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Last Online - Tuesday 26th of December 2023
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Vince Lynch
7-8-2023 5:37 pm EST
MMABarbie ftw
Brutal Intent
6-19-2023 8:43 am EST
I've got a forum login but didn't see a lot going on over there so I rarely dip in.
Brutal Intent
6-19-2023 8:43 am EST
I've got a forum login but didn't see a lot going on over there so I rarely dip in.
Brutal Intent
6-18-2023 5:39 pm EST
I hear you - but when you challenge the "right" person and consistently get belts stripped for "inactivy" it gets pretty frustrating... Hard to believe the game has been around this long and there's no coding to either highlight the top contender or just auto schedule the bouts...
6-18-2023 11:53 am EST
BareKnuckle has weird phenomenon of trying to talk shit, not being good at it and deleting comments when questioned. I honestly don't know who the guy is. He's a newer coach without much camp experience. Probably advised him/her/they/heshe how to give shots to that camp or another shit camp he runs that's probably not too good either. Made comment on a post he did not understand, it's weird.
6-15-2023 10:23 pm EST
Exactly Sub N Tug FC why does this kid feel the need to get so serious on a game hahah don’t think the poor lad has a life off the computer
Domino XS
5-17-2023 1:34 pm EST
Sup Trites, good to see youre still around
Sub N Tug FC
4-8-2023 2:08 pm EST
feel free to delete that retarded comment if you want. I just got love for mmarmy non mobile on mobile.
Sub N Tug FC
4-8-2023 2:07 pm EST
man i seen your post on turbos page about playing on the phone. 2014-2017(except the winter months, i had to play strickly on my phone because i was living on a farm way the f**k out there in northern california. No internet service even when we tryed to get it. Man shit was ruff. Thats why alot of my older fighters would retire with like 20-30 fights lol, i would only accept fights because sending would take to long. not to mention the cell phone speed was damn near 56k lol.
4-1-2023 1:34 am EST
also sorry for making you miss out on title shots.
4-1-2023 1:33 am EST
hey i'm sorry i actually do understand the title shots it was explained to me already...but the problem was i didnt realize i won the belt and didnt log in for a few days just to see that i did infact win it and got stripped already :( but i'm sorry and it won't happen again. hopefully im not shitlisted as long as i dont do things like that again in the future?
Sacrifice City
2-21-2023 6:13 pm EST
Thanks Brother
Elroy Jazz
Mega PPs
2-13-2023 9:39 pm EST
Hey thanks for the welcome. I've lurked the forums but not active.
1-23-2023 8:46 am EST
I tried Trite but took me an hour to fight one camp on a phone arggg :)
Lobo MMA
Lobo MMA
10-14-2022 10:45 am EST
It’s a game buddy, don’t take it to seriously lol
9-20-2022 4:38 pm EST
Thanks, 2nd one in a week or so.
Spencer Fighting Systems
8-26-2022 11:05 pm EST
Hahaha fair enough
Spencer Fighting Systems
8-26-2022 6:13 pm EST
You like him because he keeps losing now, hence why he is the Bald Fraud lol.
Heart FC
8-17-2022 9:42 pm EST
oh come on
Vatican Death Squad
7-19-2022 10:58 am EST
Trying to come back from the dead, thanks!
3-19-2022 7:13 am EST
Im currently not on the forum's, but i have been in the past
Patches O Houlihan
Average Joes Gym
10-22-2021 4:09 pm EST
I don’t remember the exact situation for this a.m , I’m sure it was something . But yeah I know generally how efc shots work … can’t always trust people to fight every reset , maybe I hit challenge all on him without looking . I think maybe there was someone else with a 2 fight win streak but I’m not sure . Either way, I won so I’ve got 3 fight streak , so I’m expecting next shot , I challenged the champ with Fuhua
Miyata Gym
5-22-2021 9:08 pm EST
Thanks Trite, my fighters actually just follow an equation that keeps them alternating colors, facial features, and hair. Who is Drifter?
