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Itagaki Gym
11-25-2015 10:26 am EST
ok. this game is not for casuals, that's for sure. I've been trying to casually play since I've been working crazy hours and my performance has definitely suffered for it. I'm just glad you're fine. good shit in WARR. we have a chance to place now. keep up the good work!
Itagaki Gym
11-24-2015 11:33 pm EST
yo. haven't heard from you in a while. all good for you?
11-6-2015 3:47 pm EST
Any Hints for a Powerlocking Camp? Is SIO your preferred switch? When do you decide to use it?
10-22-2015 4:57 am EST
All the contenders have dumb problems with their streaks, it's a pain in the ass. yours was the only clean streak, even though Fedor and Ferebee had a fight more. They both missed last reset and both have 1 fighter fought twice in the streak. I asked Chief about it and he said he'd award it to the person without the doubled up opponent, which was without the then missed resets. This game, man.
420 Fight Club
10-9-2015 10:47 am EST
say you talking shit in thr shout box last night. This aint 2008 bud, you dont get to sit on streaks instead of extending them. I guess you can sit on your streak, but dont expect the vast majority of the coachs to actually give you a shot after sitting out. Had you told your alliance mates that you sat out, they would have told you that the shot wasnt yours so you wouldnt have had to wait for the disappointment.
Death Trap
10-8-2015 5:14 pm EST
Your welcome good luck
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
10-4-2015 9:31 pm EST
Literally fucked me up every fight
8-12-2015 10:04 pm EST
yup , atleast trying lol.
6-26-2011 9:05 pm EST
He's a LW homie. I moved him up for some stiffer competition.
10-27-2010 8:53 pm EST
Fuck you, Sad, you can enter an earlier fighter into Pir's tournament. If I'm using Sasquatch, I wanna see The Crane or Dean or something.
evander holyfeild
the blacksnake
10-24-2010 3:44 pm EST
remeber me
Spencer Fighting Systems
10-1-2010 6:40 pm EST
You're still around eh? Well goddamn hahaha
Revolution 1
9-13-2010 3:37 pm EST
re: what a pos ducking cunt my guy retired and you ducked him with 4 wins and fought a guy with 2 response: first, i had a challenge out to you yesterday for the entire day until someone called to my attention that you hadnt fought in 4 resets. the 2 fighters i fought in stead of you had wins in the top 10-15 AND were within the last reset (everyone else had losses). stylistically i wanted to fight your guy. seriously?! its a game man, why the fuck would i duck ANYONE?
Athlon MMA
7-24-2010 1:08 pm EST
and you're going to correct me on grammar on a fucking comment page? is that all you got? ahahah GTFO
7-11-2010 11:47 am EST
Very unlucky :(
Chief Joseph
The Reservation
7-2-2010 6:56 am EST
Hey man, this is a little late, but I really appreciate the guide you put up for new coaches. I followed it to the tee with Chucho (my second fighter) and he became the EFC HW champ. It's helped a lot.
4-11-2010 7:08 pm EST
Hey. Im still kinda new to the game. Ive got a question regarding Conditioning. Is there any use for it in other styles besides Lay and Pray?
Cecil Harvey
Paladin MMA
3-26-2010 3:06 pm EST
Hi! First, I wanna thank you and Blazela for the guide on the forums. I had a question though, I'd really appreciate it if you could help me out. How effective is Flying Submissions without balance? Can it be successful at the top level with just Jiu-Jitsu/Flexibility? Thanks in advance if you choose to help me out. :)
Camp clinic
3-8-2010 12:56 pm EST
Oh and tono garza is coming for the glory lw if you still have it when I get to it
Camp clinic
3-5-2010 12:51 pm EST
when I get credits I am gonna let you try and avenge your loss to gustavo i am talking about homofagian
1-14-2010 9:24 pm EST
I'll challenge Dean after I win the pfp tourney and get some more credits. At this point, I'm pretty confident that King would handle him. Also, Torchwood and Jean need to fight again. You getting your camp back up again? I'm doing the same, but it'll be more fun if I can whoop on you.
12-22-2009 3:45 pm EST
maybe a rematch at some point
10th Planet
12-18-2009 7:48 am EST
cause 4 guys retired in 2days, and i hadnt fought my younger guys much. i have a nice crop coming up now.
10th Planet
12-17-2009 9:24 pm EST
i was fighting some trainers cause i was bored..so it hurt active record
10th Planet
12-17-2009 9:23 pm EST
cause my 4 top dudes just retired! i was only like 31-25, but have fought a few more
10th Planet
12-15-2009 10:09 am EST
And hes back!
