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Who Knew
3-1-2010 10:42 am EST
You on the forums?
2-12-2010 7:54 am EST
yo i just beat the aoc champ who was a gnp specialist..so pg rocks
2-3-2010 7:08 am EST
yeah..i gotta train flex. I also want to train strength and wrestling to about 3.5 each so i can use SIO which smashes all the gnpers
2-2-2010 11:39 am EST
its needs to be changed..its fucking stupid how shitty gnp guys with like 2.5 wrestling beat jj masters.
1-12-2010 12:33 am EST
Yeah you´re right, i diden´t even notice....... he is not made to be a champ, even thought he have been -.-