Last Online - Sunday 16th of November 2014
Display Name MAO64
Member Since May 3, 2010
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Overall Record 1872-864


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11-16-2014 5:25 pm EST
Ok well your mouth got you a ban. Congrats.
11-15-2014 3:17 pm EST
IM the owner of the game and i created new styles. I'm testing them out. The luxury of owning is i can do w/e i want. Dont incubate or i'll ban your camp. Thank you.
11-15-2014 2:25 pm EST
I'm testing out the new styles i made with the fighter. Do i not have your permission? lol
9-1-2014 10:37 am EST
Even stats.
9-1-2014 6:07 am EST
This isn't a discussion. Just fight fair fights. Thanks. You can delete these messages if you like.
9-1-2014 1:44 am EST
Hey MAO i'm the new owner of the game. I just wanted to let you know that i'm coming down on camps that incubate their stats REALLY high in low tiers. We want to promote fair fights. I know you've been around awhile so i just wanted to ask if you would fight your fighters earlier. I had to ban some camps like Caranogirl and Pork Hunt for abusing for so long. I messaged Organs as well. If you have any questions contact me on the forum.
7-31-2014 3:28 am EST
You mean the union flag has gone. Mine was still there when you wrote it, I think. I prefer the st George anyway.
7-30-2014 2:26 pm EST
7-30-2014 1:26 am EST
HA HA, put your glasses on!!!
7-29-2014 2:06 pm EST
How's this one?
7-29-2014 1:50 pm EST
I just thought I should change it as it wasn't working. I will look for a better one.
7-29-2014 1:30 am EST
Don't Know its just stopped working?
6-30-2014 2:27 pm EST
you got one in a org? and like wise
6-27-2014 2:50 pm EST
yeah I guess that makes sence
6-27-2014 4:55 am EST
it say Cameron Colon couldnt make weight.
6-26-2014 2:52 pm EST
shall I put my guy in the same org for you to test off?
5-12-2014 2:13 pm EST
Back in the USSR.
5-11-2014 11:37 am EST
I'm the new owner of the game.
5-10-2014 7:57 pm EST
I have 20 fights and your guy had 5. Quit being a pussy and fight your guys.
4-23-2014 12:45 pm EST
You gonna cut him the fuck loose then?
Kenny Webster
Slap yo momma
4-21-2014 8:15 am EST
Thanks dude! Good to be back. Hoping to stay for a while.
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
4-21-2014 7:29 am EST
Dukes 7-0 now he made the cut to LW too.
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
4-13-2014 2:34 pm EST
Yeah just thought I'd win it on the way up
3-17-2014 11:21 am EST
you on the forums?
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
3-9-2014 12:47 pm EST
Getting there won't be long and a few guys will be ready to fight.
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
3-7-2014 6:42 am EST
Nice avatar
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
2-23-2014 2:43 am EST
Not fighting yet just got them in a contract until there animals, long way to go
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
2-22-2014 10:09 am EST
Cheers nob gobbler
Organs Ballers
2-22-2014 5:12 am EST
It's K
2-22-2014 5:11 am EST
K on now he is called organs ballers.
The Task Master
Dungeon of Doom
5-30-2012 7:32 pm EST
*or* you could just simply ignore the request..
Tilde Moskva
2-24-2012 2:56 pm EST
probably just presuming a lot of these.
Tilde Moskva
2-23-2012 9:23 am EST
Couple of undefeated guys and I saw a few others that didn't look close to the retirement age that didn't look like anything was wrong with them.
Tilde Moskva
2-22-2012 9:56 pm EST
Why do you retire some of these guys?
10-16-2011 10:22 am EST
Alright bro, still here. Lol
Welsh Warriors
10-5-2011 12:16 am EST
Yo mate wassup, you need to post in the WDoA alliance thread today (Roll Call) it's near the top of the 1st page. Not seen you on the forums much, there is a big tourney going on and a few spaces spare - check it out.
