Guelph Gladiators

Last Online - Friday 17th of February 2023
Display Name FReEk
Member Since Dec 4, 2012
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 806-914


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9-3-2015 5:15 am EST
Hey, sent you a PM on the forum.
7-27-2015 4:32 pm EST
Just post on my wall
7-27-2015 4:31 pm EST
Join the newest alliance T.R.T and join our the ultimate fighter tourny
1-3-2015 5:29 am EST
Hi, I don't know if you already joined on of their clans but if you are clanless then we got alot of room, comment back to me if you are interested, cheers!
12-30-2014 12:06 pm EST
Hey, would you have any interest in joining an alliance. I'm in Chaos Crew. If interested let me know, leave a message on my camp wall,promise you well get much better in the game. Need another good canadian boy in our alliance, Manitoba here.
Who Knew
12-13-2014 7:27 pm EST
Was talking about my guy who is clearly a hw and clearly would not make mw. There for weight testing reasons. Yes, you should pay attention to weight, it matters bro.
11-30-2014 12:32 am EST
Join chaos crew alliance in the forum. We will help your camp improve. Interested ?
Murder Muay Thai
4-22-2014 12:56 am EST
check your inbox on the forums.
Murder Muay Thai
4-20-2014 2:06 am EST
whats your user name on the forums?
Sir Freud
2-9-2013 7:02 pm EST
nice fight , the doctor stop that too early i need to have a rematch ! :P -Cru Pelletier