Camp Intimidation

Last Online - Monday 5th of December 2022
Display Name CI
Member Since Sep 13, 2010
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 10435-10334


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Crazy KO Camp
9-23-2022 11:58 am EST
Hey CI no worries on title shots. Always feel free to turn me down. My time is tight right now so I mostly AC the division
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
9-21-2022 3:18 pm EST
Damn I log into this game after how many years and see MY DUDE has the #1 P4P spot. Hell yeah! you the man CI
Bone Machine
9-3-2022 6:40 pm EST
Sorry about missing that title shot man, did miss the reset. I miss like 2 or 3 a year and that was one. The kid bern doing more activities, got caught up doing dad shit.
8-26-2022 9:17 pm EST
Great to see you back brother matty got me back like a year ago and im loving the game again got less time atm due work and a kid but im hooked again hope to have some battles with you again like old times.
8-20-2022 6:44 pm EST
Recruited him man! Excited to see where I can take him.
Crazy KO Camp
8-12-2022 10:12 am EST
Thanks CI. Really hoping to see him hit HOF before the retirement. Fingers crossed
8-8-2022 6:40 am EST
No worries bro AC as short on time these days :)
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
7-29-2022 8:16 am EST
Glad to see you back amigo.
7-28-2022 1:32 pm EST
Shortly after reopening, Camp Intimidation moves from the US to Uruguay NOV 2877 in search of greater talent. Determined to find their way back to the top of the EFC, the former elite striking camp begins its long journey to attempt to reclaim their former glory.
4-29-2019 10:34 pm EST
If I knew how to play, I could teach you, but I dont haha, still the same old bum coach as ever XD
4-29-2019 12:40 pm EST
You know us, we only accept scrubs :D
Badass Inc
4-29-2019 11:04 am EST
DrinkDrankCrunk and Matty are the mods now. I'm sure we can make room.
4-28-2019 10:35 pm EST
Well hello sir! Hows it going??
7-1-2016 8:03 pm EST
You alive?
3-16-2016 12:41 am EST
What do you think of wonderboy vs rory?
3-15-2016 12:31 pm EST
What's pussy boy anytime you wanna get fucked up let me know
3-11-2016 7:24 pm EST
Nice avitar, Almeida is nasty.
2-29-2016 1:30 pm EST
What do you mean? What was wrong with Disney's build???
2-28-2016 6:09 am EST
Glad youre still playing, ya i just open this camp yeaterday. Got sub n tug Fc open last week. Hows THC goin? Miss u dudes
2-28-2016 2:15 am EST
Whats up man,how u been?
Clown Camp
2-24-2016 6:30 am EST
Thanks! Yea that fighter looks good. I use to play this game all the time few years back. Things have changed! Nice to see.
2-22-2016 11:14 am EST
Disney on a 9 fight win streak brah!
Rock Hard MMA
2-9-2016 2:44 pm EST
he went 0-5 in WLOF where do you expect him to be lmao
David Nuamah
Camp Spartan Lion
1-31-2016 4:39 pm EST
Scott Cray
Camp Cray
1-29-2016 10:04 am EST
sup fucker
1-28-2016 9:07 pm EST
not gaining enough popularity apparently
Itagaki Gym
1-27-2016 4:33 pm EST
bah. i don't see myself getting up there again anytime soon. i'm glad you're doing well. also, the offer still stands.
Itagaki Gym
1-27-2016 4:33 pm EST
bah. i don't see myself getting up there again anytime soon. i'm glad you're doing well. also, the offer still stands.
Itagaki Gym
1-27-2016 2:44 pm EST
two on top. fuck bro, doing good shit.
The Captain
Bay Bombers
1-20-2016 5:20 pm EST
Lol. You wish I was Amp. Now go give the man a proper congratulations.
