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Last Online - Monday 13th of September 2010
Display Name Locke Artist
Member Since Aug 31, 2010
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10-14-2010 2:44 pm EST
i will kill you
The Devil
Heaven and Hell
9-7-2010 2:47 pm EST
sorry I did not see the message until today about the tournament but I will be interested next time
9-3-2010 1:58 pm EST
I appreciate the invite, like the other guys already stated the forums are very good for that sort of thing.
The Godfather
859 Academy
9-3-2010 11:36 am EST
I was going to say pretty much the same exact thing as jbear did. Great to have someone looking to help the game, and i'd advise you to visit the forums. My screen name is the godfather. It's much easier to communicate there than it is in home pages too.
9-3-2010 11:01 am EST
Have you visited the forums yet? We have alliances and huge tournaments and all types of events held there all the time. We are currently in the middle of a giant 4 tournament event where 6 alliances are battling for bragging rights. You should also advertise your tournament there. There is a chat box there you can use to find me if you ave any questions. There are many helpful people there when asked politely. :)