15 and Under

Last Online - Tuesday 23rd of February 2021
Display Name Chris Hansen
Member Since Jun 29, 2009
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 20072-18382


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9-11-2018 8:21 am EST
You're back, check forum and pms.
9-9-2018 6:58 pm EST
Made a post then had a long argument today, working on the unbanning thing. Pretty much argued the same things youre saying. Working on private forum, will let you know when ready and we can discuss further and figure out next steps.
9-8-2018 9:46 pm EST
Working on it,missed the whole thing, determined to get you back in.
6-25-2018 6:38 pm EST
not that serious man its all good
2-19-2018 1:08 pm EST
never sends good fights always mismatches
Jeremy Carlson
Pacifica Sportfighting
9-25-2017 9:05 pm EST
Hey there, I noticed that we've fought alot and you have usually won. I wanted to ask if I could ask you some questions over how the game has changed, I'm a player from 08' who left sometime in 2012 and just returned. As you can tell from my record I have yet to understand how the game has changed. Any information you could give me would be appreciated if your interested.
9-22-2017 8:19 pm EST
Thanks for the fight, no idea how Oscar got subbed.
9-19-2017 8:20 pm EST
Thanks for the challenges man. It's been hard getting fights in every reset so I really do appreciate it.
9-8-2017 6:36 pm EST
How do I join ur team ? I want in !! Been playing this game solo for awhile , gave up awhile back n now back in it
3-31-2017 10:42 am EST
Stop dragging ass in KoK. Get your fights done please.
8-24-2016 12:53 pm EST
My guy is five straight, hopefully I get the lw shot next reset :)
8-6-2016 7:15 am EST
I have an account but I don't go on the forums anymore
7-15-2016 2:23 am EST
Hi. I am on the forums as Origin, but I don't dedicate much time to it
7-14-2016 12:16 pm EST
Thx for the fight
Connor sullz
Team florian
6-20-2016 1:43 pm EST
No worries man!
5-23-2016 2:32 pm EST
Dude he won 5 straight in EFC. It's not like he won 2 straight 6+ resets apart.
David Nuamah
Camp Spartan Lion
2-24-2016 3:00 pm EST
Nice to beat you for once haha! Good fight
2-21-2016 6:06 pm EST
All good brother. I would've got raped anyways lol
2-21-2016 12:29 am EST
Hey man can you move Pedro from LHW for a sec so I can challenge grap and feed my 190lb lamb to the lion? :p
Chris Hansen
15 and Under
2-6-2016 3:58 pm EST
Current Blacklist: Grio
Crazy KO Camp
1-29-2016 5:27 pm EST
Yeah, I wish we just had one criteria set for defending. I just hate to completely eliminate a guy if he only missed one reset. I get the people that disqualify. I lean toward penalize but don't disqualify.
Crazy KO Camp
1-29-2016 4:04 pm EST
You got it man. I get it, it's easy to get heated over title shots. No bad blood between us. I will let ya know sooner in the future.
Crazy KO Camp
1-29-2016 3:37 pm EST
Maybe you shouldn't have waited on a shot you never deserved in the first place
Crazy KO Camp
1-29-2016 2:54 pm EST
Chill the fuck out bro. He still had 2 wins to your one and had only missed 1 reset. Had you had the same # of wins I would have given it to you but you didn't. Even if I didn't give it to him there were 2 other guys with 2 fight streaks. Quit acting like I jilted you, you didn't deserve the shot and you didn't get it.
1-15-2016 8:03 pm EST
All thanks to you.
The Captain
Bay Bombers
1-9-2016 11:12 am EST
Check the forums before you fight today.
12-20-2015 11:38 pm EST
thanks chris.pyp is fun.
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
12-5-2015 4:15 pm EST
I think I fight this camp the most. you run a good one.
Rock Hard MMA
11-23-2015 4:56 pm EST
I aint given you no god damn tree fiddy!
Tonari no Totoro
10-27-2015 7:59 pm EST
lol. Thanks CH.
10-27-2015 9:23 am EST
Nevermind, someone else took it first. Next time then.
10-27-2015 9:22 am EST
Really desperate for a win are you since you are at the top of the table and you're challenging my 0-1 guy? But it's fine, I'll oblige as I know you'll do the same for me when I send my best grapplers after what champ you might have at the time. :)
10-27-2015 12:53 am EST
We thank you for letting us amass so many THC champions. You are doing the Lord's work.
Maxim Grigoriev
Alvaro Vale Tudo
10-26-2015 10:45 am EST
No problem man. Good Luck with event)
10-25-2015 1:30 pm EST
Your the PUSSY!
10-24-2015 5:16 pm EST
thanks for the shot bro.
10-24-2015 3:22 pm EST
10-19-2015 4:16 am EST
I keep preaching it, fort kills. Glad we finally got to fight eventually, and on a bigger scale. Look forward to doing it again in the near future.
10-18-2015 3:52 pm EST
Was only fucking with you, congrats on your belt.
10-12-2015 4:45 pm EST
Haha, Thank's man
Cell System
10-4-2015 3:46 pm EST
Yeah that's my side chick lol, the same goes for you man, top camp. Feel free to send challenges to that camp as well. It's boxing based so the CS guys might give you a bit of trouble. My girlfriend is always sleeping by midnight uk time and i'm up watching tv so i'm always about. Catch you later man.
Cell System
10-4-2015 3:14 pm EST
Whats good man! Just swinging by to say hello. I started writing that and realised i look sound like one of the diddlers from dateline upon been rumbled. Keep sending the challenges anyways bro, always a pleasure fighting your boys.
