Granite Boxing

Last Online - Wednesday 22nd of May 2024
Display Name ATTBoxer
Member Since Jan 10, 2011
Active Record 20-17
Overall Record 19488-14390


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4-20-2024 8:35 pm EST
Was just talkin about you in discord !Good to see you around !
Monster M M A
11-10-2023 4:30 am EST
Good to see this camp back!
Heart FC
6-2-2023 9:37 am EST
I should have listened to you. You were right, I was wrong.
10-28-2022 10:03 pm EST
I figured you had a reason, since your a good coach and play fair. sorry if that message came off dickish, i sent it and after i was like wtf? why did i say it like that. Sorry bro, how have you been? hope all is well w you.
Heart FC
10-2-2022 10:10 am EST
David Nuamah
Camp Spartan Lion
8-23-2022 6:25 pm EST
less go
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
5-27-2022 5:47 pm EST
Glad to see this camp up and running.
Zangy Wonkers
12-1-2021 7:28 am EST
Thanks so much! Enjoy!
9-30-2021 3:27 pm EST
You wanna get in on the alliance tournament?
8-18-2019 9:59 pm EST
Thx Dude. Good to be back with such good changes to the game and glad to see a healthy amount of camps are still running.
8-18-2019 9:35 pm EST
I used to run a camp called lankenstein but since then, Canada's stats have changed and dont really work with ptp anymore. So I figured i'd make a bosnian team and hope the rng rolls in my favor.
5-25-2019 5:04 pm EST
I wouldn't mind but i'll get those wins and then am coming. #LETSGOCHAMP
5-25-2019 4:15 pm EST
lets go champ
Team Goat Beard
5-14-2019 1:00 pm EST
Have you tried Danny Dares at 170 lbs? I know for sure that 65 Desire can cut 27 lbs, so 64 Desire might also cut 27 lbs.
Team Goat Beard
5-14-2019 12:56 pm EST
Dean Severn can make 145 lbs.
5-3-2019 6:33 pm EST
It is me
The Rated R Star
New World Order
3-23-2019 12:01 pm EST
Same to you. You coming back from a break too?
Animal Crew
7-28-2018 2:27 pm EST
Thanks again haha
Juan Martino
Pain and Slain
2-25-2018 11:29 am EST
No worries. Think I put a few challenges out but no one accepted.
11-21-2017 5:57 pm EST
11/21/2017: Granite Boxing Achieves number 1 camp ranking overall
10-28-2017 5:24 pm EST
Wish I could have got the color a little closer, but when he came to me, I thought, that is Von Kaiser. Glad you like him. Thanks for always fighting.
9-10-2017 12:33 pm EST
http://www.mmarmy.com/showfight.php?fight=6881456 Granite Boxing win number 10,000 10,000 - 7,821
Lol Fat Nerd
RIP GoodKid
8-28-2017 5:39 pm EST
https://recordingwebcam.com/Chaturbate-irishwhiskey119-Webcam-Show-06_30_2016-14_28_30 Chiefs chaturbate account
6-6-2017 9:39 am EST
Tell chief to stop being a cuck and unban me
6-6-2017 9:33 am EST
Tell chief to quit being a cuck and unban me
3-1-2017 7:52 pm EST
New criteria for Belt System starting Oct 2548 (Grapplers and Strikers) 0 Finishes - White Belt 2 Finishes - Blue belt 4 Finishes - Green Belt 10 Finishes and positive win record - purple belt 15 Finishes and 60% Or better W/L ratio - brown belt 25 Finishes and " " - Black belt
2-28-2017 9:22 am EST
Lol Yea had to find a way to remind myself what to use. But that plan went out the window a while ago.
Erik Gusty
Blue Ox MMA
2-10-2017 7:31 am EST
Just noticed your comment from the PW. At first I was like, wait a minute this can't be ATT. Glad Chief made the PWers usable. Yours looks pretty good!
The Captain
Bay Bombers
1-30-2017 4:23 pm EST
Get yer ass over to the forum bud, and claim your Pro Wrestler SR :)
11-18-2016 7:32 pm EST
Thanks bro I'm proud of my first efc strap.
11-15-2016 6:24 pm EST
You can keep fighting 5 year olds but the future of zenex is coming for you - Luther Bowen.
11-15-2016 4:53 pm EST
Everyone knows I fight every reset.
11-15-2016 4:46 pm EST
Come on bro let's see who's got the best boxer let's do this !
Crazy KO Camp
11-1-2016 12:24 pm EST
Haha, I am branching out to non nipple ringed fighters recently. So far it has had mixed results lol.
Chef Slaughter
The Sub Shop
10-30-2016 6:52 am EST
Thanks for reaching out to me about the forums. It's easy to just play the game and forget that there's a ton of people out there who've sustained this game through the years. I'll make an effort to pop in sometime.
Chef Slaughter
The Sub Shop
10-29-2016 5:46 pm EST
Hey! Not an active member, though I do have an account. Am I missing out on much over there?
9-15-2016 3:28 pm EST
Sure I'll give him hype thread :)
7-13-2016 1:35 pm EST
You get the shot with Newman
Mister Judo
3-28-2016 8:25 am EST
no worries man, mistakes happen. thanks for clearing it up
3-2-2016 3:32 pm EST
'sup homey? Happy to be back! - Amped
1-24-2016 9:28 am EST
DOnt Hide champ! FIght me
Animal Crew
9-7-2015 12:11 am EST
thanks bud. I've been around, on and off for a long time haha look forward to fighting you for an efc title.
