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Last Online - Tuesday 6th of August 2013
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Mister Judo
5-17-2013 6:04 pm EST
lol trying. stop in the forums and post in the rollcall :)
Mister Judo
12-14-2012 6:50 am EST
uve returned in time fort my tourny. sign up! and crush some teammates! :P
Mister Judo
12-12-2012 3:02 pm EST
Very good urself? Revamping?
Mister Judo
7-4-2012 6:27 pm EST
pfft u wanna se an army go to efc ww ;P
Mister Judo
5-27-2012 1:15 pm EST
amen to that brother lol
5-4-2012 5:44 pm EST
i hardly ever turn down a fight... send my guys a fight request anytime...
Talon Wing
4-5-2012 3:10 am EST
Appreciate the series bro, you got a hell of a great team.
3-28-2012 9:59 am EST
thanks, bro. hope we do more battles in the future.
jimmy chin wynn
2-14-2012 8:35 pm EST
anytime bro
jimmy chin wynn
2-14-2012 7:43 pm EST
good fight man = )
Mister Judo
2-13-2012 4:34 pm EST
ok pm me on the forums. we will talk more there, my name is mr. judo
Mister Judo
2-13-2012 1:48 pm EST
any interest in an alliance? u seem active and already have a decent camp. under an alliance u could be even greater and have a lot of fun in the process
Mister Judo
2-13-2012 1:29 pm EST
thanks dude always a pleasure fighting u. u on the forums?
1-24-2012 3:48 pm EST
Let me know how things work out for you and I'll help you all I can. Good luck, Buddy.
1-24-2012 2:54 am EST
Take each of your fighters and see if they can make weight in the next lower weight class.
1-24-2012 2:52 am EST
As I recall, I had a fighter that cut 27 lbs. An average cut would be around 15 lbs. Some fighters can not cut weight at all. If you have a fighter that misses weight one time, he will never be able to cut the weight you are asking him to cut to. I have had a fighter be able to cut 2 weight classes where other only one weight class and some none. Hope that helps on the weight issue. Always try to have your fighter cut weight. It is a slight advantage for the fighter.
1-16-2012 6:18 pm EST
Thanks for the nice comments, man. If I can be of any help to you just send me a PM. Good luck with the game, may you have many hours of enjoyment.
Flying Armbars
1-8-2012 5:19 am EST
the best way to determine a shot is look at the entire top 10. see who has the most wins IN THAT ORG. then if its a ties the person with the highest ranked wins gets the shot. its also important to make sure theyre active
Flying Armbars
12-29-2011 1:05 pm EST
ya u go through patches. i got my eye on you! keep training dude if u need help post on 1 of my camps! (i run judoka and the newaza plaza also)
Flying Armbars
12-27-2011 5:58 pm EST
thanks dude! my camps terrible atm though :(
the headliner
Team Pryme Tyme
12-24-2011 4:22 pm EST
hey boss thx for the tip. but how do u cut weight?
12-10-2011 1:13 pm EST
No problem mate, if you enjoy the game and are a down to earth guy then your gonna fit in well. Will help you bigtime so just give us a shout
12-8-2011 11:28 pm EST
A year, i run a few camps. If you plan on sticking around and you get to play regular you can come and join my alliance. Will be perfect for you because your so new, will fast track you. Makes the game far more fun also and is a great group of different level coaches. Let me know. I run in house tournaments that you can take part in aswell.
12-8-2011 12:54 pm EST
Cool does your mate still play the game?
12-8-2011 12:45 pm EST
Lol definately was a good win m8! You run any other camps?