Al "DBA" Eilers - Stats

Org    -
Popularity Mainstream Star
Camp Chits Crew
Record 60-23    
KO Win % 0
Sub Win % 0
Division LHW Weight 233 lbs
Age 45 Born Oct 2928
Years Pro 25 Recruit Date Jun 2948
Rank - Highest Rank #1
Retirement Rank #1
Fight IQ Desire
Aggression Patience
Wrestling Conditioning
Catch Wrestling Strength
Sambo Footwork
Jiu Jitsu Speed
Judo Agility
Greco-Roman Flexibility
Boxing Balance
Karate Reflex
Taekwondo Rhythm
Muay Thai Coordination
Brawling Focus
Kickboxing Fortitude
You do not have any legend fight tokens. In order to challenge this fighter to a legend fight, you must purchase at least one.
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12-5-2023 7:57 pm EST
Dig your fighter. Solid. - HB
Who Knew
11-30-2023 11:46 pm EST
You were up, but it's four hours until challenges are taken away and pretty sure it's late where you are, got to accept Sly shot, as I need to sleep.
11-27-2023 4:04 am EST
My spidey sense says The Inspector is about to become the Inspected. If he makes it to the 2nd round I'll call it a moral victory. lol - HB
Who Knew
11-26-2023 5:21 pm EST
You get the shot if there's no show, Pep's win was better, you want want to challenge others