Mister Judo
1-14-2021 6:39 pm EST
Wap is short for “woman are powerful”
Smooth Jesus
9-11-2020 8:50 am EST
Thanks and glad the TNG rash guard irks ;)
Camp Lankenstein
8-22-2020 1:00 pm EST
lol I didnt think he'd ever make it this far but seeing as how he did I'll give a nickname. Maybe Patrick "Tight Grip" Purdy or something
Camp Lankenstein
8-16-2020 12:36 pm EST
Unfortunately even though he (Charlie Turner) started with 68 sambo, he just doesnt have the will of a champion. Looses more fights than i would like. But thank you, one of my favorite things to do is make each good fighter look unique.
Juan Martino
Pain and Slain
8-8-2020 6:05 am EST
thought you'd like that one haha. Seen you've got a top prospect same weight. Could be a good match up?
Juan Martino
Pain and Slain
8-6-2020 2:02 am EST
he was a random custom job, just a massive coincidence haha.
Juan Martino
Pain and Slain
8-5-2020 5:13 pm EST
Thanks Trite. Still think Drysdale is way behind my number 3 ranked legend at WW.but i will take it
Crazy KO Camp
7-15-2020 10:55 am EST
Potentially man, for now just getting the roster and training built up
Domino XS
7-13-2020 10:56 am EST
Hey trites o/ thx for checkin, I just took a break. Tryin to get back into the game
6-29-2020 10:06 am EST
Hahahaha Ty bro!
Eyes red as Fedor
Atlanta submission fighti
5-29-2020 10:33 pm EST
Very nice! All top camps that are a pleasure to fight. With a bit of time and some luck in recruiting I should have my three back up and running soon.
Eyes red as Fedor
Atlanta submission fighti
5-27-2020 10:22 pm EST
I wasn't expecting a title shot or to win but it was still dumb not to have that contract set to renew. BTW Gin and Chronic and Blue Ribbon Winners are my other camps.
Throwin bows and blowin d
Blue Ribbon Winners
5-15-2020 11:14 am EST
Thanks! It only took me eleven years for my first EFC belt!
Pete Predge
Quebec MMA
4-17-2020 7:39 am EST
All good man, not a problem!
3-8-2020 8:57 pm EST
its possible not sure sorry man and yes rob is a good friend of mine lol and yea would have cussed me out lmao
3-8-2020 7:10 pm EST
It was close to reset and you had not accepted fight so i fought other guy and i never checked my bad but the fight was sent to both of you
3-8-2020 11:36 am EST
just 1 camp
Crazy KO Camp
2-28-2020 11:38 am EST
Haha, with the lack of activity nowadays I send out mass challenges. What's the clock and lock piece I'm missing?
Pete Predge
Quebec MMA
2-20-2020 9:13 am EST
Well first, it's a UNO title shot. That's not exactly the biggest deal in the world. Second, I play this game either when I'm on the can or when I got a minute or two as a pure hobby, so I don't always pay all that much attention to the fights that I accept. That's how I justify it, didn't mean to make anyone mad with that.
Marcelo Luiz Riz
Combat Team Brazil
1-19-2020 10:08 am EST
Thanks! I like to customize almost all my fighters, the sad thing is when they suck lol
1-18-2020 10:13 am EST
haha i didnt even notice i had fought them so much, maybe theyre my secret feeder camp XD
Smooth Jesus
Smooth Jesus
1-17-2020 8:42 am EST
Decorating the dolls is a sloooow process. They have to earn their tats like belts :)
Jonny Rossi
Viseu AllStar
1-3-2020 11:13 am EST
Hello. I diden´t bailed it with Ivy... And like I told "CrossFist", look at my other fighters, I was offline for some days during the new year. It was impossible for me to be online and for that reason i coulden´t defend the belt. I am not trying to be shady... at all. My thought on this matter, is that his fighter fought twice against mine and lost both... I play for fun, not to grab belts. I am sorry if I diden't accept your fight m8. Best regards
Crazy KO Camp
12-30-2019 1:51 pm EST
Thanks brother, I try to style em up lol
The fisting
12-18-2019 9:23 am EST
I mean if it's a female boxing camp I had to name it this lol
12-17-2019 6:40 am EST
MarkieRayy my forum name and good fight
Domino XS
11-28-2019 11:08 am EST
Welcome back btw
4-14-2015 5:06 am EST
Only saw a comment, yes it is klok running camp.
