Rotting Out

Last Online - Monday 29th of June 2015
Display Name Maluco
Member Since May 2, 2011
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 729-573


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5-27-2015 11:57 am EST
New coaches if you need an Alliance in the forum. All are full but I have places available. Pm me. (just ignore this message if you are in an alliance already or i didn't recognise a vets new camp) thanks
5-24-2015 9:38 am EST
yeah man get on the forums there is a htread about how to give title shots.. but prel fights do not count towards a efc shot they have to be win streaks in the efc
5-14-2015 3:02 am EST
Well the forum is where you get good at this game and all sorts of cool events go on. Just drop in and say hi people are pretty friendly.
5-10-2015 3:26 pm EST
You on the forum? You should get on the forum.
4-9-2015 4:25 am EST
I think I sent the shot to the wrong guy last night. Lol sorry about that. At least both guys were yours I guess? Lol
3-8-2015 6:37 pm EST
My man is ready when your is lol
3-8-2015 8:15 am EST
Got the UNO belt man moving on up
3-5-2015 7:03 am EST
Good fight man.