Charles Bronson
Team MMAndom
7-21-2009 3:46 pm EST
I dunno what to say, I'm probably more surprised than you.
7-9-2009 12:36 am EST
hmm...i would think the AIDS would make it easier to make weight? hell, i dont know. lets just hope he doesnt give this shit to the rest of my guys.
7-8-2009 10:18 pm EST
yeh, i know man. Guy started his career making 155 every time. then all of a sudden he makes it 1 out of 4 or 5 times. whats the deal with that?
bobby boucher
the waterboyz
6-12-2009 10:48 pm EST
kind of... not really on anywhere near as much as before but i try to get on every couple resets to at least train my guys. see you around hopefully
sick of you too
are you stupid
5-5-2009 11:09 pm EST
i knew he couldnt stay away for too long.
Team JRS
4-19-2009 7:23 am EST
who was i ducking?
4-17-2009 4:20 am EST
And yet here you are...lol Whats been going on duder? Just takin a break or something?
4-16-2009 8:05 pm EST
Where the hell you been?
Team Vag
3-21-2009 4:12 pm EST
Tank 67 just beat Gage "Rage" Torres. We are 1-1
Team Vag
3-12-2009 4:16 pm EST
Ted "Paul" Mitchell def. Gutter Harris. And don't laugh, I'm not kidding. just kidding.
Team Vag
3-6-2009 10:29 pm EST
This has been my first win against you in the only match we've had. I intend to keep that 100% streak alive. Team Nads Team Slob Knob Team Vag -juiceman
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
3-2-2009 7:21 pm EST
HAHAHA, I hope so man. He cuts 29 pounds.
1-30-2009 7:41 pm EST
Man I think Dale and Branden need a tag team battle against Lavoie and Gatekeeper with all the fights we've had lately
Richard Franklin
Team Franklin
1-19-2009 3:33 pm EST
haha i guess it seems like that
Richard Franklin
Team Franklin
1-13-2009 4:53 pm EST
thanks bro .. n/p
1-13-2009 4:13 am EST
Thanks buddy! Unfortunately for some reason (I'm assuming its because i have a U.S. camp)I only get good MW's and the occasional good WW. I have not even recruited a HW in months. Makes trying to get the set very difficult...lol
chris thomas
corning jiu jitsu
12-4-2008 9:13 am EST
yeah this figure is a blessing and a curse... - vince ward
Mike McSpliff
11-26-2008 3:06 pm EST
Got any tips on how to spar better? Or is it just normal to suck for first couple hundred wins? I don't want my Owen Hart guy to suck :D
11-7-2008 8:03 pm EST
congrats on 3500, very impressive
Kowboy Killers
11-3-2008 7:22 am EST
Never Mind
Kowboy Killers
11-3-2008 6:23 am EST
Hey Have you noticed some matchup changes? I have been loosing to styles I normally crush. Let Me know uwyofans@hotmail.com Dan
Candy House
10-27-2008 1:14 am EST
bah forums are unavailable and i can't use irc at work... i have a fighter in strikefest now, probably will go after your champ there :D
10-26-2008 11:34 am EST
coming from you the best trainer in the game i'm honored thanks man
Candy House
10-22-2008 5:23 am EST
i was a Fury for quite a while ... Initiate if it rings any bells.
10-21-2008 6:13 pm EST
Can i have help for my fighter i pretty sure there good but i cant get it right
The Punishers
10-18-2008 6:44 am EST
Hey champ! Props to your camp! You got any tipps for the game?
Candy House
10-18-2008 5:47 am EST
do you happend to be the same mike hunt that was in KAOS?
10-14-2008 7:10 pm EST
wow man, coming from a vet like yourself, thats means alot appreciate it
10-13-2008 7:44 pm EST
damn congrats on the #1 and #2 pfp...thats gotta be a first!
10-4-2008 3:10 pm EST
Draven Kovenus
Zero Survival
10-1-2008 7:44 pm EST
Wow man, just checkin out your camp..you seem to be one of the best if not THE best. Your only missing 1 upper-org belt that I can see...Heavyweight MFO.
Shannon Stock
Beast FC
9-22-2008 4:54 am EST
Will do.
9-22-2008 12:22 am EST
awwww, gorilla likes you! hey man, i had a question, and im not allowed on the forums anymore. i thought the minimum career length was 6 years? i had a guy just retire after 5.
team gorilla
9-16-2008 12:42 am EST
team gorilla
9-15-2008 1:42 am EST
9-12-2008 6:58 pm EST
great fight man "Last Mochican" ur a stand up camp
Rods Fockers
9-9-2008 1:43 pm EST
Why is that he has given me title shots? Not saying I will but why?
