Sweet Feet Gym

Last Online - Sunday 2nd of April 2023
Display Name Slymanz
Member Since Nov 20, 2009
Active Record 620-415
Overall Record 36234-27938


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3-28-2023 10:27 am EST
You got CG Shot next reset June 2918, not sure why it wasn’t given to you anyway I was on a 2 fight streak you had 7
12-12-2022 4:52 pm EST
I never saw a challenge. Did you send one out late in the reset?
12-9-2022 9:51 pm EST
3 camps in the top 5. congrats
9-18-2022 3:47 pm EST
Gratz on #1 Camp
8-29-2022 4:50 pm EST
That I am. You see me in the SB ruffling some feathers from time to time
8-27-2022 9:58 pm EST
lookin forward to it. you the man sly
8-23-2022 10:27 pm EST
I hope so!
8-15-2022 2:46 pm EST
You still kicking everyones ass sly? Good to see you active.
Master Roshis gym
10-23-2021 5:54 pm EST
Thanks he's got the Halloween vibe.
General Elite CCwaffen
Cro Cops Elite Guard
9-5-2021 9:09 pm EST
Dummy, I wasn't "sitting on a win" I was trying to fight you for 3 days straight, stupid little turd AHAHAHAHAHAHAH
General Elite CCwaffen
Cro Cops Elite Guard
9-5-2021 9:07 pm EST
Not your bro, you're a retard, there were nobody ranked even close to me and you just rematched the same guy and did that before as well, loser. Ffs you take this too seriously, ITS JUST A GAME. Imagine calling yourself a fighter and wanting to pick and choose fights like a PUSSY. LOL good thing you lost though, coward.
1-30-2021 5:16 am EST
No worries man. My guy went on to try for the CG title
1-22-2021 3:25 pm EST
Yeah, I've been back for a couple of months now. Your camp is looking good with those well dressed fighters!
7-2-2017 10:44 pm EST
It's James Brown tho sly, those trousers were all the rage in his era haha
6-3-2017 6:30 am EST
That kick by Edson never gets old. Knocked him dead.
young kickboxing
4-16-2017 6:43 pm EST
hey i was just wanted to ask you how do you get credits
Samara Top Team
3-22-2017 5:31 pm EST
It was Grisha Panin at #10 (he lost and fell lower now though). Maybe there was a guy ahead of him who retired or didn't extend their contract earlier.
Pressure MMMA
2-10-2017 10:46 pm EST
No problem should have been a draw lol
12-14-2016 7:37 am EST
haha thanks for the fights!
9-27-2016 11:53 am EST
on the phone to the NSAC for your cheating. want half your purse bro
9-24-2016 11:52 pm EST
You have a legend fight against hinch to do for finishing the euro tourney. The winner fights me !
7-14-2016 12:15 pm EST
Just being stupid bro , lol don't pay any attention
7-13-2016 11:34 am EST
Bottom belch
6-21-2016 12:04 pm EST
When will you learn you cant beat the Real Deal
4-8-2016 12:50 pm EST
Send me a real fight sometime soon with these weak camp :D
4-8-2016 12:37 pm EST
Keep on sending the easy wins ;) Bow down to your master, peasant!
2-21-2016 10:34 am EST
thanks for the tip on ciro sandoval man...ive been trying to figure the weight cut thing
11-11-2015 4:43 am EST
I'm done trolling you joke, when U joining thc? Come home!
11-9-2015 10:28 pm EST
Lol how am I cheating? Scousers cant handle losing :D
11-8-2015 11:44 pm EST
11-2-2015 4:55 pm EST
yeah man you on the forums?
Sticky Green MMA
9-27-2015 12:22 pm EST
Good to see you back dude. I think caleb was running your camp when i wrote that message. Stop in the forums though. Im sure youve noticed all the new shit!
Sticky Green MMA
4-30-2014 10:02 am EST
Sly you running this? Come to the forums bud. Check into THC.
12-3-2012 10:57 am EST
Your back?!??!???!???!???!!!!???!!?
11-8-2012 9:06 am EST
Your alive!!!
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
1-25-2012 2:50 pm EST
i think you submitted a Canadian...
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
1-24-2012 8:49 pm EST
Any of your Brits wanna join my tourney/
12-10-2011 12:29 pm EST
check the forums bro!
9-26-2011 6:53 pm EST
O978O878O90889097808099989 MY NUMBER
9-6-2011 5:42 pm EST
good shatto fight
Tap 0r Snap
8-14-2011 7:32 pm EST
Two fighters in the top ten?!?! NICE! Congrats
Big T Plays
8-8-2011 8:27 am EST
grats on number 1!
8-5-2011 10:38 am EST
Sorry Sly, Was Pissed Off The Other Day, But It Is Really Frustrating When I Come Online And Find Loads Of Style Rapes From You Tho! Whens Your Next Fight BTW? Whats Your Record ATM?
8-2-2011 9:44 pm EST
He Sure Is :D
8-2-2011 12:29 am EST
Your Guy Would Tap Out My Dad, And Any Of My Fighters With Your Style Rapes! Send Me A Fair Fight Sometime Sly Yeah? ;)
Eleven Lounge
7-29-2011 1:49 pm EST
shit sorry about that comment bro. i was pretty drunk. i dont even remeber sending that
Eleven Lounge
7-26-2011 11:49 pm EST
fuck ur fag style rape challenge
Most Hated MMA
7-5-2011 11:16 am EST
what a gay
Most Hated MMA
7-5-2011 11:16 am EST
Do you think I don't know what I'm doing?
