Sub N Tug FC

Last Online - Thursday 30th of November 2023
Display Name Russianthai
Member Since Aug 8, 2012
Active Record 25-16
Overall Record 2280-1583


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7-8-2023 12:15 pm EST
I wish you would sub n tug me in real world
Sub N Tug FC
1-18-2023 10:14 am EST
Carina Cabral wins EFC FW title for camp win # 1700 (1700-1122)
1-6-2023 12:01 pm EST
Im a reformed character, theres no bad in me anymore, i just bring the love homie
1-5-2023 10:47 am EST
Thats very mean and i dont appreciate you talking to me that way
4-28-2022 9:20 am EST
Any time bro
Sub N Tug FC
10-27-2016 1:02 am EST
Antonio Radic camp win #1000 via UD. 1000-590
Sub N Tug FC
3-3-2016 5:25 am EST
1-8-2016 2:37 pm EST
Lol! Your avatar... So good dude
Deak Skin Mask
12-19-2014 12:41 pm EST
ya but havent been on much since i started playing again
Deak Skin Mask
12-18-2014 10:04 am EST
Ya but I haven't been on there much since I started playing again
Deak Skin Mask
12-17-2014 4:56 pm EST
Ya but haven't been there cuz not in an alliance or nothing
12-17-2014 12:09 pm EST
Why would I care about my legacy? LOL, I'll use the quickest and easiest style that gets me wins. One day I'll change, but right now I'm fine with it.
Deak Skin Mask
12-17-2014 9:49 am EST
Ya I am but don't get on there very often anymore
12-16-2014 7:39 pm EST
12-16-2014 5:54 pm EST
I dont have the time to get on here and develop new styles. I go with quick, efficient and mindless. I've won hundreds of EFC belts with almost every style in the game.
11-28-2014 2:41 am EST
XD wtf O.o
10-19-2014 12:24 pm EST
Thanks for the kind words!
Sub N Tug FC
5-17-2013 6:09 pm EST