Uzumaki Clan

Last Online - Monday 10th of April 2023
Display Name Lundy
Member Since Jul 29, 2011
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 1301-801


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1-22-2015 8:12 pm EST
Yo round 2 of the war is starting, u alive?
1-22-2015 8:08 pm EST
Hey where have you been?
12-20-2014 4:36 pm EST
yo.u should try to come on forum, it s a fun place to exchange with others coaches.there is alliances equally.i would like to known how u build your fighters. ur overall record is impressive. ;)
12-20-2014 11:11 am EST
hi.I find you build an interesting and efficient style.who are u on forum ?
11-27-2014 7:45 am EST
Need some good power,those leg kicks gotta hurt.
11-27-2014 5:45 am EST
I think muay thai but you ask some one else and they may say MA. Trying it with out MA so will see how it goes.