1-18-2016 1:26 am EST
yes.... yes he is. :)
1-17-2016 8:14 pm EST
Lol. My camp does suck. I have like 2 good fighters :)
1-16-2016 3:22 pm EST
I remember your camp too, cool to see familiar camps after all that time. Trying to be constant enough to make a return, we'll see
1-15-2016 8:16 pm EST
I'll likely close the camp after i drop the belt. Was just running it until i got one. lol
1-15-2016 8:15 pm EST
Crazy when you know the builds huh?
1-15-2016 4:13 pm EST
Thanks for the tips! Much appreciated!
Sticky Green MMA
1-15-2016 11:10 am EST
LOL so you dont give a fuck about a WLOF but you care enough to tell me to defend mine? Eat a big old bowl of shit son. IDGAF what you got to day. If I got a chllenge waiting when I log in, Ill accept, if not, I move on. Deal with it.
Sticky Green MMA
1-14-2016 9:17 pm EST
send me the fight if its your shot. i admit im not paying alot of attention to the game, especially not a wlof belt.
1-8-2016 4:39 pm EST
Thanks for the suggestion! I'll give him a try at WW next reset! Much appreciated!
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
1-8-2016 3:15 pm EST
especially since my guy is garbo
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
1-8-2016 3:15 pm EST
especially since my guy is garbo
12-28-2015 5:57 pm EST
Itagaki Gym
12-19-2015 11:35 am EST
thanks, CI. I'm thinking fort for PTP switch.
420 Fight Club
12-18-2015 7:52 pm EST
you can imagine my disappointment when i realized that i couldn't make his name any better.
11-22-2015 11:40 am EST
Half the time? lols I was away from the game for 4 years you idiot. Geez u get beat up a lot for stupidity don't you
11-22-2015 10:29 am EST
Sure you pussy I'll do just that....NOT. Don't be mad that you suck dick at this game. Active record is 13 wins over .500 which just proves your terrible at this game so again go FUCK OFF PUSSY!
11-20-2015 1:54 pm EST
Hey idiot when I'm not on enough to fight where the fuck do u expect me to put a fighter?
11-3-2015 5:39 am EST
Thanks man love some of the new outfits coming out so wanted to tinker with them a bit. I figured if I waited til I got a guy to EFC for the fight kit then it'd be awhile so just said screw it lol
Black Legion Fury
10-29-2015 4:04 pm EST
All good.
10-26-2015 3:56 am EST
Thanks homie.
10-25-2015 1:32 pm EST
After I sent it. My Contract expired because you took to long to accept the fight PUSSY!
Chris Hansen
15 and Under
10-18-2015 3:59 pm EST
haha i know man, its weird how i lucked out on 2 or 3 fighters while the rest are complete dogshit. Praying that recruiting everyday will get me another gem but until then, gonna be seeing a whole lot of fights in the peewee leagues.
Chris Hansen
15 and Under
10-18-2015 3:42 pm EST
nah, you're thinking of gordon norman and lloyd howard, who both took 12 fucking years to get past t3. Honestly, its not that bad compared to my next gen. I think I'll have a full roster of 100+ fight fighters at the bottom of p1.
Itagaki Gym
10-17-2015 5:11 pm EST
i got like three guys up for a shot, sorry bro!
10-13-2015 10:20 pm EST
What incubation dude? Look at my fighters that aren't trainers all fight by the time they hit 2 years old. I decided to fight Malcolm for shits and giggles after he fulfilled his duties. Do I use Slam it out? No I use PL but Malcolm is SiO not PL. I think your problem is you listen to the many morons on the forum that they I incubate when they do as I do.
10-13-2015 9:45 am EST
I just came home last night and the auto challenge was there this morning. If you looked at any of my fighters you will see they haven't fought since Friday or Saturday.
10-13-2015 8:07 am EST
You should ask around before assuming anything asshole. I had a fucking heart attack with 95% blocked in my heart which required a stent put in. I didn't sit on shit, I just wasn't around to defend anything.
