Clark Top Team

Last Online - Wednesday 25th of January 2012
Display Name Jack Clark
Member Since May 29, 2011
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 715-904


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Jack Clark
Clark Top Team
11-23-2011 8:47 am EST
I quit
Red Devil FC
11-14-2011 9:18 am EST
im hoping. Both my fighters in this have early finishes :D
10-31-2011 3:35 am EST
Join the forum and send me a private message to B33RM0N5T3R and i can get you addded. Expect a message from our Moderator Jid and you will then be able to access our WDoA forum where you can introduce yourself. You will enjoy it mate, just play fair and be active on our forum and you will improve leaps and bounds i guarantee.
10-31-2011 3:31 am EST
All we ask is that you are active, we have a great group of coaches who will help you improve your game, I run all the in house tournaments whic are great fun and free and also we have a joint alliance camp which you can help run if interested.
10-27-2011 10:51 am EST
Cheers mate good fight
Lake Fighting Systems
9-28-2011 4:57 am EST
You on the forums?
Jack Clark
Clark Top Team
9-22-2011 2:31 am EST
For the first time ever my active record is positive! Im starting to see some improvement.
Lake Fighting Systems
9-10-2011 8:33 am EST
Looks like you are coming along well with your camp! Its always great to meet a good new guy up here man, hopefully we can have more fights against each other. If theres anything I can help ya with let me know. Best of luck!
Welsh Warriors
9-10-2011 2:52 am EST
We are currently looking to recruit active coaches for our alliance (I see you have already met a few, posted below!). A new coach like yourself will benefit from our our help but also it makes the game more enjoyable as we run in house competitions and stuff. Think you would be a good addition to our squad, let me know mate. Cheers
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
8-4-2011 4:07 am EST
yes, good luck you too
Team Potemkin
7-25-2011 7:09 am EST
thx man. Looking forward to score)
7-4-2011 7:18 pm EST
Any one wanting a fresh start. Or new camp wanting to grow quickly, let jid know robin hood raiders. Im hoping to bring a few people together to bond and form a tight and dedicated group who really care about each other and each others camps. ALL EQUAL. No leaders. All learning together. All important so will keep it small ish alliance _________________________