2-18-2015 11:21 am EST
I didn't sit on it. I sent Grapple the challenge and he didn't accept it til this morning. Yell at him lol
2-12-2015 5:24 am EST
thanks for the help - I'm only just getting back into the game and didn't spend much time here the first time around, so any pointers are appreciated.
2-11-2015 5:55 am EST
hey there - I'm not sure I understand the message you sent me? What did you mean by bad title shot?
2-9-2015 3:38 pm EST
Steve, I just saw his record when going through rankings. Could be a future champ...
2-1-2015 11:42 am EST
Yeah i think these two are about even so it doesn't surprise me, great fights though :)
1-5-2015 6:58 pm EST
yea man. top team was a little unoriginal and wanted to play off the rng theme I have going.
11-10-2014 6:44 pm EST
Brasileiro? Alguma dica pra um iniciante?
Mister Judo
11-5-2014 7:47 am EST
My bad lately everyone in the game is attacking me it seems lol
Mister Judo
11-5-2014 6:28 am EST
dude can u read? i told u yesterday no contnders have been showing. today was the 3RD! reset in a row no one showed. because of this the game auto vacated my belt. i fought for the ac and centurion beat me. its all posted under ur hate post. dont be so ignorant
Joao Rua
Evolve MMA
9-30-2014 3:50 pm EST
lol no doubt - Nightfall crushed Patty Mac. Dude was a beast.
9-19-2014 9:25 am EST
Done Trite, I didnt even know I did that dude. Must have been when I was on my period.
9-10-2014 8:26 pm EST
Thank you mate.
9-4-2014 1:25 am EST
The Killer Bees is a ducker and stat rapist.
5-29-2014 1:28 am EST
Lol you funny trite! Feeding by fighting your guy? When theres only 6 guys in the org, including the champ? I sent fights to everyone, apart from the champ, you were 1st to accept!
10th Planet
5-1-2014 5:00 pm EST
Teshore, always. Dropping 2 camps to bring back the original
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
5-1-2014 5:30 am EST
Weight test please. LOTC MW.
Dragon Lung
4-28-2014 6:22 am EST
Yep, my first camp, just found this game a few weeks ago. Liking it a lot so far.
4-27-2014 5:58 pm EST
LOL! Ya, I only wish he could fight as well as he cuts weight.
Sick Puppy MMA
4-27-2014 12:18 pm EST
carla esparza
Sick Puppy MMA
4-26-2014 7:14 pm EST
LOL, Its Felice Herrig.
4-26-2014 7:19 am EST
Thanks bro
Fallout 4
4-22-2014 10:06 am EST
Nope, not new, just got tired of waiting for fights on my other camp. Other camp is punkazzinc. :)
4-9-2014 5:15 pm EST
Good to know amigo. Send me a fight anytime Trite!
1-4-2014 5:24 pm EST
Thanks Trite. Appreciate it man.
1-3-2014 4:01 am EST
thanks fr the test, trite
4-7-2012 4:35 pm EST
DAMN! nice wins over my guys tonight. Good pickin
4-7-2012 7:56 am EST
Agora que vi que tu brasileiro , brother , sem mais discusses pelo shot , agente tem que se unir aqui ... rs abrao.
MMA Phreak
Phreak MMA West
4-2-2012 6:41 pm EST
thanks man. we've had some wars lately.
Vince Lynch
3-28-2012 8:43 am EST
Didn't know that, you were the highest ranked opponent available & I sent offers to a few people directly under you but they haven't been accepted yet.
Venoms inferno 420
2-9-2011 8:26 am EST
get at me trite
4-21-2010 11:20 am EST
IS Trite there?
2-15-2010 9:28 am EST
Trite is running this camp Again
5-2-2009 5:43 am EST
Anderson "Tijolo" Azevedo wins first title ever for this camp...Art Of Combat Heavyweight Title- JAN 2072