10-12-2015 9:02 pm EST
damn i knew there was a reason why i liked you so much(much homo) i love the doctor, im still butthurt about how he lost to andy risti. Areyou going to watch his return to glory @glory25 milan? Im also s huge fan of Tyrone spong, that boy bad as fuck, i cant belive how his fight with saki ended, that fight could have been amazing
10-12-2015 12:28 am EST
nice avi. i love no mercy. do you watch kickboxing at all or just mainly mma?
Rock Hard MMA
10-11-2015 5:41 pm EST
yeah all good man just deny if they don't suit I just challenge everyone online
The Captain
Bay Bombers
10-8-2015 3:48 pm EST
Alright, right on. If you're game, then let's see if your man can live up to his name and take out my SR: Devin Palmer
10-7-2015 2:36 pm EST
No need to be sorry, I thought you might have some special going on for "Sugar Bear". ;)
10-5-2015 2:32 pm EST
9-30-2015 4:15 pm EST
Don't wanna fight twice in a row bud
Rock Hard MMA
9-30-2015 4:36 am EST
ok thanks for tip man worth trying PIB without speed? because its a very low stat in my gym
9-27-2015 12:32 pm EST
And I may not like them but what about jbear and judo etc. You can tell him from me. He will get no more money off me on this game
9-27-2015 12:28 pm EST
Chief thinks he can talk to anyone like shit or boot anybody that disagrees with him. Look at warren etc
9-27-2015 12:27 pm EST
Why has your mate chief banned me off the forum. Pretty pathetic that he thinks he can insult whoever he wants but if they give some back he bans them like a spoilt child stating he's the owner it's my toy etc. If he's not careful he won't have many left. GuY's who have played the game for years but hey he don't give a shit so let him have his dictatorship. At least Mkick didn't turn valued contributers away who have been dedicated to the game for years. That's the Shame...the game ...no
9-27-2015 11:11 am EST
no worries, i just sent fights to all the 0-0 guys.
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
9-24-2015 6:36 am EST
god i hate you so much, yet love you.... bastard
9-24-2015 4:26 am EST
Not tried CS at all against it. I really only have experience against RK on my 8 points vets, very little with the AA-CS build.
9-24-2015 12:04 am EST
Needed to experiment. Haven't got anything in my list to go against Rk so wanted to see how he'd match up without KB. He's still young so the loss I didn't care about.
9-16-2015 4:38 pm EST
No prob man and thanks for the heads up. Sorry if i double challenged you
9-15-2015 11:47 am EST
Not saying that I wanted title shot but he has missed 5 resets since the start of 2459
Bound by Honor
Swedish Fish
9-14-2015 11:16 pm EST
so i see brian bieks chew toy is champion! lol just kidding Gage is a fucking beast bro
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
9-7-2015 8:03 am EST
sucks that he is 14, and is about to be 15. And he isnt high enough ranked for a title fight.
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
9-2-2015 8:07 pm EST
or finishing
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
9-2-2015 8:07 pm EST
thats why it kinda blew my mind. like understand your guy is nasty and all but stats were very close to have a 1st rd KO. then again my guy is notorious for getting finished
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
9-2-2015 5:57 pm EST
isnt speed a minor in HKK?
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
9-2-2015 5:39 pm EST
yeah hes 14 so i was beefing his build. i would say its pretty stacked. but you still slept him
Goo Spew Crew
8-22-2015 6:02 pm EST
My bad man. Was just throwing that guy at everyone online. Give him a test for first EFC fight. Good luck with the shot.
8-18-2015 6:35 pm EST
Camp Ranking #1 April 2455
8-17-2015 3:23 am EST
Hey bro! Just saw your message about the shot at WW prel where i had the better streak but missed reset... Of course, i have no problem with, but it's sometimes hard to fight each reset for european players!
8-1-2015 12:43 pm EST
I wouldn't have it any other way. When you return, bring it hard! See you in the cage!
7-31-2015 9:42 am EST
I am he and he is me
7-30-2015 4:23 pm EST
Yes, I'm new....and scrapping this camp already lol
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
7-30-2015 4:12 pm EST
looks like your HKK is way better than mine lol
7-11-2015 4:34 pm EST
you're welcome for all the easy wins, lol. fuck I suck.
