Philly Dawgz

Last Online - Tuesday 21st of May 2024
Display Name Role
Member Since Feb 23, 2008
Active Record 281-221
Overall Record 22962-18072


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NorthernLights Out
5-21-2024 2:29 pm EST
Hey Role, if I skipped you it was an honest mistake/miscalculation. What month/year was it so I can look back and try and make sense of it. I'm usually very careful with the shots I send out. Sorry bro
420 Fight Club
3-19-2024 1:57 pm EST
What’s up homie? Take it easy on me.
3-16-2024 5:28 am EST
How do I know if they are HOF?
Vince Lynch
2-27-2024 6:49 pm EST
Don't cater to the WRV rankings of a text based video game. Toss that Scottish flag for old glory.
Pressure MMMA
2-7-2024 4:41 pm EST
Accept title fight thank you
Vince Lynch
12-11-2023 9:47 am EST
It's worse than I thought lol. What a bunch of gays. We need to bring back school bullying and stuff those dudes back in the locker.
Vince Lynch
12-10-2023 8:37 pm EST
Ippo4ever was acting like a soy boy so I told him "Calm down Kim Jong. Don't call the CCP on me." He then asked me if I knew the difference and I said "it's all Mongolia to me". Now I'm perma banned from forums for "racism" lol. This game must be moderated by the biggest pussies ever.
Chits Crew
11-18-2023 9:28 am EST
11-12-2023 3:33 pm EST
give Godfrey Morris the title shot stop giving challenges to guys ranked lower
11-5-2023 7:29 am EST
lols stop running your mouth role you dont play the rules so suck it up buttercup
11-2-2023 7:05 am EST
Turbo and Trite will not get EFC title shots until further notice
11-2-2023 12:01 am EST
I have decided not to fight your camps anymore role.
Vince Lynch
10-12-2023 5:49 am EST
you join DBA yet?
10-11-2023 7:37 am EST
Make that in both camps haha
10-11-2023 7:34 am EST
Thanks for whooping my fighters today. Maybe I'll get ya next time.
Heart FC
9-11-2023 5:09 pm EST
Sorry brother I didn't see your request. I thought about it but I also thought I could beat Phreaks guy who was #1. You'll be back.
9-7-2023 9:58 am EST
Ha! You and the rest of the world unfortunately.
9-6-2023 9:43 am EST
What's up Role!? Great seeing you buddy. Its been a while.
Steel Style
8-10-2023 10:11 am EST
Thank you for you comment and advice, appreciate it bro :)
Vince Lynch
7-24-2023 6:05 pm EST
Convicted Inc since '09.
Vince Lynch
7-24-2023 6:04 pm EST
DBA since '08.
Vince Lynch
7-23-2023 6:33 pm EST
Check out the #1 fighter in mmatycoon lol: https://mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=340183
Vince Lynch
7-23-2023 5:27 pm EST
We'd get banned because the snowflakes and twinks couldn't handle it.
Vince Lynch
7-18-2023 11:52 pm EST
Vince Lynch
7-11-2023 5:23 pm EST
We Americans gotta rep the flag now more than ever, when so many others willing to disrespect it for fringe benefits.
Vince Lynch
7-11-2023 4:17 pm EST
I still that horrendous communist Bangladesh flag above your display name. You're basically repping the CCP's musky armpit.
Vince Lynch
7-11-2023 12:07 pm EST
Your camp should be rocking that American flag. #MAGA
Vince Lynch
7-8-2023 12:08 pm EST
I remember you from MMATycoon. Anti-American to be rocking that Bangladesh flag. P.S. Fuck the Eagles.
Heart FC
5-14-2023 5:50 pm EST
Heart FC
5-11-2023 12:55 pm EST
The Champ is HERE!
4-7-2023 4:06 pm EST
Tier 1, and nah I dont remember missing a reset fight for any challenges against you
8-31-2022 5:59 am EST
Again, I apologize. I promise I didn’t intentionally duck you. I always try to defend as fairly as possible. I may have made a mistake this instance. I’ll be more careful in the future. Cheers!
8-30-2022 3:45 pm EST
When did I skip you? I’ll admit I did miss a reset a few days ago while I was away, but I defended it properly as far as I know. Either way, my apologies Role.
8-6-2022 6:36 pm EST
yes sir lets get it done im down
8-6-2022 1:47 pm EST
yes sir good to see you back homie :)
8-4-2022 1:08 pm EST
7-10-2022 2:35 pm EST
WoW! Nice to see you back buddy.
3-30-2017 11:52 pm EST
King of Kings has begun so we are waiting on you.
9-19-2015 9:13 pm EST
Good fight we have to fight again some time!
8-19-2015 10:42 pm EST
Good match. Im brand new to the game. Can you help me out with advice? Thanks man.