9-17-2011 5:16 am EST
Great camp. Im jid wdoa founder pm me your forum name. And please read wdoa rules
9-14-2011 1:52 pm EST
I have joined bro. They have added me to there team. There is a few rule that we already believe in and loads of help to be found . I will see you at mums on Saturday and tell you all about it.
Welsh Warriors
9-10-2011 12:28 pm EST
Hi mate have a chat with your bro - I want you two brits in my alliance to help us kick some ass and get a bit more enjoyment out of the game. Cheers
Welsh Warriors
9-10-2011 2:25 am EST
Hi mate I know you have been asked before about alliances, however we a re currently recruiting active coaches and think you would be a great addition. Most of our coaches are brits so you will fit in well (depending on what footy team you support lol). You dont have to do anything different to what you are now but you will have access to our forum and the in-house tournaments that I personally run. Let me know and will discuss further - cheers m8
8-14-2011 3:31 am EST
I had 3 guys retire at once this morning, taking all my good stats with them. Bastards.
8-14-2011 3:26 am EST
Alright bro, that guy is still having a go. TWAT.
8-8-2011 9:06 pm EST
Cheers, hopefully the first of many.
4-25-2011 4:18 pm EST
1000 wins today
4-18-2011 10:08 am EST
Hey man I saw a post you sent to Twista about not being on the forums. You should definitely check them out. THey help a lot with learning styles and counters and strengths and weaknesses.
Sick Puppy MMA
4-18-2011 7:38 am EST
OK man good luck. The offer stands, so if you change your mind, get back to me.
Sick Puppy MMA
4-16-2011 6:52 am EST
I was gonna see if you had any interest in joining an alliance.
Sick Puppy MMA
4-15-2011 10:12 pm EST
LOL, start the camp again and go 6-0 with a belt. Nicely done. Are you on the forums?
James Boon
Rio Grapplers
4-15-2011 4:15 am EST
no problem, hopefully I'll get a shot again soon!
11-17-2010 8:26 am EST
Thanks bro
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
11-14-2010 11:49 am EST
that was supposed to say i wont be on next week on holiday.
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
11-14-2010 11:49 am EST
i wont be onlext week on holiday
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
11-13-2010 8:28 am EST
500 UP !
11-8-2010 4:36 am EST
That Fine Mate, Its Your Call, If You Ever Decide To Just Message Me Or Something. Good Luck In The Future!
11-7-2010 11:46 am EST
Hey those guys from Royal Blood R good shit, if your looking for alliance that would not b a bad choice. Like he has said before it opens up more gaming possibilities and competitions good luck with your choice
11-2-2010 3:27 am EST
Basically You'll Be Aligned With Us, We Organise Tournaments, Have A Hall Of Fame, Give Advice To Each Other Etc. Were Just About To Start A War Against One Of The Most Veteran Alliances Around, DBA. Get Back To Me If Your Interested. Also On The Forums You'll Find Different Tournaments That Are Open To Anyone And Theres Alot Of Cool Guys On There Thatll Help Out If You Have Any Questions Or Anything.
11-1-2010 12:05 pm EST
Welcome back bro.
11-1-2010 11:04 am EST
Just I Run An Alliance On The Forums And Were Looking For Good, Up And Coming Camps To Join Us, You And Organ Look Like You Fit That Criteria.
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
11-1-2010 8:39 am EST
nice one no more lower org. now though :(
11-1-2010 5:40 am EST
Have You Visited The Forums Before?
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
10-28-2010 8:37 am EST
cain velasques dominated brock lesnar good fight though werent it.
10-25-2010 1:41 pm EST
My brother has asked me to let you all know that he will be off line for a few days, he is in hospital after having a heart attack, But asures me he will be back soon.
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
10-24-2010 12:16 pm EST
ive retired most of my fighters because im just goining to focus on boxing now like you because they were all over the place to much to keep up with.