W. Bigglesworth
Asian Martial Arts
8-30-2008 3:42 pm EST
hey you seem to be one of the top dogs on this thing... how can i get in touch with Mkick?!?! I never got my confirmation for the forums and so now im just locked out.... any help would be appreciated!!
8-26-2008 10:34 pm EST
Not sure, really. Every two or three days, I would just log on and spar.
mike martinez
crazy 8
8-22-2008 10:38 pm EST
dude i must ask how you do it how you win belts i mean there no way to really beat a another fighter then just picking and choosing the fighter
Drunken Douchebag
Team ToolBag
8-18-2008 3:06 pm EST
Yeah Branden is next on the title shot rotation... Julito and I have sorta had a rivalry going on, so I gave him a rubber match. I probably won't be fighting again till after the 8am reset though tomorrow
Jackie Moon
Flint Michigan BJJ
8-10-2008 7:12 pm EST
Pretty impresive camp...Check mine out let me know what ya think...And throw some pointers my way...Havin trouble getting to the 3 star point in stats.
Peter Parker
Spider Sense Team
8-2-2008 7:38 am EST
Seeing as how I've had guys cut 31 lbs and 32 lbs fairly regularly...a 35 lb cut isn't out of the range of reason.
Marcus Dark
Dark Boxe
7-28-2008 12:32 pm EST
hey man i got a guy im bringin up - barbarian - that im pretty much plannin on doing the same thing as - cant - any advice?
Justin Credilble
Super Duper Awseome Team
7-11-2008 7:42 pm EST
When did I duck a title fight? If I recall correctly I believe I actually sent a challenge to the title holder this morning. I don't know, maybe I'm thinking of someone else. If you want to give me another shot at it I'll accept. - Romulos Campos
7-3-2008 12:36 am EST
and stuck on 3 stars because of clowns like you that are scared to fight
7-3-2008 12:34 am EST
anyways not that serious
7-3-2008 12:34 am EST
oh you mean ur guy that retired lol
7-3-2008 12:33 am EST
what the fuck are you talking about bitch
donnie brasco
Hardknocks MMA
6-30-2008 11:23 am EST
LOL! I think KT quit because of the lousy judging in our fights.
Louis Jessum
6-27-2008 10:29 am EST
Do you like the latest TEF episode? Billy Soup Campbell's last moments in the house?
6-24-2008 11:52 am EST
The man, the myth, the legend will be returning!!!
bobby boucher
the waterboyz
6-3-2008 5:53 pm EST
oh yeah and if rich bell ever decides to come back to the efc ray harris would like to fight him again too... they had a couple good fights then ray the fat cunt didnt make weight a couple times and never got to try bell again. could be a good fight
bobby boucher
the waterboyz
6-3-2008 5:51 pm EST
i really pride myself on being the guy who foolishly puts his fighters in situations that they almost certainly cant come out of on top... im a little bit retarded like that... actually "little bit" might be a bit generous im alot retarded.
6-1-2008 11:45 pm EST
no problem good fight
5-27-2008 10:08 am EST
Who made it?
5-26-2008 8:33 pm EST
I saw the BJ banner you made for Hector and I'm very impressed. I'm in the process of learning photoshop any tips?
5-26-2008 11:35 am EST
i know man, i was goofin around and moved him to sao heroes to fight for the belt against a buddy of mine, and his ranking went from like 1500 to 7500, now im just tryin to get him back to the big leagues, i didnt know it would do that to his ranking, ill be up there again soon, Royce "Gunshow" Guerra.
bobby boucher
the waterboyz
5-25-2008 4:23 am EST
its ok but its not a cop hacky sacking a gun and messin up ninjas.
Team Vegas
5-21-2008 2:55 pm EST
lmao, nice avatar man!
Dave Diamond
The Diamond Mine
5-9-2008 5:56 am EST
Hey! Thanks for the advice. Always helpful.
Ben Estes
Team Utopia
5-7-2008 9:51 pm EST
Thanks for the advice man.
4-22-2008 8:26 pm EST
Ewan McGregor
The Fighting Scotts
4-10-2008 6:13 pm EST
Semyon Sobolev wants a rematch with Gan Perry. :P
4-7-2008 10:59 pm EST
Its nice to win the MW belt, I just hope I'll be able to successfully defend it one day lol
Pablo Escobar
Project Mayhem
4-2-2008 7:14 pm EST
lol-yeah I dont know whats up with ron. Bad matchups, and then lost a few that I thought I had an advantage in. God damn GnP guys when all he had was jits.
Pure MMA
3-18-2008 7:45 pm EST
2-27-2008 5:15 pm EST
thx man good fights though
2-17-2008 6:00 pm EST
cool man thanks.