Turbos Toffees

Last Online - Saturday 13th of July 2024
Display Name Turbo
Member Since Nov 6, 2012
Active Record 295-184
Overall Record 15687-13345


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Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
7-9-2024 5:41 pm EST
OK homie. It is just always crazy seeing everyone with reasonable ages and you have 9 year olds in PFO and 13 year olds in Prel.
Phillip Baroni
Bad Dudes R Us
6-30-2024 12:32 pm EST
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
2-23-2024 4:15 pm EST
Working on getting back in. You know how the initial grind is haha.
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
2-1-2024 3:42 pm EST
Oh wow. I thought they banned all the bitches from playing.
1-1-2024 5:15 pm EST
Thx man, same to you.
9-27-2023 12:54 pm EST
All good fam never worry about calling out a TS with me I appreciate the gestureā€¦.. I need one of my WW to kick zupans ass
9-27-2023 12:54 pm EST
All good fam never worry about calling out a TS with me I appreciate the gesture
8-25-2023 10:57 am EST
Don't support Funaki's camp@ All he does if fight cans at the lower levels! Not good for the INTEGRITY of the game! Consistently ducks the good challengers to challenge my 0 yr experience suck ass fighters!
Chits Crew
6-23-2023 7:38 pm EST
no problems here T I was just stating the obvious, I understand completely
3-24-2023 8:43 pm EST
Much agreed Turbos, I hope he keeps developing as great as he has so far.
4 Lokos Fight Club
3-10-2023 10:21 am EST
I never beat you lol
Bound by Honor
Scheppys Ludus
1-11-2023 11:07 am EST
Jesus did I beat you once this reset? lol
9-16-2022 7:32 am EST
You too bro! great fights always
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
8-18-2022 1:05 pm EST
Haha got lucky with about 5 banger recruits in a row. No secret unlocked on my end lol.
7-15-2022 9:45 pm EST
you jinks my guy turbo !!!! and get some bitches in your camp brother !!!!
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
7-12-2022 1:00 pm EST
I was able to get 3 guys to around 10 belts. Anytime I get a guy over 10 I'm happy haha. I've never had a hall of famer. Maybe one day!
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
7-9-2022 4:52 pm EST
I figured bro. Life and work happens and I tried to delay accepting the backup as long as I could.
5-20-2022 11:50 am EST
TURBO HUNTER wins EFC gold today. I can retire a happy man. A true story of redemption and perseverance.
5-4-2022 11:14 am EST
Thanks buddy. Glad to be back and I'm glad there are guys like you always down for a scrap!
4-6-2022 2:05 pm EST
This is Turbo Hunter. http://mmarmy.com/fighter_stats.php?id=1728350 His sole mission is to hunt down all your fighters and fuck them up.
4-6-2022 10:10 am EST
I was laughing as I have 81 losses since returning and you have provided 75 of them. LOL
3-26-2022 2:57 am EST
our fighters fight so much i feel like i know you in rl
4 Lokos Fight Club
12-1-2021 6:34 pm EST
what up bro
Tanner Langham
Destiny at its Best
10-3-2021 11:09 am EST
hahah ya i have no idea.. he was like the #8 prospect at 4-2 and then fell off the list for a little. Now hes on top and i have no idea why lol
8-28-2021 9:47 am EST
I'm just holding the tail, your the one fkn it
4-5-2021 4:36 pm EST
I feel when I get more than one fighter in a weight class, it slows me down at times. I only fight guys I think can be champ, that means the toughest fights in every org. I'll make an exception if they both or all make EFC tho, even then, I am not too fond of that and thanks.
Heart FC
1-24-2021 2:47 pm EST
I am the Sun Tzu of this game no doubt
1-23-2021 12:41 am EST
lol! A wholesome and balanced diet: lots of meat, cheese, beer, maybe some potatoes. Your fighters need to get strong if you want them be good grapplers.
Heart FC
1-19-2021 8:42 pm EST
no you dont you get it when i win with KO
12-16-2020 9:25 am EST
Great to have back on the mix cool coaches like you Turbo
Jiddy English
Jiddys Secret Service
12-6-2020 1:39 am EST
clean the donkeys? as in b33r and co?
12-5-2020 4:33 am EST
Send Location
6-12-2015 5:36 pm EST
good battles man like your camp always willing to scrap i run Ncaa and Team Smash and team firemup also send fights anytime
3-22-2015 6:38 pm EST
It's all good bro. :)
3-22-2015 10:22 am EST
I'll be all for it dude, just leave my poor helpless baby fighters from suffering an early death lol.
3-16-2015 6:17 pm EST
good fights man. thanks for all the fights.
6-7-2014 6:59 am EST
Good fight Turbs!
2-21-2013 11:01 am EST
New to this,was wondering why he has good stats and did so crappy...thanks haha!