8-12-2015 12:44 am EST
any time bro.Turbo
7-1-2015 3:28 pm EST
He's watching TUF Brazil right? Since he's watching that season he should have known that none of the cast members are called Gleison Alves or Morceguinho Silva, i got those names from some reebok shirt mistakes.
7-1-2015 12:17 pm EST
ATT tell me, what are they saying in the SB?
6-30-2015 9:06 am EST
Thanks for the fight. Nice camp, congrats
6-29-2015 6:37 pm EST
Thanks, I noticed the Buco's been running pretty roughshod on your camp. It's a point of pride for me, since your fighter's are no slouches.
Efrain Dario
Head Bangers
5-24-2015 1:58 pm EST
Thanks, hoping too make a other tournament soon with the same name.
Efrain Dario
Head Bangers
5-21-2015 1:02 pm EST
Good luck in the semi finals
4-23-2015 11:53 am EST
Well, you are right... It shouldn't have been "Good night", it was only a TKO. I should have said, "Feeling a bit tired or sleepy?" Nontheless, always a pleasure with your camp. Looking forward to the next one.
4-21-2015 1:01 pm EST
Chael "The Hitman" Hudson becomes Granite Boxing's first multi division EFC Champ (WW/MW).
4-19-2015 7:22 pm EST
camps looking good man. ive always been a fan of this camp and its name. keep it up
Efrain Dario
Head Bangers
4-8-2015 7:54 pm EST
It's cool, just looking for fighters with a 65 or more percent win record.
Efrain Dario
Head Bangers
4-6-2015 8:05 am EST
Please join my tournament, it's called Bushido Pride Grand Prix.
Crazy KO Camp
3-4-2015 10:13 am EST
Thanks man! It was a long time coming.
2-20-2015 4:35 pm EST
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
2-9-2015 6:48 am EST
1 and 2 p4p. Awesome. Good work man.
Alex Schoenauer
Sol de Mayo MMA
1-5-2015 11:25 am EST
I will do mate :)
Alex Schoenauer
Sol de Mayo MMA
1-5-2015 5:12 am EST
Thanks man :) I will be on the forums.
Nick 13
Tiger Army
12-2-2014 11:11 am EST
Thanks, I appreciate the shot
Aaron Blake
The Knot
11-6-2014 5:41 pm EST
No problem mate, thanks for the offer :)
Aaron Blake
The Knot
11-6-2014 6:02 am EST
Yes, i am quite new, joined this game late last month but I got lucky with one of my fighters, the one you just faced for the JScrap MW title, Hardwin Ahrens, and the dude is dominating his matches, the rest isn't so good but i'll take what I can :)
Joao Rua
Evolve MMA
9-29-2014 5:08 pm EST
Thanks, ATT! Shit, you knew before I did. Patty Mac and Bang dominating MW.
8-26-2014 5:27 pm EST
sure i would like to join.
8-26-2014 4:20 pm EST
could yo explain to me how do the alliances work.
8-26-2014 6:31 am EST
yes i'm in the forums by the name the snake 101
8-14-2014 9:32 am EST
I have plenty to spare
8-14-2014 3:47 am EST
I'm not bothered bro, it's just a bit of fun :)
8-13-2014 12:57 pm EST
Hey ATT, i sent 5 legend fight challenges to your guy who retired 13-1 and never got finished, it'll be interesting to see how these matches play out.
8-3-2014 9:19 pm EST
Thanks man but I was too late to customize RG3's face and hair. Didn't catch the name until it was too late.
6-12-2014 4:18 pm EST
Np man, keeping boxing alive, see you doing same.
Mister Judo
6-1-2014 5:33 pm EST
np. if it makes u feel better i retired my guy for not making ww lol. who runs this again?
Monster M M A
4-18-2014 3:15 pm EST
no problem man, thanks for the challenges
Mister Judo
3-23-2014 4:51 pm EST
anytime dude. good scraps
8-24-2013 3:04 pm EST
Granite Boxing joins WDoA alliance
Who Knew
8-20-2013 4:02 pm EST
There was a time when PL was the main style
8-18-2013 11:56 am EST
Thx for all the fight lately, hope for more!
Thai master
Thai Elites
8-17-2013 1:41 pm EST
Ya man, give it to number one contender, ill work my way back , good fight a gain.
8-17-2013 11:56 am EST
Granite Boxing (finally) celebrates 1st EFC title win for the camp with MW Dallas Barnes in May of 2333.
Ben A Werewolf
Team Werewolf
8-4-2013 2:08 pm EST
Oh no problem, I just send out challenges at random to whoever, I never take offense if someone doesn't accept, best of luck in those title shots though!
Hell Monkey
8-4-2013 6:23 am EST
That sucks with the guy retiring before the EFC shot.
8-2-2013 10:39 pm EST
All good mate had some good ones ah
8-1-2013 12:28 pm EST
Waiting for a title shot...maybe next time,
7-31-2013 5:17 pm EST
Thanks bro, I was surprise d too
5-11-2012 5:20 pm EST
Well the forums are kind of what makes the game tick. A bunch of long time playing dudes and it just formed into kind of teams so we put on alliance events for medals and shit talking. It's where all the top players go each day for the most part. My name is ChiefBD on there. When you sign up for forums look me up or just chat with whoever else is on and can info or tips or w/e.
5-10-2012 7:02 am EST
You should get on the forums. You are good. You'd be even better in an alliance! I run Estupro Esganar too btw. So you've whipped my ass twice the past couple days. lol
Richard Simmons Jr
Ghey Fighting Systems
5-4-2012 6:31 pm EST
thank you kind sir -Hunter "And Destroy Her" Cherry