Last Online - Monday 10th of February 2014
Display Name ZooTork
Member Since Apr 27, 2010
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 915-791


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12-31-2013 8:27 am EST
Well, maybe I got 99 problems but this bitch ain't one ;-)
4-1-2012 11:05 am EST
4-1-12 Sharky has officially retired from MMArmy.
3-29-2012 6:08 am EST
Wow you've become an even bigger loser, going on peoples camps acting like you were good hahahaha. You're a joke at this game, you know that!
3-26-2012 6:15 pm EST
Hi there just got your message regarding becoming your prodigy. Why would you want ME to become your prodigy out of all the guys out here? Want me to register on the forums so we can have a more private conversation?
3-26-2012 12:58 pm EST
oh i see so your not in an alliance now?
3-26-2012 11:27 am EST
Good luck, sharkey.
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
3-26-2012 11:18 am EST
The fuck? Yeah I dont take ridiculous challenges anymore like caranogirl sends example in lower orgs with +4 block stats but still too much tough opponents (and sometimes win), anyway getting overall record up but takes time. Thanks for the tip anyway lol
3-26-2012 10:46 am EST
i just wanted to join an alliance to get better at this game because i suck. mod seems to be the most active. hows it going dude? your the founder of it?
3-26-2012 8:51 am EST
and also might i add... damn!! your number 1 guy in the no lube camp has sick skills
3-26-2012 8:49 am EST
no worries bro thanks for the offer tho man!!! but give it to somebody who would get the most use out of it... it would be wasted on me.. cos i work a lot.. and only get about 10 minutes a day on here.. good luck dude!
3-26-2012 8:38 am EST
thanks for the offer man, but i think id rather learn by my mistakes the hard way, hopefully itl make me better for it..... keeping one camp is hard enough haha!
3-26-2012 8:24 am EST
hhmmm how exactly does that work dude??
3-25-2012 4:24 pm EST
hahaha you're garbage son
The Werlord
PA Warriors
3-24-2012 4:53 pm EST
awww did someone get their feelings hurt?
Piggly Wiggly Supermarket
Piggly Wiggly MMA
3-20-2012 9:25 pm EST
ZooTork ZooTork 2-8-2012 2:40 pm EST I'm going to kill myself now because I'm gay. GOOD FOR YOU HOMO!!!! PIGGLY WIGGLY SHITS ON YOU EVERYDAY!!!!
Moscow Kick Boxing
Moscow Kick Boxing
3-18-2012 7:55 pm EST
Still mad that I beat your guy Clay Bouchard with Slavic Borisov. Ya I fuked you up and took your title. Beat your best guy ever. I owned you. Gte over it or kill yourself :)
3-16-2012 9:16 am EST
i want to make sweet, sweet love to you
scott cooley
3-11-2012 9:56 am EST
r u on the forums cuz i think we could have a great war......no fuck that. i know we could have a great war. quit bein a lil bitch and get on the forums. i miss you already. love belly
scott cooley
3-11-2012 8:11 am EST
piece of monkey shit........get excited? i dont even know you. but i have a feeling i am going to get to know you.....in a real personal way. see ya soon.
No Surrender
3-7-2012 12:17 pm EST
You duck everything, you're such an unimpressive little bitch. I find it funny you called me guilable. Do you even know what that means?? How am I guilable you pathetic horrible little troll. I actually feel bad for you, I just can't imagine how it must feel to be such a pathetic loser like you. Pretending to be people you aren't, wishing people thought you were good at this game. It's very comical. Anyways keep on being a loser bitch, bitch!
sick side
3-5-2012 9:43 pm EST
LOL!!! Your alright! That gave me a chuckle!
The Task Master
Dungeon of Doom
3-5-2012 11:24 am EST
troll much?
scott cooley
3-4-2012 5:41 pm EST
u r a real popular guy! what gives?
2-17-2012 9:27 am EST
enjoy the 2 wins now, because you still wont be getting title shots
Vince Lynch
2-13-2012 7:04 pm EST
Even your mother can't stand the sight of you. Sexually aggressive males on the internet are usually weak, filled with self esteem, and don't have a woman in their life.
Vince Lynch
2-13-2012 5:48 pm EST
Your face is a disgrace.
2-11-2012 6:51 am EST
Aww you've got his back... How cute! Maybe he will give you his camp after this one gets banned loser.
2-10-2012 10:10 pm EST
haha right on brother
No Surrender
2-10-2012 5:38 pm EST
just as i expected. delete the other comments. nice try loser
420 Fight Club
2-8-2012 12:15 pm EST
would be a great idea.
Welsh Warriors
2-8-2012 12:11 pm EST
no mate, im b33rm4n1980 on ps3
Heart FC
2-8-2012 4:46 am EST
after i win the title i will buy out his 2 fights tho
Heart FC
2-8-2012 4:30 am EST
stfu man he actually cannot get into teir 6 so :P
2-7-2012 4:25 pm EST
haha, first off ducking is only in title fights, 2nd last person who ran this camp was a douche bag so im thinking its the same douche bag. so in that case its not ducking its called blacklisting.
2-7-2012 9:14 am EST
dont bother
No Surrender
2-3-2012 3:38 pm EST
No Surrender
2-1-2012 5:03 pm EST
just cant give up lol
2-1-2012 1:30 pm EST
can't remember what u train so you have to use the nicks? rookie...
Moscow Kick Boxing
Moscow Kick Boxing
1-18-2012 7:17 pm EST
By the way you've obviously made my SHITLIST of camps I wont fight
Moscow Kick Boxing
Moscow Kick Boxing
1-18-2012 6:32 am EST
Hey, I decided not to give you that rematch after all. You were being very rude to me and just whining like a cry baby. I always play the game fair and because of your shenanigans I opted out of the rematch. In the future learn to take your loss like a man. Or maybe you should quit MMArmy.
Moscow Kick Boxing
Moscow Kick Boxing
1-16-2012 1:57 pm EST
I am your #1 contender for Clay Bouchard, and we're both great wrestlers so it will be a great fight. Im calling you out! If I win I promise to give you a rematch ;) - Slavic Borisov, 14-4