9-28-2015 9:03 pm EST
nice job on seth Chris!
9-25-2015 5:01 pm EST
It is hard for newer players to learn the game but that's why there's a forum. I started my first camp in 2009 and didn't ever go into the forum until 2011 lol. So I get what you're saying. Just creating a forum account seemed like more of a commitment then I wanted it to be lol, but it helps a lot. The challenge pool sounds like a really cool idea actually. Truth is I received a bad challenge from you and came up with some random joke I found to be clever. We both kinds took it too far haha
9-25-2015 4:26 pm EST
You're right, a lot of people do crush to some degree. This definitively went further than I wanted/expected it to go. I apologize for calling you a retard as well, that was uncalled for. I know it's just a browser game but I happen to enjoy it a lot and would like to see it make strides and improve even more. This game is very very time consuming to be successful so yes, some take it more seriously than others and I understand that also. I get worked up sometimes, as you can tell :)
9-25-2015 4:01 pm EST
For everyone, not just me. I'm not selfish like that. I'd rather see the game grow. your setting a bad example for newer players.
9-25-2015 3:58 pm EST
This game is 60% trolling 40% playing a game. If you can't handle a simple play on words like your challenges don't reflect your camp name then that's on you. You chose to get pissy, and tried to slander me. All you had to was make a joke back or ignore it. Like right now, your best bet is to ignore me and let it go cause I'll embarrass you in a "chirp" battle. In all seriousness, if this game is dying, it's because of retards like you who don't play the game fairly. I like what's best
9-25-2015 3:54 pm EST
Lol. You got all your facts wrong. I wished Klok the best because he recently had twins. Obviously I'm not the first person to tell you your challenges suck because you wouldn't act like a child. Learn to take a joke you retard. For first generation with no equipment, you sure have some monster stats though. I can chirp with a smile on my face cause it's all in fun. You got defensive, not me. You have issues. You can ask anyone, it's pretty rare that I complain about shady play.
9-25-2015 8:36 am EST
You seem to be taking it pretty personal though. Funny how you get those stats with no equipment on a camp that's been around since 2008 with almost 4000 fights tho. Lol. I take things as a joke cause it's a game. You're the one spamming my wall. Don't bite off what you can't chew.
9-25-2015 7:25 am EST
Nope, just yours. And I wasn't bitching. Just pointing out your flaw.. When you send shit challenges, you will receive shit challenges.. Game isn't dying at all. It's been picking up a lot the last year or so. Brighter days ahead also. But its good to know that you take it seriously enough not to take an obvious joke like how your challenges don't reflect your camp name. Lol.
9-24-2015 5:51 pm EST
LOLOLOL. Thanks for admitting to being a crusher and ducker. Keep sending those challenges bud, I'll just let them sit there.. No problem hahahahaha! Best post ever!
9-23-2015 10:55 am EST
Too bad your camp name doesn't reflect the challenges you send.. What a shame.
9-20-2015 10:24 pm EST
9-19-2015 10:35 pm EST
Well, seth has some interesting things on him, good IQ and desire, great weight... plus the fact that any built around MT is solid from my experience. You have tools to bring him to EFC for sure, but make him a champ will harder because of he's getting finished a lot !
9-19-2015 5:53 pm EST
9-18-2015 6:19 am EST
Thanks. This is actually my second camp. I'm hoping to dial in MMArtist with this camp, but my first set of recruits are weak. Despite that I'm seeing some promise. My first camp is an Ippon camp called Dreadnoughts, and I've been doing pretty well there.
9-16-2015 4:24 pm EST
Fuck off with the crush challenges
9-15-2015 5:25 pm EST
No he was my trainer until Chief changed camp rankings that don't included non active fighters so I decided to fight him and he's done very well. If you notice he's a 213 LHW which I only fight guys 220+ at LHW.
Itagaki Gym
9-10-2015 3:46 pm EST
just lucky! you'll get your monster one day. in the meantime, just be patient and get your equipment and trainers up so you can fuel that monster with good stats!
9-9-2015 12:09 am EST
Don't blink on Robo and me. We're ninja as balls. Balls are mad ninja.
9-7-2015 11:05 am EST
If you need some help let me know through a PM and I will do my best to help you.
9-7-2015 6:08 am EST
You are starting to get some real good traction. Keep up the great competition. See you in the cage.
8-26-2015 4:52 pm EST
lol! it'll be more competitive as time progresses. At the moment you're destroying me!
8-26-2015 10:36 am EST
you on the forums? hit me up name is Ro
8-5-2015 10:44 pm EST
Old school camp!
Ray Ray Thurmond
Ray Rays Fighting Academy
8-5-2015 7:17 pm EST
Thanks dude. Appriciate the help!
Ray Ray Thurmond
Ray Rays Fighting Academy
8-5-2015 5:17 pm EST
Any tips
8-3-2015 2:51 pm EST
Thanks man, appreciate the kind words.
7-26-2015 3:34 pm EST
Thx for the fight
7-28-2011 12:56 pm EST
Hi great camp,bro? aRE U ALREADY ON THE FORUM?
Anthony Salfi
Canadian Top Brawl
10-28-2010 11:07 am EST
I'm still here. How's it feel to be a fucking idiot?
Anthony Salfi
Canadian Top Brawl
3-11-2010 5:09 pm EST
what does having nice hiddens mean?
2-15-2010 10:04 am EST
i would think it would... what do u need to be good at FS judo sambo, BJJ or all of the above