8-18-2015 6:43 pm EST
Thanks for the advice. Any sprawl and brawl advice
7-5-2015 5:14 am EST
Tnx for the tip to villarreal
Maxim Grigoriev
Wargrad Fighters
5-25-2015 1:35 pm EST
Really like to fight your camp)Mostly cose of tough fighters you have here and also it's almost always PL vs PL rivalry lol
2-3-2015 9:48 pm EST
Its bigshow. Thanks for the offer but I'm in CC currently.
The System
System MMA
1-14-2015 7:20 pm EST
i'm down
The System
System MMA
1-13-2015 7:32 am EST
Hey dude, I wasn't planning on joining any alliance, but there seems to be a lot more changes since I left than I thought. What alliance are you a part of?
Sub N Tug FC
1-9-2015 7:19 pm EST
unless its for a title, dont bother sending me fights. your PL has nothing to offer my SFTF so idk why you even try. you wanna talk shit about me for leaving uC because its horribly ran and crixus is an asshole to fellow alliance memebers. so since you wanna run your gums im just not going to fight you EVER! unless your the #1 contender. -nameless coach
FAGS United
12-21-2014 1:02 am EST
hahahahaha you tiny tiny man. look like someone KARATE CHOP you in half!!!
FAGS United
12-21-2014 12:49 am EST
hahahaha you no ban me!!!
12-3-2014 2:03 pm EST
Hey, I had an idea I wanted to run by you and if you like it maybe could circulate it on the forums. How does... The ability to trade fighters amongst camps sound?? Crazy but cool at the same time
11-25-2014 9:24 pm EST
Ok, I'll think on it a bit. Thanks for the offer I'm honestly honored
11-23-2014 3:21 pm EST
Nah not really, but always open for talks 😁
FAGS United
11-23-2014 12:05 pm EST
i no crap you hole!
FAGS United
11-23-2014 8:26 am EST
hahaha this camp is american scumbags!!! who is phily! hahaha eagles no good! i good and better than you!
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
9-4-2014 9:33 pm EST
Glad to see you back dude. Always had fun fighting you.
3-15-2010 1:28 pm EST
17 Different EFC Champions
2-8-2010 4:34 am EST
16 Different EFC Champions
2-3-2010 7:34 am EST
7500 Wins
12-30-2009 1:44 pm EST
15 Different EFC Champions
12-16-2009 8:12 am EST
14 Different EFC Champions
11-26-2009 1:42 am EST
7000 Wins, Belt Sets Completed, 13 Different EFC Champions, 75 EFC Championships Won and 562 Championship Fights Won.
10-15-2009 8:19 am EST
13 Different EFC Champions.
10-6-2009 4:52 am EST
9-18-2009 7:30 pm EST
12 Different EFC Champions.
9-11-2009 3:25 pm EST
6400 Wins, Belt Set Completed, 11 Different EFC Champions, 62 EFC Championships Won and 505 Championship Fights Won
9-6-2009 6:23 am EST
11 Different EFC Champions
8-14-2009 6:30 am EST
10 Different EFC Champions
8-4-2009 5:01 pm EST
9 different EFC Champions
7-17-2009 1:25 pm EST
Belt Set Completed!!!!
6-25-2009 4:09 pm EST
5,400 Wins,97 Championship Belts Won,393 Championship Fights Won and 7 Different EFC Champions!
6-1-2009 7:21 am EST
5,000 Wins, 84 Championship Belts Won and 333 Championship Fights Won.
5-12-2009 7:25 am EST
4700 Wins,71 Championship Belts Won and 292 Championship Fights Won!
5-7-2009 7:51 am EST
4-23-2009 6:14 am EST
4400 Wins, 65 Championship Belts Won and 273 Championship Fights Won!
3-30-2009 3:55 pm EST
just I got kid lange in EFC
3-26-2009 9:23 pm EST
4000 Wins, 56 Championship Belts Won and 241 Championship Fights Won!
3-20-2009 11:12 pm EST
3900 Wins, 52 Championship Belts Won and 213 Championship Fight Won!
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
3-16-2009 5:13 pm EST
0-3 tonight against you man! Im ducking you from here on out. Quit pickin' on my noobs.
3-14-2009 7:30 pm EST
3800 Wins, 51 Championship Belts Won and 200 Championship Fights Won!
3-13-2009 4:36 pm EST
Congrats to Andy "DeathRow" Cook for being The PHiLLy DaWgZ 1st Ever #1 P4P Fighter.
3-9-2009 7:25 pm EST
3700 Wins, 50 Championship Belts Won and 180 Championship Fights Won!
3-3-2009 1:45 pm EST
3600 Wins, 49 Championship Belts Won and 172 Championship Fights Won.
3-2-2009 6:05 pm EST
Thanks, I will definitely give it some thought this week.
2-17-2009 7:32 am EST
3400 Wins, 47 Championship Belts Won and 167 Championship Fights Won.
2-15-2009 7:25 pm EST
Hey man, sorry it took me so long to get back to you - I've barely had time to get fights and training in lately. I thought about the alliance thing and I think it's a very cool idea, but I spend too much time on here as it is and I think that would make it even more. And I don't spend much time on the forum at all. Thanks for opening my eyes to it, but right now it's just not for me. If I ever change my mind URANUS will be the first place I look and maybe you guys will be interested.