7-4-2011 11:45 am EST
7-3-2011 10:31 pm EST
Your a gay
6-15-2011 7:42 pm EST
SLYMANZ - war coming up tomorrow am. roster is due tonight and im going to use one of your guys if i can. check the forums TOMORROW AM before you fight any guys in glory range.
5-17-2011 1:54 am EST
Have We Ever Had A Fight Where Ive Had The Style Advantage Lol?!?
4-20-2011 1:02 am EST
We need to have a talk about how you keep beating me. I dont like it and it makes me feel bad. And it is ALWAYS a great prospect that you beat. In other words great job. lol
3-3-2011 4:02 am EST
Your Tribute Retired Today Sly!
2-5-2011 8:12 am EST
1-25-2011 4:08 pm EST
Fuck Off Style Raping The Shit Outta My Fighters You Scouse Bastard ;)
1-18-2011 6:10 pm EST
That's my bad. KC's guy had the green light and 3 wins with less losses. Your guy deserved the shot. I rushed the challenge.
Canadian TopTeam
1-12-2011 5:04 pm EST
Np buddy congratz on the win!
12-6-2010 12:18 pm EST
I had a guy who was naturally awesome at mt, thats how i got my dudes up to that level
12-5-2010 1:34 pm EST
Thanks again, I think he is the best fighter I have had. Two time champ now. cheers garyo
11-29-2010 10:53 pm EST
11-29-2010 10:53 pm EST
Yeah, thanks for that. He has been a champ, even if he didnt deend it. cheers garyo
11-21-2010 8:43 am EST
ok I did it, cheers
11-21-2010 5:20 am EST
sorry but i dont know how to do that
hecter Guitiarez
11-18-2010 12:45 pm EST
Hey Challenge one of my fighters,challenge Carlitos Mendez. I would be very thankful.
11-17-2010 5:10 pm EST
Good legend fight man. well done!
11-1-2010 2:53 am EST
Ok, if that's the case I screwed. We'll fight in future for sure, sorry for that, it really wasn't intentional.
10-31-2010 1:41 am EST
Hey man, you posted on Dalton Turner's page about not getting title shot. Could you please give me more details who was your fighter, because either he wasn't in top 10 or I screwed big time by not seeing him. If that's case I'm sorry.
10-10-2010 8:30 am EST
Ay Mate, Are Those Me Trrrackies?
10-8-2010 4:19 pm EST
yeah but thats going to take a while and the wac is tomorrow and we need to talk to you today. its pretty important so just make a new one for now
10-8-2010 4:13 pm EST
just make a new forums account and we'll give you access ok? send a pm from the new account to harrier
10-8-2010 3:49 pm EST
check forum pms! we entered some of your guys in the wac, please read pm's and check the alliance forums.
wally bautista
9-19-2010 5:54 pm EST
sure ill take ur rematch :) and btw i enjoy ur fights :D
9-9-2010 10:34 am EST
Thanks man! Take care
Mister Judo
6-25-2010 2:00 pm EST
hey man. the thc tournys is tday!! get ur guys in botb ASAP or there gonna lose by dq!!!
rajon gumbo
rajon gumbo
6-14-2010 8:33 pm EST
u suck i wanna fight yo ugly tale
Execution MMA
6-6-2010 1:35 pm EST
Maybe we can have a rematch if I'm still champ later on.
Execution MMA
6-5-2010 5:32 pm EST
Your next in line for a shot at the Shatto title. Highest ranked and 5-0. Good luck.
6-1-2010 4:31 pm EST
I don't miss it one bit, most people on SB I don't care for one iota.
5-31-2010 4:38 pm EST
I don't hang in the SB anymore or the forums much nowadays.
Big T Plays
4-19-2010 1:13 pm EST
dude your camp is beastly these days. Good work, sir.
Jon the Big O Oneill
UKz Elite Force
4-5-2010 3:09 pm EST
yeah i just started training brawlin lol
Humberto Gonzales
Escuadron de Pelearse
3-8-2010 3:38 pm EST
You misspelled gym :p
Juliano Saddock
Pride Team
2-13-2010 4:56 pm EST
Are you brazilian? You missed "fight" there hehe...
2-9-2010 6:57 pm EST
lol ok then how can i accept then lmao
Big T Plays
2-9-2010 5:08 pm EST
If I were to take over your camp, I'd focus on Powerlocks. Thats up to you of course. PM me on the forums. My forum name is Big T. You are doing fine though, bro.
2-9-2010 12:29 pm EST
send the fight no problem man
2-9-2010 7:02 am EST
im pretty new...i had a different camp before..but this is my camp for real now! thanks bro...this games pretty cool
Big T Plays
2-6-2010 5:24 am EST
Yea bro what Punizher down there said I would go with that. Hit up the forums and search for "Sparring" or "Training" questions. It'll be almost TOO MUCH information that'll help you. You basically want two guys sparring. Spar with a fighter whose stat is higher for best results. If they are equal in stat it'll take longer but you'll level it up.
No Surrender
2-4-2010 4:56 pm EST
its cool man, ask whatever you want. you have to take 2 guys and train them with each other, it wont go up everytime, it takes a few sparring sessions sometimes. also go hit up the forums, im teshore on there, send me a pm if you want, i can give you a great thread to read and check out.
No Surrender
2-2-2010 5:27 am EST
jj/fl/wr/str would be PG, cond doesnt really help anything, speed is more for striking styles
69th Planet BJJ
2-1-2010 7:02 pm EST
next time you ask me to fight you, put your fighters name with the post so i know who to pick