Robos Dungeon

Last Online - Saturday 9th of March 2024
Display Name Robo
Member Since Oct 13, 2011
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 17976-15618


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Who Knew
9-22-2023 3:15 pm EST
You dirty bitch, I miss you
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
1-13-2023 11:48 am EST
Sub N Tug FC
1-10-2023 10:12 pm EST
Hope you come back soon my dude
Sub N Tug FC
7-26-2022 9:31 pm EST
fuck yeah robo! congrats on the #1 you deserve it.
4-26-2022 9:35 pm EST
Congrats on #1 camp rank, that was quick! Good to fight your camp again.
2-26-2022 6:20 am EST
im starting again, but its going slowly lol. missed ya bud,glad to see your still around.
2-25-2022 6:16 pm EST
U making a comeback?
Who Knew
2-19-2022 2:54 pm EST
Come back bro!
10-2-2021 12:51 pm EST
Tournament is on the 15th. It's a game side tournament. Rules are listed on the forum. http://www.mmarmy.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=512132#Post512132
9-30-2021 3:03 pm EST
Robo, you gonna get in on the tournament?
8-20-2021 11:29 am EST
Your Just bitter you have not be Checked yet :)
8-19-2021 11:33 pm EST
Oil Check 2.0 coming to the EFC soon :)
6-24-2021 2:51 pm EST
Your welcome bro, just looking for a scrap :)
6-4-2021 12:39 pm EST
Ey Robo, don't know where else to get ahold of you so I'm posting here - check your tapology picks for tomorrow's card, there were a bunch of changes and you're missing 4 picks.
5-2-2021 12:02 pm EST
Anytime brother, hope you stick it out and turn it around and go back to normal and batter my guys XD
5-2-2021 6:10 am EST
Holy fuck it’s robo!!! < 3
4-28-2019 1:36 pm EST
Sup robo
5-17-2018 12:38 pm EST
Hey Robo! Great to see you back! Would you be interested in joining DBA. We could use a craft veteran!
Chits Crew
5-8-2018 1:13 pm EST
Hey robo, welcome back, hey i need your help, well DBA needs your help. We need vets to help us get back into the mix with the other alliances. What do ya say?
Team Bossin
6-23-2017 6:04 am EST
hey whats up I use to be in your guys alliance I believe
Team Bossin
6-23-2017 6:04 am EST
hey whats up I use to be in your guys alliance I believe
The Captain
5-18-2017 3:53 pm EST
LOL! Just noticed a comment of yours on an old fighter of mine and caught this av. XD
9-20-2016 9:07 am EST
Hey man thx , I'll give 135 a shot
8-29-2016 4:34 am EST
For real? Haha gets choked out and then does the condit running man vs nate...how you been man?
8-27-2016 10:34 pm EST
Gtfo with that fluke avi. Jesus i hate you.
The Captain
Bay Bombers
8-1-2016 9:13 pm EST
Oh yeah man, it's all good. Spartan got it to me. Hopefully he didn't smash his phone to bits because he sent me like 5 blank PM's before we finally figured it out.
The Captain
Bay Bombers
8-1-2016 11:24 am EST
Waiting on you to start game 2
Death Trap
7-20-2016 10:09 am EST
lol he was rocking a 4-7 with a 4 L strike i believe he had a paper chin.
6-4-2016 3:57 am EST
Thanks mate, only just got into the game but this guy is definitely my best
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
4-1-2016 9:49 am EST
i believe im about 1-42 against you
2-25-2016 8:42 pm EST
Not much just etting my other camp off the ground,dorking around with this one. I see youre still killing it
2-25-2016 5:21 am EST
Fat Camp
2-22-2016 12:22 pm EST
Yea everything and everyone but me beats Ring King
Rock Hard MMA
2-12-2016 4:17 pm EST
haha you called both my styles perfectly this reset!
1-17-2016 4:59 pm EST
Robo be like "My camp sucks now" .... Check camp rankings ... sitting at #1.
slim vande
Team B3astmode
1-8-2016 8:38 pm EST
10-29-2015 12:18 am EST
Patty Mcfatty is a beast too, can't believe i haven't been able to beat him with anyone of my fighters, lol.
10-15-2015 12:19 pm EST
That's lots of red panties! Hahaha CI
10-15-2015 10:14 am EST
Changing bum lives since October 13th, 2011
10-10-2015 11:47 am EST
Thanks robo i appreciate that since your the master of kickers. I have a good roster right now, mostmy fighters are in prel/efc
10-1-2015 9:23 am EST
I tried MA/MT first and then MA/KB last. You know me though. I don't round out builds hahaha.
9-30-2015 10:37 am EST
Nice. Super fun to use. Dynamo ran it for a while.
9-30-2015 10:34 am EST
What are you switching to Robo? I'm thinking of hopping out, but too many BJJ based camps right now.
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
9-14-2015 4:54 am EST
Ya man. I'm around. Just been busy doing other things. I guess you can say this is my down time from the game. Lol still around and kicking though.
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
8-5-2015 2:46 pm EST
camp is weak sauce lol
8-2-2015 10:40 am EST
Best coach in the game.