Fedor Fight Force

Last Online - Friday 6th of September 2013
Display Name The Last Emporer
Member Since Jun 21, 2010
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12-3-2012 10:06 pm EST
Who is Fedor's next big fight against? Bob Sapp maybe?
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
11-24-2012 12:23 pm EST
FFF will be closed effctive immediately. this is due to lack of competition. to my fans I say thank you, to my haters I say f*** you. StoLat!
9-28-2012 5:25 am EST
nice choice sir lets fuck these bitches up!! your camp is awesome enough dude.
9-27-2012 2:17 pm EST
you dont have to do shit*
9-27-2012 2:16 pm EST
Well we both got alot in common then mate as im pretty dam hated myself haha, i want nothing but an extra member you have to do shit just go on the forums look for my thread called making an alliance and put your camp on it thats all bro, haha them homos piss you of to? tell me about it man
9-27-2012 9:49 am EST
Yoo dude do you go on the forums much? im making an alliance and i was told your not in one and would be a great addition, let me know.
rainy city
9-23-2012 9:06 pm EST
Grow up little dude you got life twisted
rainy city
9-20-2012 11:27 pm EST
You sure like the word ducked that's probably what you did at everything else but I will give you this you're okay at mmarmy for a nerd
rainy city
9-20-2012 2:09 pm EST
if you say so just use your best boxer against power lock guys swing for the fences wins almost all of the time im starting my own account i will remember you so i can smash you lmbao but only friendly competition man vs nerd
rainy city
9-16-2012 9:08 pm EST
Okay to prove my point seeing how this is my nephews account match up against me again same styles or anyone else and bet you lose 90 out of 100 times no need to be rude
9-8-2012 10:22 pm EST
FFF keep it up my man
7-14-2012 11:01 am EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Spooks are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
Shane McMahon Jr Jr Jr
We Will Fight Vatican
7-13-2012 9:05 am EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Vatican are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
7-4-2012 8:16 am EST
Mmmmmm I've seen you around the playground lately. Would you like to come to my house and watch the disney channel? Ohhhhhhh...
6-15-2012 7:38 am EST
how lame are you? its pretty funny you are so pathetic that you enter all your fightes in the tourney. what a fucking loser you are
6-11-2012 8:08 pm EST
fff 4 life
The Task Master
Dungeon of Doom
6-3-2012 7:21 pm EST
Thanks for the shot!
Goodkid MMA
5-31-2012 2:57 pm EST
Pay no attention to Fedor Fat Fuck. The guy is a blatant troll, and one of the shittiest coaches on MMArmy.
Goodkid MMA
5-20-2012 5:58 pm EST
What's funny is that you just keep losing.
5-16-2012 3:14 pm EST
wow, you are lame, funny you stopped talking shit when i beat you the previous 4 times chump. every game needs a bitch, so glad you are around to fill that spot.
Vince Lynch
5-6-2012 8:23 pm EST
It doesn't matter... Convicted > FFF I wake up & piss excellence.
The Task Master
Dungeon of Doom
5-6-2012 6:43 pm EST
I wouldn't get too bothered about what people think about your camp. Keyboard warriors are a dime a dozen here. It's harder to be tactful and use etiquette then to simply troll someones board. =)
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
5-3-2012 4:29 pm EST
thx again man. D J MMA and Talon Wing got my back to. we def think the same. look at my fighters, past and present. you think i take this serious! its fun. the best part is trolling these fools. but one thing, i dont seek them out, they fuk w me 1st. there "rules of ettiquitte are fool of double standards. fuking morons.
5-2-2012 8:51 pm EST
np man i understand everyone is a douche to you cause there fucked in the head there so immature its just a game they think of it as a way of life they dont no how to relax and play video game they deserve for you to fuck with them keep up good work fff !
5-2-2012 4:50 pm EST
aww fedor got a little butt buddy to stick up for him how cute.
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
5-2-2012 4:20 pm EST
Lol, that's awesome! I Buck the system! Bow to nobody! Just a game, have fun peeps!
5-2-2012 4:13 pm EST
im using this account to stay annonimous so i dont have all of mmarmy hating me after this just you all need to grow fuck up start suckin fedors dick and bow bitches you all nerds!
5-2-2012 4:12 pm EST
1.im defending you 2 you can start sucking my sick to apologize now :) im saying i hate how these nerds treat you its pathetic everytime they msg they show they live for video games all they care bout is games they think its a way of life its ment to be a 15 minute passtime! you nerds get carried away and warps your mind to the point all you care bout is winning titles o wonder if he fought wonder if he reitred its pathetic you all need to grow up and treat fff with respect hes my idol!
5-2-2012 4:05 pm EST
LMFAO everytime one of you msg fff your proving to the world that oyu have nolife you think video games are a way of life you pathetic nerdy fucks looks at you all having hissy fit over this guy your wasting your lifes doing this when you look back at your past and god i hope your kids cause your all exrtremely immature so pathetic your gonna look back and go damn i was immature and let video games control my life to the point i didnt have alife stop living off of games you nerdy fucks!
5-1-2012 5:03 pm EST
if you stoped playing like a little bitch people might not hate on you so hard. just a thought.