W. Bigglesworth
Asian Martial Arts
2-10-2009 6:56 pm EST
Damn dude... 5 guys holding titles!!! impressive!! I don't think there is a war this weekend.. in fact, I don't think there is anything till the Grand Prix!! So nothing to really report...
W. Bigglesworth
Asian Martial Arts
2-10-2009 7:04 am EST
lol Kickin ass in Philly Dawgz!!
2-9-2009 8:17 am EST
3300 Wins,146 Championship Fights Won and 43 Total Championship Belts Won!
W. Bigglesworth
Asian Martial Arts
2-8-2009 4:42 pm EST
Good work!
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
2-6-2009 9:26 pm EST
Good job getting EFC gold man. I knew it would be soon. You have too many good fighters in your camps bro.
2-6-2009 6:44 am EST
Congrats to BoB "ThE HuLk" Albright For being the 1st in PHiLLy DaWgZ To Win EFC GOLD!
W. Bigglesworth
Asian Martial Arts
2-5-2009 3:34 pm EST
Hey he's giving me the shot tonight... so when I lose I'll fight you in the morning!! so start training now!!!
2-5-2009 8:24 am EST
42 Championship Belts Won and 140 Championship Fights Won.
2-5-2009 7:56 am EST
I'm not sure I understand the concept of the alliances in this game. How does that benefit each camp?
Jorge St Pierre
Fleur De Lis
1-31-2009 11:35 pm EST
I didnt know the game was that in depth
Jorge St Pierre
Fleur De Lis
1-31-2009 5:35 pm EST
im not looking for a guaranteed loss.........bryant started out with terrible stats so im just now getting him up there.......im not trying to fight for the title or anything just trying to get him better.......not being a bitch just being smart
Team HammerHouse
1-29-2009 8:08 am EST
i got done looking at ur camps roster and i just gotta say. . .sweet camp thanks for the fight
1-24-2009 8:26 pm EST
3100th Win!
1-16-2009 9:19 am EST
3000th Win!
1-7-2009 6:04 pm EST
2900th Win!
12-30-2008 9:25 pm EST
2800th Win!
12-30-2008 1:47 pm EST
40 Championship Belts Won and 136 Championship Fights Won!
Jimmy Cricket
Camp No Worries
12-30-2008 6:18 am EST
Come by and check out the forums. Its something a few vets stated. Basically its something like IFL where the alliance is a team of camps some old and some new, that way the vets can hopefully help get the newer guys on the right track and in the spot light. It has its on section in the forums so just checl it out.
12-22-2008 6:14 am EST
2700th Win!
Club Casual
12-14-2008 12:49 pm EST
ratshit i thought philly would be doing way better
12-12-2008 6:22 am EST
2600th WIN!
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
12-2-2008 6:10 pm EST
Congrats on 2500 bro!
12-2-2008 4:51 pm EST
2500 Wins!
12-1-2008 7:18 am EST
38 Championship Belts Won and 130 Championship Wins!
jimmy chin wynn
11-28-2008 5:12 pm EST
No problamo man good fight and same with you your camp rocks.... we shall meet again!
11-24-2008 5:38 pm EST
2400 Wins.
11-23-2008 7:46 pm EST
37 Championship Belts Won!
11-23-2008 7:44 pm EST
126 Championship Wins!
11-21-2008 5:04 pm EST
11-18-2008 7:17 am EST
haha..dude, ive seen like the exact same message you left me on about 50 other fighters' page. funny shit man.
11-15-2008 6:23 am EST
wow you many strong fighters!!!
11-15-2008 6:23 am EST
nice game hope we will fight again man!!
Chris Cichon
Americas Top Team
10-30-2008 6:00 pm EST
oh thanks homie 4 the help ill take that and learn 4rm it
Chris Cichon
Americas Top Team
10-26-2008 2:22 pm EST
dude ur totaly awesome how u get all those fighters
Elia Dominguez
Dominguez MMA Fighting
9-30-2008 6:34 pm EST
u got alot of belts man
Club Casual
8-22-2008 12:21 am EST
Honestly bro i only got good equipment to. u just gota try remember wher each fighter is as u train them up through the stars. Not evry Session will work it rekon its best to save up like 3 but thats jus my opion
Club Casual
8-21-2008 12:45 am EST
Its just training equipment and then just using the fighters 2gether to train them up
Club Casual
8-19-2008 12:37 am EST
Tru but him and igouloda r both sF and id rather igouloda and brand gives them a good scoring pf and with delambert down the defence end with brand will b good for them to. but thats jus my opinion. im from new zealand
7-24-2008 2:52 pm EST
gave you the shot good fight
Bruce Dickinson
7-7-2008 8:08 pm EST
Walt Williams sent an offer, but eventually took a fight against the new #1 contender and lost. If I get the belt back, we'll definitely fight.
capn slapn
The Koop
5-27-2008 7:25 pm EST
yeah it was too good to be true want a rematch some time.