6-28-2015 4:18 pm EST
Thanks man. Figured most people would just think it was gibberish.
Boa Luta
6-9-2015 7:11 am EST
sound like a good idea making and alliance ^^
6-6-2015 10:48 am EST
Just saw the comment! Thank you sir. Was a huge megadeth fan in highschool when I started this camp. Still am of course.
Crazy KO Camp
5-30-2015 1:14 pm EST
Sounds good friend. Good luck in the alliance event!
5-9-2015 8:52 am EST
Sleep fools, acquire belts.
4-12-2015 8:03 am EST
Fights in general lol, your camps getting there so plenty of wars ahead :)
4-12-2015 5:27 am EST
looking forward to the upcoming fights we'll have against each other bud!
4-10-2015 5:07 pm EST
No worries bro anytime.
4-2-2015 1:09 am EST
Welcome! Glad to see you back, gonna have some more great wars in the future! :)
1-10-2013 12:04 pm EST
Awesome Camp!
Flying Armbars
10-1-2011 7:20 am EST
come back :(
Mister Judo
6-17-2011 1:32 pm EST
http://mmarmy.com/fighter_display.php?id=833375 heres ur opponent for g4g! gl!
6-17-2011 1:27 pm EST
G4G starts this PM. Check the thread in the MMAlliance thread for matchups. Good luck dude.
scott cooley
5-30-2011 11:46 am EST
hey man i am having a challenge on who can build the best MMARTIST and the winner gets a free 64 man tourney for who ever they want. try it out and check out the thread on the forums. BELLY
5-22-2011 3:52 pm EST
Cheers Buddy!
5-15-2011 11:06 am EST
Thanks man
scott cooley
5-4-2011 3:41 pm EST
are you gonna be in my 64 man scramble?
scott cooley
4-23-2011 8:11 am EST
CI is a bastard and a keyboard warrior bully shitty fuck face!!!!! lol!!!! man youre about as popular as i am....i knew you were a pretty good dude. keep up the good work. FAT FUCKIN BELLY
scott cooley
4-22-2011 9:13 am EST
4-18-2011 10:32 am EST
You Might Have KOed My Fighter, But Your Not The Only One Lol, 40 Losses, Probably Half Were By KO, So Shut Up You Bastardface And Leave My Poor Fighters Chins Alone You Big Bully!
Mister Judo
4-11-2011 11:32 am EST
hey ci i know ive said it b4 but i really respect u as a coach. i have like 8 efc ww's atm so its tough to find fights. im always a style advantage over u yet u alway accept and even send my fs guys challenges. tyvm!
4-11-2011 7:16 am EST
I appreciate the heads up about the title shot. I only got once this past weekend. Real life was running interference. Thanks! - Amir Filho
l n3wm4n l
Cymry Warriors
4-10-2011 7:50 am EST
you can spout all the crap you want on my wall but then you still dont challenge my guy http://www.mmarmy.com/fighter_stats.php?id=813562 and your guy is http://www.mmarmy.com/fighter_display.php?id=822385 so stop you bull keyboard warrior
l n3wm4n l
Cymry Warriors
4-9-2011 9:31 pm EST
why r you always ducking my challenges? you couldnt intimidate nothing
4-5-2011 4:02 pm EST
Do you build them all at the same pace or different? I was thinking getting MT, FTW and SPD to 3 full blocks first then start uping the HKK stats.
4-5-2011 4:48 am EST
Good Fights CI, You Bastard! :D
3-29-2011 5:46 pm EST
yeah..i dont have a problem cutting weight.
3-29-2011 4:53 am EST
hey dude the guy you just sent me a challenge with that could not make weight....should be a LHW not a MW. you can only cut 30 pounds.
Mister Judo
3-26-2011 4:40 pm EST
brave challenges from u. much respect