 9:54 am EST
You right man, last I played this, there were no alliances or tournaments or non-trainable stats, still trying to process it all to be honest
4-29-2021 3:09 pm EST
thank you for the msg you have a very successful camp!
Heart FC
4-12-2021 1:45 pm EST
I don't have shoutbox privileges yet. But thank you.
4-12-2021 8:34 am EST
just got my first championship and i was excited to be the best. for comparison, i looked at your profile and thought "man i've got a long way to go" congrats.
NorthernLights Out
3-17-2021 4:28 am EST
Oct 2794 - FW,LW,WW Champions.
3-12-2021 8:36 pm EST
thank you brother hopefully he can keep it up !!!
2-16-2021 3:14 pm EST
whats going on with the stats pages on fighters, only way you can see the stats bars ,are in the sparring section?? u know whats up???
Fat Camp
1-16-2021 2:45 am EST
Did your family invest in Coffee Time in the early 90's or something? "Papa spent all my learning money on a coffee time."
12-12-2020 3:30 am EST
Hey thanks for the welcome back, its been a while! I'll be sure to check them out cheers!
12-11-2020 11:15 am EST
Thks bro, yeah, that dude is a killer, one of the best i ever had.
MMA Jeddah Club
12-1-2020 5:54 am EST
Thanks mate! :)
10-23-2020 4:32 pm EST
I plan on raging quitting it in a few weeks xD
10-13-2020 8:16 pm EST
10-12-2020 6:42 pm EST
Since when does using science called cheating, more like analytic but what do i know
Heart FC
9-14-2020 2:00 pm EST
I'm not a cheater I don't use science.
Smooth Jesus
9-13-2020 11:02 am EST
A well thought out and scientifically enabled argument below lol
Heart FC
9-11-2020 11:11 pm EST
because you are all a bunch of cheaters
Pete Predge
Quebec MMA
8-25-2020 7:55 am EST
8-24-2020 5:36 pm EST
*Thanks* not "that's"
8-24-2020 5:05 pm EST
That's my-man! I'm lookin' forward to getting back into swing of things! see ya out there!
Pete Predge
Quebec MMA
8-24-2020 4:17 pm EST
Lol! "Tax" me for taking a title shot? Shouldn't those fucking crybabies "tax" the player who took the fight? I'll be gladly waiting to see who these "MMArmy" justice warriors/taxmen are, so I can return them the favor.
8-20-2020 5:37 pm EST
Thanks man, I played years ago , trying it again. Thanks for the help/suggestions
MMA Jeddah Club
8-3-2020 12:00 am EST
Haha. You welcome! I love a TNG Shirt on top left corner! :)
ll KLlEN ll
ll AXE ll
7-4-2020 8:16 pm EST
Ok bro thanks.
5-2-2020 8:44 pm EST
Ty dude
4-25-2020 7:07 am EST
Thanks Great to be back missed this game
4-23-2020 9:10 am EST
Thanks, man. Just trying it out again, not sure how long I will stick around this time.
4-6-2020 3:53 am EST
Lol i didnt notice they both got sent them lol, and probably wouldve preferred the other guy to get it but worked out ok for me lol, thanks for the shot :)
Red Night Sambo
4-4-2020 9:22 pm EST
4-4-2020 3:12 am EST
Thanks! Looking forward to fighting your guys.
NorthernLights Out
2-1-2020 7:05 pm EST
Aug 2726 - Camp Rank #3
NorthernLights Out
12-30-2019 5:34 pm EST
Feb 2721 - EFC: BW, LW , MW Champs.
NorthernLights Out
12-9-2019 8:42 am EST
July 2717 - Camp Ranked #5
11-8-2019 6:25 am EST
Wassup bud :)
4-2-2017 9:10 am EST
have your guy fight my guy trip may lhw division
3-13-2017 6:57 pm EST
You on the forums?
Mister Judo
6-27-2012 6:15 am EST
welcome back
Chris Diamond
Diamond Inc
6-22-2010 9:59 am EST
Sure no problem
Logan Skoal
Notem Fight Club
3-1-2009 3:48 pm EST
Thanks for the fight.