Goodkid MMA
4-17-2012 3:57 pm EST
Guess I'm not a ducker now, eh? Take another loss on your record homeboy :)
Goodkid MMA
4-14-2012 4:40 pm EST
Goodkid MMA
4-14-2012 4:27 pm EST
Hahahaha @ below comment. I'll beat you anytime you challenge me. You better start ducking me too.
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
4-14-2012 3:40 pm EST
MrWunderfull Paul Orndorffs MMA Death 4-14-2012 6:21 pm EST | Restrict | Delete ************** comment hidden due to low rating
4-14-2012 2:17 pm EST
you think im upset over you??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. you are just a pathetic loser. have fun bitch
Dynomite 4 Arms
4-14-2012 1:59 pm EST
haha thats awesome i have nothin gainst ya LOl
4-14-2012 11:35 am EST
You're such a douche, my guy has already fought and you spam challenge. Get a life loser!
Dynomite 4 Arms
4-14-2012 9:38 am EST
wow no one likes you lmao
Goodkid MMA
4-14-2012 8:53 am EST
WEEE OOOO WEEE OOOO!!!! The bitch police are coming to arrest you :)
Goodkid MMA
4-14-2012 8:36 am EST
You don't accept fights from me because you know I'll win. End of story.
Talon Wing
4-13-2012 4:20 pm EST
Could care less if some of these guys who no life outside a game hate me. You got a few allies on here and I'm one.
Mister Judo
4-10-2012 10:27 am EST
if ur wondering why ppl dont give u shots its because ur blacklisted by most forum members. theres unwritten rules there that all follow but u dont. to avoid further conflict u should sign up and have a look
Goodkid MMA
4-9-2012 4:07 pm EST
So now you won't fight me when it's a fair fight?
No Surrender
3-31-2012 6:27 pm EST
i accept title shots no matter what, its the champs responsibility to give the title shot to the most deserving. also i have no one in HW division, i dont go seeking out bad title shots, but if im there and see it, i say something. of course this is just a game BUT there is nothing wrong with wanting a little fair play going around.
3-31-2012 4:43 pm EST
Hes a shitty fighter with no hidden brah.
3-31-2012 4:33 pm EST
so youll fight me with your shitty fighters not in the top 10, but you want fight me with your fighters in the top 10?, when my fighter is in the top 10
No Surrender
3-29-2012 8:22 pm EST
Haha, judging by your paragraph posts, you do care
3-14-2012 5:09 pm EST
That's actually the second opponent I've fought at HW who should have been at LHW today! Sorry man.
3-6-2012 6:19 pm EST
so cute, you copy and paste like a bitch too
3-6-2012 6:11 pm EST
pathetic! im not accepting your fights loser!
3-4-2012 4:30 pm EST
wow, such a douche!
3-1-2012 5:45 pm EST
I chose to write on your camp wall, pretty easy to do right?!?! Enjoy never getting title shots and now I'll be on my merry way.
3-1-2012 4:16 pm EST
i can always count on a shit load of challenges from your lazy 8pt fighters on my gnp camp. have you ever wondered why people dont give you title shots?
2-1-2012 1:08 pm EST
1-27-2012 9:48 pm EST
Sorry For All The Challenges, You Seem To Be The Only Other Coach Online LOL!
Heart FC
1-27-2012 2:09 pm EST
Hey, thanks for having this GB tourny!! And thanks for accepting my fighter. Good luck!!
1-25-2012 11:53 am EST
it just rejected my fighter lool
1-25-2012 11:51 am EST
yeeer man
gate master
push off me
12-3-2011 4:52 pm EST
a i aint no newbie so wacth your fucking pie hole i been here for 6 years i just stop playin becuz i had a life unlike you
gate master
push off me
12-3-2011 8:23 am EST
fight me sissy
7-21-2011 9:30 pm EST
Hey check out my wrestler Arnaldo Ruas for a spot in your tournment :)
7-4-2011 7:32 pm EST
Any one wanting a fresh start. Or new camp wanting to grow quickly, let jid know robin hood raiders. Im hoping to bring a few people together to bond and form a tight and dedicated group who really care about each other and each others camps. ALL EQUAL. No leaders. All learning together. All important so will keep it small ish alliance _________________________
6-27-2011 11:25 am EST
Thanks for the fight, Juanito
4-24-2011 11:01 am EST
Alright, I'll inform chachi.
4-23-2011 3:47 pm EST
Do you have an account on the forums?
4-23-2011 4:35 am EST
Are you interested in joining an alliance?
No Surrender
4-20-2011 8:33 am EST
i dont know what it is..but i cant seem to ever win a fight against you. its slightly frustrating!
Canadian TopTeam
2-17-2011 5:38 pm EST
Love the camp name!
lucky lady
9-8-2010 10:13 am EST
go ahead and fight me again but next time pick my best guy and see what happens!!!!!
iron man guy dude
mauroza fight
8-22-2010 8:46 pm EST
how do you get all of your guys to be russian
Red Devil FC
8-13-2010 7:09 pm EST
No problem man. Good luck!!
Big T Plays
7-25-2010 5:57 pm EST
thanks for challenging my guy. i appreciate the fight. Good luck in the future.
7-20-2010 9:13 pm EST
War Fedor!