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Last Online - Wednesday 30th of November 2022
Display Name francua6151985
Member Since Jul 19, 2009
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 3914-4212


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Chris Hansen
15 and Under
6-4-2016 12:08 pm EST
new alliance event, please check the forum
Team Bossin
3-15-2016 4:06 pm EST
Good fight thanks for knocking me out lol- Dick Day and no its not dick day
2-14-2016 7:31 am EST
It's fine, I'm not upset about it. Just wanted to let you know you were up and I had to rescind the challenge. Hope you had fun.
12-26-2015 8:12 pm EST
hey bud sent you a PM.
Sick Puppy MMA
11-16-2015 10:47 am EST
thanks man, and welcome back. Come to the forums, lots of new info out there.
420 Fight Club
4-23-2014 1:23 pm EST
hey welcome back bud.
2-6-2013 6:16 pm EST
lol check your pms again franc
2-4-2013 3:07 pm EST
hey check your pm's franc
Who Knew
9-20-2011 3:56 pm EST
Who Knew
9-20-2011 3:55 pm EST
No such thing. I won by first efc belt off an ac coming off of a retirement
9-4-2011 4:18 pm EST
hey bro my guy devon turner is in your weight class same division in wilcetti, would it be oka to send you a challenge for your belt next reset? thanks
Soldiers Creed
8-18-2011 6:14 am EST
good fight! it was an honor sir!
8-9-2011 5:08 pm EST
Jack Clark
Clark Top Team
7-25-2011 7:49 am EST
Good fight, all the best in the future.
7-24-2011 7:33 am EST
hey what grapple is saying is right, i've fought you a few times and i can tell you that you want to be on the forums. when you get over there and register send me a pm @ "soviet" and ill introduce you around and maybe get you set up with an alliance (team of players who compete against other teams in big tourneys and a good way to learn the game from close friends) hope to see you over there.
420 Fight Club
7-20-2011 9:18 pm EST
Right on dude. Good luck and dont hesitate to get on the forums and ask any questions. Most of the vets will be more then happy to help you out.
420 Fight Club
7-20-2011 12:44 pm EST
Hey dude are you on the forums? We are trying to bring more coachs to the forums in hopes of retaining the newer guys. Hit me on on my wall to let me know if you are interested or via PM there. I am grapple420.