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
10-18-2010 7:48 am EST
yeah i got the credits
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
10-17-2010 1:50 am EST
ive had two people retire today and i havent been able to get on here it said website was down
10-9-2010 1:28 am EST
Danny "Wolverine" Hayes retired now.
10-6-2010 4:15 am EST
Rube"Lube back door" Baker retired today.
10-4-2010 4:13 am EST
Yeah cheers, Good to get one up there.
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
9-28-2010 6:57 am EST
cheers is ur computer working now m8
9-27-2010 12:58 am EST
No Problem Bro.
9-26-2010 1:32 pm EST
Is the new notebook working ok?
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
9-24-2010 7:02 am EST
cheers m8 but is that a good thing because i will be losing the lower orgs
9-20-2010 4:26 am EST
Thanks, 200 up yesterday.
9-16-2010 9:00 am EST
You only got 1 fighter on the go at the moment?
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
9-14-2010 8:03 am EST
i wish they never messed about with it
9-13-2010 10:05 am EST
Loads of changes today. Damn Just when we were starting to get the hang of it.
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
9-12-2010 4:30 am EST
im on 2 with borat
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
9-11-2010 6:40 am EST
brock has won a aoc belt.
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
9-11-2010 4:29 am EST
borat just won buy rear naked arse poke lol
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
9-9-2010 10:28 am EST
congrats on wca title defense he is doin well since you put no good as his nickname
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
9-9-2010 10:25 am EST
forrest griffen and brock lesnar of to a winning start
Mukahn Singh
The Karache Vice
9-8-2010 7:02 am EST
Thanks man, good fight
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
9-6-2010 7:35 am EST
harry jones retired
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
9-5-2010 5:11 am EST
yeah he's gonna retire soon.
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
9-5-2010 5:10 am EST
you have quite a few fighters that are close to fighting.
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
9-5-2010 5:06 am EST
yeah i might have to slow down and try getting the lower belts.but the thing is i have to many fighters that have past the stage of fighting in the lower orgs.Dads branden is doin really well.
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
9-5-2010 4:59 am EST
harry jones won another fight up there and check out what style i used i switched because i knew that was good against his style.
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
9-5-2010 2:02 am EST
i won that tournament and i won jab and sprawl on last fight on contract with harold
9-4-2010 11:28 am EST
check out my avatar.
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
9-4-2010 9:15 am EST
check borat my fighter
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
9-2-2010 4:08 am EST
just got 3 on sambo and 3 and a quatar on boxing.
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
8-31-2010 10:33 am EST
im not goin to bother to recruit for a while just goin to build the ones up that got already.Harry jones won a fight in A-1
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
8-31-2010 10:26 am EST
300 up.
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
8-31-2010 4:24 am EST
since got up there your probaly right
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
8-31-2010 4:14 am EST
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
8-31-2010 4:10 am EST
thanks,i havent fought him since because its to hard up there ive challenged champ probaly wont win but you never no
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
8-30-2010 1:13 pm EST
that all o the lower belts won but not in all weights.
Connor Organ 15
Organs Tanks
8-30-2010 1:12 pm EST
just won sao heros lightweight belt
8-25-2010 2:53 am EST
helge retired now.
8-15-2010 11:12 am EST
Thanks man!! Yea , Trigo Team was a great project but it wasnt evolving as i expected. This new Academy will surely buzz around. Well have good fights for sure! Thanks for yor support and Good Luck for yourself too!
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
8-1-2010 5:50 am EST
no problem man. that is understandable. hope to have a match in the future.
Oscar The British BullDog
7-16-2010 7:54 am EST
thanks for the encouragement doing well with some fighters andnot the others so got to keep trying :)
7-12-2010 1:25 pm EST
ello :P its rob :D
Pedro Trigo
Trigo Team
7-12-2010 4:34 am EST
won i now!! Thank you for the title shot - Eugene Young.
7-10-2010 1:17 am EST
This is Keiran Hi
Kansas City Kings
6-17-2010 3:38 am EST
thanks even though i lost it already lol